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I Can See The World’s Desires

I Can See The World’s Desires





I Can See The World’s Desires

Rating: 9.3/10 from 4 ratings

Kota, who was about to graduate from school and enter society, suddenly discovered that he could see a list of everyone’s desires.

He saw that in the wish list of the school’s beauty queen, there was “So lonely, how lonesome, I really want someone to accompany me tonight”.

He saw that the wish list of the casino owner was “Place a large bet, definitely don’t place a small bet”. When he saw the rich heir driving a luxury car at school, his wish list was “Someone lend me 500 bucks, the car’s running out of gas.” Everyone has multiple faces, as it seems that everyone’s desires was different from what they showed on the outside. Kota realised that he seemed to have ushered in a turning point in fate.

Since life has changed, he decided to head to the top.