Uprising In The Plot! After Transmigrating, The Bigshots Pampered Me

Chapter 44 - Responding Calmly

Chapter 44: Responding Calmly

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However, the plan had gone off track right from the beginning. Yu Wan did not expect Yu Yao to resolve the crisis caused by those photos with just a few words.

Without getting the desired result, Yu Wan could only release the more lethal videos ahead of time. She thought that these videos would be enough to make Yu Yao panic. As long as Yu Yao showed signs of panic, the netizens would think that she was guilty.

But why was Yu Yao still so calm? Her attitude would make people doubt the authenticity of the video.

As if forgetting that Yu Yao was not actually in front of her, Yu Wan shouted uncontrollably at Yu Yao on the screen, “Yu Yao! Why? Why aren’t you afraid?!”

If Yu Yao could hear Yu Wan’s shouts now, she would tell her directly, “Because I have the absolute ability to crush any of your schemes.”

Yu Jue had clearly seen those videos too. He was so angry that his entire body was trembling. He naturally understood what kind of person Yu Yao was. There was no soul in the world that was purer and cleaner than his sister.

But how could he explain it to these reporters in front of him, to the millions of netizens on the other end of the internet? How could he make them believe in Yaoyao as much as he did?

So he might as well not explain.

Hence, Yu Jue couldn’t be bothered with the fact that he was in the middle of a livestream at all, directly calling Yu Lang’s number.

“Brother, have you seen the rumors on the internet?”

Yu Lang understood that for Yu Jue to call him in front of all the reporters and netizens, he was discarding his public image. However, Yu Lang did not blame Yu Jue.

“I’ve already reported this to the Internet Safety Department. The staff are already deleting these photos and videos. All malicious comments attacking Yaoyao will be banned. You have to take good care of Yaoyao’s emotions…”

Yu Lang was clearly busy at the moment. In the short phone call with Yu Jue, there had already been a few people who came to communicate with him or report on work.

Their conversation was also completely broadcasted. The netizens quickly discovered that the photos and videos that had originally been quickly spreading had been removed. All the comments that had attacked Yu Yao on the Internet immediately disappeared.

In today’s age, when people thought that society had achieved equality, someone suddenly revealed their powerful influence, inciting anger and hatred.

Countless attacks were directed at the Yu family. Then, the netizens realized that any comments attacking Yu Yao could not be posted, but the comments criticizing the Yu family for using special privileges to control public opinion were not banned.

After watching the videos, Yu Yao did not give a long and reasonable rebuttal like before. Instead, she lowered her head and clicked on something on her tablet. People thought that she had given up completely. Plus, Yu Jue and the Yu family had attracted most of the firepower, so the attention on Yu Yao decreased significantly.

It was precisely because of this that when Yu Yao raised her head again and reached out to take the microphone from Yu Jue, everyone was stunned by her sudden actions.

Yu Yao did not care how shocked everyone was. She was calmer than anyone present and on the internet. It was as if she was not the main character at the center of the discussion at all, but rather, an unimportant bystander.

“Before those videos were removed, I watched every single one of them. I have to admit, they were really disgusting.”

Yu Jue did not understand what Yu Yao was trying to do, but he still tried to protect his sister. “Yaoyao, don’t speak. Let me do it…”

“And let you continue arguing with the reporters?” Yu Yao rolled her eyes at Yu Jue. “Think about your pitiful fans. The anti-hater team is already too busy.”

The reporters had not expected that Yu Yao would still be in the mood to joke with Yu Jue at this point. They were about to ask questions when they saw Yu Yao raise her hand and gesture for silence.

At this moment, Yu Yao seemed to have an aura that made people subconsciously want to obey her. Everyone present could not help but quiet down.

“First of all, one thing to make clear is that these videos are fake. Perhaps someone will say that photos can be photoshopped, but videos can’t be photoshopped frame by frame, right?”

Yu Yao smiled and shook her head. “Of course the videos aren’t photoshopped, but videos can still be faked.”

A reporter shouted, “Yu Yao, stop denying it. How could the video be fake? The woman in the video is definitely you!”

The others also expressed their agreement.

“Since I said that the video was fake, of course I can prove it,” Yu Yao said with a smile. “Next, please quiet down. I’ll show everyone what real technology is…”

She was just a young girl who had just turned 18 years old. Her smile was not dignified nor solemn, but it made people subconsciously want to believe her.

Everyone fell silent.

Yu Yao took out her phone and her gaze scanned over everyone’s faces. In the end, she decided to use Yu Jue, whom she was most familiar with. “Third Brother, do me a favor?”

Although he knew that now was not the time to be happy, he was secretly delighted. Yaoyao had asked him for help! Yaoyao had called him Brother in front of millions of netizens and even asked him for help.. Yaoyao really liked him the most!

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