Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 8: Pictures and a Video

Chapter 8: Pictures and a Video

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Regardless of everything else, the fact that Tangning stepped out and admitted to creating the mess, wiped Tianyi's reputation completely clean. Discussions with hf were successful as they accepted Han Yufan's apology and the position of spokesperson was handed over to Mo Yurou, as originally intended, since she was also a victim. After this incident, her popularity was expected to skyrocket.

Tianyi Entertainment and Mo Yurou recovered from the incident completely unscathed, but Tangning was completely destroyed.

In an instant, 'Queen of Hype', 'Scheming Model', 'Green Tea Bxxxx* Tangning' and other similar terms started appearing on search rankings and all the search results led to discussions filled with offensive language.

Tangning sat in her room watching the news. She tried her best to remain calm because she knew, all that she was enduring now would soon be turned on it's head...

...Han Yufan and Mo Yurou was going to suffer ten times more than what she was experiencing now!

However, at present, in the eyes of the public, her image had completely crumbled. Even the cleaner couldn't help giving her attitude, "Miss Tang, could you please move your precious legs? Can't you see I'm trying to clean here?"

"It's not like you have a show to attend, yet you still come in every day. My back hurts from having to clean up after you."

Tangning's expression turned cold. Even though she had fallen to a low point in her career, it didn't mean she was going to allow just anyone to bully her. She picked up her phone and rang Han Yufan making sure to put the call on loudspeaker so the cleaner could hear their conversation, "Yufan, is my position in this company so low that I deserve to be spoken down to, even by the cleaner?"

"Get her name and tell HR to dismiss her," Han Yufan replied without hesitation.

Tangning hung up the phone and looked up at the cleaner with a cold gaze, "Just because I'm easy-going, doesn't mean you can talk to me casually. Just because I'm not a model, doesn't mean I'm no longer a member of the Tang Family. If I wanted to, I could make a simple cleaner like you unemployed forever, without lifting a finger..."

The cleaner's face turned pale as she broke out in a cold sweat. She never knew Tangning could be so intimidating. She quickly bowed apologetically, "Sorry...Miss Tang, I won't ever do it again."

"Even if you are above others, you should treat others equally. Not to mention the fact that you are below others." Tangning didn't want to make things difficult for the staff, but she had to teach them a lesson. After speaking, she stood up; she received an SMS from Han Yufan to go to his office.

"Tangning, your image right now has fallen to the depths of the abyss so...I have arranged for you to take part in some activities. Hopefully, you can redeem yourself in front of the public. Isn't Mo Yurou hurt? Why don't you go pay her a visit and take care of her to show you're sorry...maybe you can get some sympathy votes."

Tangning examined Han Yufan's face and questioned why she had never noticed how disgraceful he looked.

Mo Yurou was obviously using this opportunity to humiliate her. Yet, Han Yufan had actually suggested Tangning go take care of her.

"You just need to put on a show in front the cameras for a few minutes as the footage gets broadcasted live..."

Han Yufan originally thought Tangning would refuse. Mo Yurou had used her child as leverage against Han Yufan in order to make him ask Tangning for such an unreasonable request. But, she unexpectedly nodded in agreement.


"You're willing to do it?"

"Ever since Mo Yurou got hurt, I haven't had the chance to visit her. This is the perfect chance," Tangning replied in a poised manner.

"In that case, I'll find some people to escort you out of here...there are a whole heap of reporters outside."

Tangning remained calm and collected even though she was aware Mo Yurou's plan was to torment her. She knew...the more high and mighty Mo Yurou felt now...the harder she would fall.

The person to laugh at the end...

...was still to be determined.

Not long after, Tangning boarded the car of Han Yufan's assistant and headed towards Tianhe hospital. On the way, she messaged Mo Ting, "Hubby, do not be worried by any news you see about me, I have a plan. Also, I want to return home tonight, can you send someone to pick me up from Tianhe hospital? I don't know where our new home is..."

In the middle of a meeting, Mo Ting received Tangning's message. For the first time ever, he paused what he was doing, causing all the company's higher-ups to look at each other in surprise. What kind of god-like person has such influence?

Mo Ting ignored the reactions of those around him, all he could focus on was Tangning's pitiful tone. He quickly replied to her message, "Good girl, I will pick you up later."

After receiving Mo Ting's message, Tangning couldn't help but imagine Mo Ting's expression as he called her a 'good girl'. A sweet smile appeared on her face and her eyes curved like two crescent moons. At this moment, Han Yufan's assistant looked at Tangning from his rearview mirror, You can still smile now, but wait till you find out what's coming to you .

Tangning knew the whole world was currently hostile towards her, but she forced herself to not care about what others thought. After contacting Mo Ting, she sent a message to her manager.

"Long Jie, Han Yufan has arranged for me to go take care of Mo Yurou at the hospital. I am almost there, are you ready?"

"Anyone perceptive enough would be able to tell, that mistress is using this as an opportunity to humiliate you. Does she think she will be able to do that? I have been ready a long time ago, I'm sure the public will be entertained...I have pictures and a video."

"You can release the pictures...keep the video for later. I want to give Han Yufan and Mo Yurou some time to argue."

"I understand. We should wait for the right time. When they are at their worst, I will release the video and seal the deal!" Long Jie was abnormally excited, "I want Mo Yurou to fall when she is at her highest point. Tangning, even though there are so many people insulting you, I noticed there are still the small minority that are sticking up for you. I guess there is some good that has come from all this..."

"Long Jie, please be careful."

After her messages with her manager, Tangning immediately deleted her entire conversation as the corner of her lips curved slightly upwards.


Inside one of the private hospital rooms, Mo Yurou was sitting weakly in bed. Just the thought of being able to humiliate Tangning in a moment made her eyes twinkle.

Never in her wildest dreams had she thought Tangning would be so stupid as to take on all the blame. Not only did she increase Mo Yurou's worth, she also helped her secure the spokesperson deal with hf.

"Yurou, Tangning is almost here. When she arrives the cameras will turn on and you will be broadcasted live for 3 minutes. In a moment I am going to ask the doctor to come in to change your bandages. At the same time, I'm going to make Tangning wash your feet..."

"This day has finally arrived..." Mo Yurou exclaimed - she had been overshadowed by Tangning for so long. From this point on, she vowed to only keep climbing higher and higher. She was going to step all over Tangning, take Han Yufan from her and become the first lady of Tianyi.

"From now on, things will only get better for you. Plus, the Annual Top Ten Model Awards are about to make their selection, I'm sure you will be selected. At that will be one step closer to becoming a top model."

Mo Yurou slowly exposed traces of a smile, this was better than anything she had ever dreamed of. With everything going her way, her arrogance began to grow...

Translator's Notes:

*Green Tea Bxxxx (绿茶婊) = Internet slang used to describe ambitious women who pretend to be innocent.

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