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The Scum Is A ***

The Scum Is A ***







The Scum Is A ***

Rating: 8.5/10 from 93 ratings

Cheng Sheng is a cultivator, but his cultivation is stuck in a low level. Aside from that, his personality is not good, and so people call him 'scum'.

When an incident about a strange corpse happened, a big disaster will ensue. Not only to the Xinfanxian sect, not only to the citizens of Xinfaxian, but to the whole world.

The demonic cultivators' plot stemming from the past, powers awakening which is connected to his real identity, and a big secret that will shake the world's foundation.

Cheng Sheng: I'm just a humble talented genius.
Everyone: your words and actions aren't humble at all!

Decade-long pining and doting gong x scum shou, together with their friends and family to color their life... join them in their misadventures!

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