Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 7: Han Yufan, You are Ruthless!

Chapter 7: Han Yufan, You are Ruthless!

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International supermodel? She had never thought that far. She simply wanted to focus on the present... make Han Yufan and Mo Yurou face their consequences.

12pm. Just before the meeting at Tianyi. Han Yufan, who hadn't had lunch with Tangning for a long time, suddenly decided to take her out to the fancy restaurant downstairs. He even booked a table and organized a candlelit lunch. Looking at the roses paired with the candles, Tangning had no reaction. She sat down as Han Yufan pulled out her chair.

"I have ordered your favorite sirloin steak..."

Tangning was surprised for a moment, she was speechless. It turned out, even after 5 years of being together, Han Yufan still did not know what she liked.

"What is it? You don't like it?"

Just as Tangning was about to respond, the chef appeared beside them holding a tray. He turned to Tangning, "Miss Tang, today, we have your favorite fillet steak. I would like to represent the Frederick's Restaurant in congratulating you on your wedding..."

Upon hearing this, Han Yufan's expression changed, but he was too embarrassed to say anything. He just quietly replaced Tangning's plate, "Your tastes have changed."

"Thank you, but we aren't married yet," Tangning explained to the chef whilst ignoring Han Yufan. "You sure are attentive, I only mentioned it once and you remembered."

The chef politely left and Tangning turned back towards Han Yufan.

"Next time I will definitely remember what my wife likes to eat!" Han Yufan reminded himself.

"Hurry, let's eat. We still need to go back and discuss the script," Tangning sneered on the inside but kept her composure. At this moment...she received an SMS titled '0819'. When she opened it up, she realized it was a message from Mo Ting.

0819, was yesterday, the date of their wedding.

"The steak is from me. What the chef meant was...congratulations on OUR wedding."

Tangning let out a laugh and sent a response from under the table, "How did you know where I would be?"

"I have a way of finding out what I want to know," Mo Ting answered her calmly.

Tangning held onto her phone as she glanced around the restaurant. However, Mo Ting was nowhere in sight. Although she didn't know how he managed to organize something so thoughtful, she could sense he was nearby...

...he had a presence like a king that no one could ignore or deny.

"Tangning, what are you looking at?" Han Yufan asked as he waved his hands in front of her eyes. His gaze was full of questions.

"Oh, it's nothing..." Tangning shook her head and calmly changed the topic, "Yufan, when will we go back to register our marriage?"

"After all this has settled. You do realize the upcoming Top Ten Model Awards would be Mo Yurou's opportunity to advance in her career. Tangning, she is lucky to have you...otherwise, Yurou would have been ruined this time." Han Yufan poured Tangning some red wine and raised his glass against hers.

"I will help you get back what you deserve," Tangning smiled softly, her dimples made her appear even more beautiful.

However, Han Yufan, at present, didn't notice her at all. His heart was already bewitched by years of bedside seduction from Mo Yurou. So, he had no idea Tangning's words had a hidden meaning.

"Tangning, you have suffered..."

Tangning knew, for all that she was about to do, today's lunch was just a little reward. However, this reward was all a ploy to mask his true intentions.

"Also, after the press conference, get in contact with your manager. In order to deal with her, it looks like we have to use a legal approach."

"OK," Tangning smiled sweetly.

However, there was no way she was going to let him touch Long Jie.

2pm. Inside Tianyi's main hall, reporters from all forms of media were gathered. They were all interested in what Tangning had to say.

Everyone had questions for Tangning, ranging from why she suddenly retreated from the public eye to why she signed on with Tianyi to what really happened with her substituting Mo Yurou. Ever since she retreated, she had kept a low-profile. It was hard to find anything bad about her.

Today, was the perfect opportunity for them...

3pm. Dressed in plain clothes, Tangning appeared with bodyguards by her side. She slowly walked onto the stage and turned around to face the crowd. The reporters fought to be the first to question her.

"Tangning, your name is number one in search rankings and it continues to stay up there. Did you pay for that position?"

"Tangning, you and Mo Yurou are both models of Tianyi, but, in recent years, only she has been in the limelight. Have you been frozen by the company, so you were envious of her fame?"

"Tangning, did you create this mess for hype?"

Facing the chaotic scene, the company's staff quickly stepped out to hold back the reporters, putting everything back in control. Finally, Tangning was allowed to speak.

"First of all, I want to apologize to everyone for giving the company a damaged reputation and causing everyone to question Miss Mo Yurou's integrity."

"At the hf Crown's Star Show, I made the decision myself, unknown to my company and Mo Yurou, to appear on stage. Everything that has happened has nothing to do with my company, Tianyi nor Miss Mo Yurou."

"I was...indeed trying to create hype! But, my manager has nothing to do with it, she was merely being used by me. I have decided to take on all the responsibility. Thank you for your patience, Thank you."

After Tangning spoke, the hall was in an uproar...

The reporters weren't at ease...they had never seen a celebrity admit to her wrongdoings so easily and in such a straightforward manner. Other people would have tried to avoid the situation, but she had taken on all the blame, claiming it had nothing to do with her manager, company or Mo Yurou.

Tangning thought with that, everything was over. But, unexpectedly, Han Yufan had prepared something else. In order to confirm that she was an attention seeker, he allowed the artists' director to approach Tangning and face the media, "This was not the first time she has done something like this. But...the company and I will give her one last chance. Tangning, I hope you can learn from your mistakes and not step over the line again."

Not the first time...the purpose of those words were to obviously push back Long Jie's claims. Now it seemed, every time she had substituted Mo Yurou in the past, was to create hype for herself.

Han Yufan, you are ruthless!

Tangning remained silent as she gave an apologetic bow to the media. Then, with the protection of the company's staff, she was escorted out of the main hall...

In an instant, the netizens were filled with hate. Since Tangning had admitted everything outright, the public only saw what was on the surface and were filled with anger. Even the staff at Hai Rui treated the matter like a laughing stock.

Coming out of a meeting, Mo Ting overheard his staffs' discussions. He turned to look at his assistant who quickly revealed what had happened at the press conference today. "President, did you want to do something to assist Miss Tang?"

"Not just yet, I want to see how she will deal with it herself," Mo Ting replied gently. He had already mentioned before that he was curious how Tangning would react. Because he had helped her the last two times, he wanted to see how she would resolve this issue herself.

As Mo Ting's wife, was she really going to let something like this discourage her?

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