Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 820 - She Is My Future Daughter-In-Law, Isn’t She?

Chapter 820: She Is My Future Daughter-In-Law, Isn’t She?

Ye Tianxin couldn’t help but give Gu Yanbai a thumbs-up when she heard what he said.

What he said seemed awe-inspiring.

“Then I’ll leave you to your meal.”

It happened that the waitress had already packed all the food that Ye Tianxin ordered, so she said goodbye to Gu Yanbai.

Gu Yanbai called Hao Jingcheng as soon as Ye Tianxin left.

“Lao Hao, why did Ye Tianxin come to Shenghai? Can you find out what happened?”

“Is she alone?”

Gu Yanbai nodded and said, “Yes, but she shouldn’t be alone because she packed a breakfast.”

“Okay, I am going to check it out right away.”

Two men, a father and his son, stood beside Xie Xuning when Ye Tianxin returned to with the packed breakfast.


Xie Xuningand’s eyebrows softened when he saw his daughter.

“Shangguan, this is my daughter, Tianxin.”

The person named Shangguan turned around and looked at Ye Tianxin with his sharp eyes. Then he stared at Ye Tianxin with a particularly creepy smile.

“Oh, so she’s my future daughter-in-law? She is so beautiful.”

Ye Tianxin was almost choked by his words. What did he mean by that?

She had a boyfriend already!

Ye Tianxin desperately gestured to Xie Xuning with her eyes: Dad, please explain to him that I have a boyfriend.

As someone deeply devoted to his daughter, Xie Xuning was naturally on Ye Tianxin’s side at the time. He said, “Shangguan, I told you that my daughter has a boyfriend!”

“Ha, I know. He is Li Xing’s son, and I am not afraid of him. My daughter-in-law is not married yet, so my son still has a chance. Am I right, son?”

Shangguan’s big palms audibly slapped on the other man’s back.

The man frowned and said politely, “Dad, a noble man does not take something that others love.”

“Ha, a reckless man like you shouldn’t be telling me that. I am telling you that I like Tianxin a lot, and you are going to get her. If you can’t, that means you have no abilities. You’re too soft!”

This man had a hot temper and a straightforward outlook on life.

Ye Tianxin looked at Xie Xuning with a frown and asked, “Dad, is he the comrade-in-arms you mentioned before?”

“Yes. Let me tell you something about my relationship with your dad. We have a fateful relationship. Back then, we had agreed that we would be in-laws when we have children. However, he has hidden such a beautiful girl for years, and the boy from the Li Xing family got ahead of us… ”

The man next to him had been silent.

It was as if no matter what anyone said, it wouldn’t affect his judgment.

Ye Tianxin breathed a sigh of relief. She guessed that he might’ve not been so obedient to chase her with his character, right?

“Well, come on, Tianxin. Let me introduce you: this is your uncle Shangguan Wei, and this is your uncle Shangguan’s son, Shangguan Ling.”

“Hello, uncle Shangguan and Mr. Shangguan.”

Ye Tianxin didn’t know how to address Shangguan Ling. She couldn’t call him brother Shangguan.

Thus, she called him Mr. Shangguan.

However, Shangguan Wei touched his rough face and said, “If you call me uncle, then you should call him your brother. When you call him Mr. Shangguan, it seems that we are not close enough.”

Shangguan Ling said actively with a straight face, “Dad, this is not the place to talk. Why don’t we ask Uncle Xie and sister Ye to go out for lunch? It’s almost noon.”

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