Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 821 - I Chose Him As My Husband, What Can I Do Besides Spoiling Him?

Chapter 821: I Chose Him As My Husband, What Can I Do Besides Spoiling Him?

“Great idea. Let’s go, Xie. Why would you care about what they think? You’re the last person to ever murder anyone, Xie!”

Shangguan Wei snorted coldly after making that comment.

“Xie, if you wanted to kill someone, it would have been just a piece of cake for you. Those guys simply wanted to get their jobs done. Let’s go.”

Shangguan Wei simply led Xie Xuning and his daughter out of the office. The employees there were like gourds that lost their mouths.

They had no other choice. Who would have expected the person that they randomly arrested turned out to be someone from the higher-ups, specifically the commander of the military region?

“I just want to know who murdered Jiao Hongmei.”

“Who cares about the real murderer? Don’t worry, I’ll ask my subordinates to handle the case. As long as the murderer’s still in Shenhai, he’ll be arrested within a day. You’ll be able to interrogate him, in that case.”

Shangguan Ling brought Xie Xuning and Ye Tianxin to his house.

Nowadays, most people invited their guests for a meal at restaurants outside.

However, it was expected for people of high social status to invite their guests to their houses instead.

It would’ve seemed grander and more welcoming to entertain guests at home.

Most importantly, home-cooked dishes tasted savory. The environment at home was elegant and gave off warm vibes, making it especially suitable for comrade gatherings.


Xie Xuning saw Lady Shangguan, who stood by the courtyard and greeted her from a distance.

Lady Shangguan took a few steps towards them and held Ye Tianxin’s hands in hers. She softly said, “Your precious daughter inherited the best genes from you and your wife.”

“Thank you for the praise, Aunt.”

The Shangguan couple contrasted strongly with each other. Shangguan Wei was manly and quick-tempered, while Lady Shangguan was dainty and intellectual. That meant that their son, Shangguan Ling, was a perfect blend of his parents’ best traits.

Lady Shangguan prepared several home-cooked dishes for lunch, and Shangguan Wei praised her for it.

“If I prepared a bowl of pig feed for you, you would still say that it’s delicious.”

Lady Shangguan’s eyes crinkled in a genuine smile with a glint of pleasure.

Shangguan Wei replied, “Well, of course. If my wife’s the one who cooked it, it must be delicious.”

Deep down, Xie Xuning and Ye Tianxin both envied the couple and how amazing their relationship was.

Every couple had their ways of getting along with each other, but the way the Shangguan couple interacted made one yearn for a healthy relationship.

Xie Xuning and Shangguan Wei drank quite a lot during lunch. Comrades of their level could only meet up once in a while when the time was right.

They gathered together and reminisced about their glorious past. Of course, drinking was a must.

Shangguan Wei even tapped the brim of his bowl with chopsticks when he was intoxicated by the alcohol.

However, Lady Shangguan did not seem the tiniest bit impatient with him.

“Although I don’t see much point in drinking, I’m quite surprised to see him drinking so happily after such a long time. Let’s go, Tianxin. We’ll go outside and let the two men drink.”

Lady Shangguan brought Tianxin to the garden that was outside the dining room. The sun was shining brightly that day, and the garden was full of sunshine.

“It’s rare to see such good weather. Let’s take a seat here and bask in the sun. I guess the murderer will be arrested tonight. You’re still young, so you don’t have to worry about these. This place is under Uncle Shangguan’s territory, so nobody would even dare to lay a finger on your dad.”

Crispy cookies, English black tea, and exquisite tea sets gave people the feeling that life was to be lived to the fullest.

“Aunt, you and Uncle Shangguan get along really well with each other.”

Lady Shannguan replied, “I chose him as my husband. What can I do besides spoiling him?”

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