Uprising In The Plot! After Transmigrating, The Bigshots Pampered Me

Chapter 45 - Real Technology

Chapter 45: Real Technology

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Even if there was a mountain of blades and a sea of flames in front of him, for the sake of his precious sister, Yu Jue would not hesitate to break in.

He nodded irrationally. “Yaoyao, what do you need me to do?”

Although it was a little funny to see him looking like he was prepared to go through hell and high water for her, Yu Yao’s heart was still moved.

“I don’t need you to do anything. Just let me take a picture.”

Although he didn’t understand why Yu Yao would take a photo of him at such a time, Yu Jue still wanted to fulfill his sister’s wishes. He smiled brightly at the phone, showing eight perfect teeth.

Looking at the picture of Yu Jue, who was smiling unrestrainedly, Yu Yao muttered softly, “So silly.”

Yu Jue was nearest to Yu Yao. When he heard her murmurs, he was not mad at all.

He even replied softly with pride, “I’m usually very wise and courageous. I only act foolishly in front of you.”

However, Yu Yao did not even give him a side glance. She just lowered her head and operated quickly on her phone.

The reporters and netizens were confused by the unpredictable siblings. Just as they were about to continue asking questions, they saw Yu Yao, who had just been fiddling with her phone, look up.

Yu Yao held up the microphone in front of her. “It looks like everyone can’t wait to see this magical technology. Then please open your eyes wide and don’t miss the miracle that’s about to happen…”

The reporters looked at each other, not knowing what Yu Yao wanted them to see. However, just as they were feeling puzzled, the big screen behind the guests automatically switched to another scene.

This screen was used as a background. When the press conference began, it first played the content of the earlier interviews, as well as some scenes from the guests’ homes. Then, it became a fixed poster for the show.

However, at this moment, a video of a girl dancing was playing. This was a video that had been very popular recently. The girl dancing was a member of a girl group that was about to disband. This girl group had relied on this fancam to rapidly become famous again. The netizens who often went online were very familiar with her.

However, as the camera pulled up to the girl’s face, the face of the sweet and cute female group member suddenly changed in an instant. At first, people did not know who this somewhat familiar face was, but when they turned to Yu Jue, everyone was shocked to discover that he actually looked identical to the girl on the screen…

If not for the fact that everyone knew where this dance video originated from and that they had seen with their own eyes the girl’s appearance changing, everyone would assume that she was Yu Jue’s twin sister.

Even Yu Jue was staring blankly at the screen. “Yaoyao, w-who is this girl…”

A sly look appeared in Yu Yao’s eyes. “Third Brother, it’s exactly what you think. This is your face. You can tell that you’ll look pretty good dressed as a girl. You can take on some cross-dressing roles in the future.”

After the initial shock, the reporters and netizens finally reacted to what had happened. Immediately, an intense discussion broke out.

A reporter raised his hand and asked in a trembling voice, “Miss Yu Yao, what exactly have you done?”

“Everyone, don’t worry. This isn’t some kind of magic.” Yu Yao made a small joke before continuing, “Just like what I’ve shown you, as long as you use a face changing app, you can change the character in the video into another person. You can even put a man’s face on a girl’s body without any problems.”

“But there has never been such a technology before…”

The reason why there was no technology for face swapping in this world was probably because this book was written several years ago, and there was no such thing back then.

However, it was clear that after this world separated from the novel world and became independent, it would continue to develop in a fixed trajectory. Cybertech would also continue to improve like in the real world.

However, in this novel, those who hid in dark corners treated technology as a tool for crime.

“Technology has always been developing. Just because people have never seen face-swapping technology doesn’t mean that it will never appear…”

Under the livestream camera, Yu Yao’s smile gradually faded.

“The person hiding behind the protection of the internet, I don’t know if you are watching my livestream now, but what I want to tell you is that you may be a genius, but the moment you use your technology to commit crimes, you are destined to be a rat living in a dark corner for the rest of your life.”

“I’ll let you see what real advanced technology is! I’ll let you suffer the punishments you deserve and let you be despised by everyone! You originally had the ability to surpass this era, but I’ll let you be abandoned by this era…”

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