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The Typhoon's Dangerous Wife

The Typhoon's Dangerous Wife







The Typhoon's Dangerous Wife

Rating: 9/10 from 20 ratings

One marriage, Two bosses, and 3000× chaos.

An arranged marriage arranged by the Longs and Xin's in hopes to end years of animosity between Beijing's two prestigious families.

Long Jie's future head of the infamous Long family is arranged to marry Xin's one and only heiress Xin Zhenyi.

The greatest love story in making, amidst the chaos.

Long Jie:

The last thing he wants is a Wife.....yes a bloody wife but to control the Long family he has to get a meek wife and Xin Zhenyi choose by his Elders fit the picture. A perfect Meek simple-minded woman who he can control and bend according to his will.

But he was a Long and their lives are never simple and for the first time, he calculated someone incorrectly.

She was not what he believed all along.

But there is something to her, something very familiar about her.

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