Reincarnated With A Summoning System

Chapter 50 - 50

They end up going to the Dungeon Services building, as the Sunnybrook town council has named it, to trade in gear. At some point in the past they'd gotten fed up with dishonest merchants and decided it would be best to hire impartial appraisers to buy items from the dungeon at a fair price, who then resold them to merchants and local vendors.

The locals say it's been a blessing, because groups used to take their loot to other cities to sell, leaving them with very little in the market other than locally produced items. And without the influx of dungeon items for smiths and Tailors to modify, hoping for better stats, getting raw materials for every item proved difficult.

Misha thinks she will be getting the modification skill around level 60, as the time she spends on Tailoring is limited, but after that things will get easier for the group's cloth and leather wearers.

Cain finds an impressive new bow, locally crafted from the trees of the Elven Forest. It's a modern style compound bow, not something he would expect to see here, in an almost black color with wood grains running down the length. Looking at it through the system interface, it adds a substantial amount of nature damage plus a mild bleed that makes the target take increased damage from Fae.

Both the Nymphs and Trolls he uses count as Fae, as do all three of the group's damage dealers.

"Bowyer, how did you make this bow? The effect is incredible." He asks the merchant after buying it. No need to risk him increasing the asking price by seeming too eager.

"There's a Black Ironwood tree over by the east gate Stables, do you know the place?" Cain nods that he does, it's in sight of their hotel room window.

"The Dryad that lives there blesses the trees in the area, and the Fairies living in the branches soak it in magic. Every once in a while it will drop a branch that the Dryad gives to a craftsman she's on good terms with, and they all create weapons with unique and powerful Fae related enchantments."

"That's excellent luck for you. I congratulate you on creating this masterpiece. I will treasure it." Cain tells the Bowyer before following the others to a blacksmith that caught Elmira's attention.

It's got a set of throwing knives in the window. They automatically return to their owner, and inflict a [Slow] debuff on hit. She insists that she is capable of throwing them from her chosen pocket, so Char is sent in to negotiate. She's the better choice, Elmira insists, because the shop has Fairies in the back garden. If he's friendly with the Fairies, he likely views the Pixies as Dark Fae, which would make getting a good deal almost impossible.

Char gets them without any issues, and for cheaper than expected. Something about her calm and collected presence lends itself well to negotiations.

A few more items are collected, including the crafting materials to make the lingerie drop they got in the ruins, and they decide its time to start looking for a Guild House.

With a guild membership, you can disable third party contracts with members, which reduces the motivation for those who abduct crafters, trying to force them into sweat shop level work contracts.

It also shows you're not alone, that you'll have backup if something happens, which is a decent safety measure all by itself, with the guild alert feature in the interface. A feature that's also very convenient when you find a rare material that takes skill to collect and need to call in a guild member to help.

The property manager is an ancient looking Elven noble woman. Given her appearance, she might have watched every single building in this city be built, which would be a huge benefit for a real estate agent.

"Greetings, what can I help you find?" The ancient lady asks politely.

"We are looking for a guild house. The location in town isn't too vital, and it doesn't have to be huge, as we're a small guild, but we would like it to be comfortable, with all the little luxuries that make coming home enjoyable." Cain smiles at her, assuming she will understand what he means.

"So, a natural spring, Pixie bushes, 6 or more bedrooms and a training room, plus a modern kitchen? Would you like that furnished or unfurnished? I have an arrangement with the local furniture makers to buy from them at reasonable prices if there's something specific you need."

"What exactly is a Pixie Bush?" Misha asks and the real estate agent laughs.

"It's what the Elves call the Everbloom Bush. It flowers and produces pollen all year round, so Pixies can make honey every day." Elmira's eyes light up at this, she's never heard of such a wonderful thing, but it's definitely an essential item now that she does know it exists.

"That would be great." Misha nods, thinking if there is anything else they should require. "If you have anything like that, we would love to see it."

"Of course dear. The South side of the city has a lot of that type of property. Most were made before the nobles walled themselves in, so there's no shortage of oversized houses and villas around. The war has also seen a lot of guilds move their home base to somewhere easier to bring recruits. We're not on the main trade paths, and the Ogres blockade the roads."

The first property they view is a villa, it has got everything they wanted, including two big indoor hot tubs and access to the stream that runs through the south side of the city, but it just didn't feel right.

The second is massive, better suited to a Guild of fifty than a Guild of under ten. Even if they all took two rooms the building would feel empty.

Two more villas go by, just not quite what they're looking for, when the Real Estate agent suggests going over to a spot by the Southwest Gate. Not into what the Elves consider the bad part of town, but close. Which is convenient for the aspiring guild. It's closer to both the dungeons and the crafters, saving a fifteen minute walk that many of the other properties would have added.

There's also a small market nearby, where they can see low level local crafters selling all sorts of goods, from clothing to dishes and furniture.

"The furniture maker I work with is that old Dwarf over there. It's a bit of a secret, but you look like an open minded bunch that won't care if your couch is Elven made." The agent waves towards a short, bearded man who gives a blink and a nod in return.

"Good furniture is good furniture.." Cain agrees.

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