Reincarnated With A Summoning System

Chapter 22 - 22

The hotel the guard pointed them towards is a giant stone building, far larger than any building they'd seen so far in this world. The interior is luxurious but tasteful and the night attendant greets them before they reach the counter.

"Welcome travelers, to the Golden Loon Inn. I was notified of your arrival and have a room prepared, unfortunately we only had one room remaining for the evening, will that be acceptable?"

"That should be fine sir." Misha answers. "We've grown comfortable in each other's company, and will be seeking longer term arrangements tomorrow, as we intend to stay in town a month at least."

A month per town minimum is what they all decided on, to give ample time to relax and not feel as if they were being rushed through life. Misha worked too much and Mythryll was a student with a heavy workload, so this change is exactly what they needed out of a second life. The two on, one off schedule is also staying, as it has been working out well both for relaxation and time to repair and upgrade equipment.

The attendant leads them up to the far corner of the hotel, a spot that should be above the storage rooms and not part of the regular pattern of rooms.

"The silver suite was our last available room. I do hope you enjoy." He bows and exits as the party walks in.

This room is glorious. The name silver suite seems to have come from the silver ornaments decorating the room. The walls are a mixture of shades of grey marble, polished to a high shine. Deep carpets in grays, creams and tans cover the hardwood floors, with white leather couches and a polished Teak bar stands in the corner.

The first door off to the side leads to a bedroom, the oversized bed beyond any king size from their memories and surrounded by thick curtains, currently drawn back. A white dressing table with a large padded bench and a mirror surrounded in magic fuelled lights adorns the far wall.

Cain ducks into the last room, finding it is actually two rooms. A water closet for the toilet and a huge hot tub, currently swirling away and steaming.

"Ladies" Cain smiles, interrupting their discussion in the bedroom "We have a hot tub. Even bigger than the last one."

They squeak in joy, dragging Cain by his hands back into the bathroom and towards the tub, changing into their swimsuits as they go. Mythryll did eventually find a bikini she likes, like Misha's pentagram patterned one, but in red. Cain also found trunks, plain black, but comfortable for relaxing in a hot tub.

There's a line of products along the wall and Mythryll this to investigate. "Shampoo, Body wash, conditioner, detangler, bubble bath."

There's no shower in here, so it seems the tub is the bathing option of choice. An executive decision is made that this will be a bubble bath, also known as Misha happily grabbed the bottle and dumped an ample amount into the tub.

The bubbles rise high above the water, almost covering everyone's heads.

"Oops, too much. But now we can wash in privacy, no need to wait." she hands out loofahs and passes around the body wash, fully intending to get properly clean and not just soak in the hot tub. 'Why not' Cain thinks, everything is covered in bubbles anyhow.

The three share the giant bed that night, waking up refreshed and ready to see the sights of the city. All with the same thought in mind "This is the life".

"We should see if we can find Lickity again." Misha suggests. "I want to see what the [Ice Dragon Robes] look like on her."

Mythryll holds up a finger, signaling to wait "But first, we must know how much this room will be for a month."

"That would be 5 Gold coins, with the long term discount Miss, including morning and evening meals for three." The daytime attendant looks a bit perplexed, perhaps because of the amount. But selling so many crafted armors greatly enhanced the groups wealth, so they're willing to splurge.

"Did you find the sleeping accommodations satisfactory?" The man asks with an inquiring tone. "We do have other rooms with more beds coming available."

"Do they have such glorious tubs?" Misha asks and the man shakes his head.

"No miss, only the silver and gold suite do. Other rooms have a shower."

"Then we'll stay in the silver suite." Misha determines, placing the coins on the counter.

Essentials, at least in Misha's mind, secured, they head out to see the city. It's a grand place, far more stone buildings and cleaner streets than the village and town. There are also higher level crafted goods for sale, it's a good thing that Misha is over level 40, or her own goods might have suffered the price reduction for low level creators.

That in mind, she wonders where Lickity might be, so she asks a nearby clothing merchant. "Do you perhaps know of a tailor named Lickity, or her friend Cixelcid?"

"Oh, Cid. Yes, he's quite popular with the ladies. They'll be at the market over in the guild quarter this time of day." The merchant lady smiles dreamily. Cain hands her a copper for her trouble and they start walking in the direction of the guild run vendors.

They find Cixelcid on the way, buying liquor from a local brewer. "Greetings young friends" he laughs. "You've finally made it here!"

At this point he frowns, looking at Cain. "I don't remember you being so large."

"Funny story that." Cain laughs "I get to allocate some stat points every level. The more my strength increases, the larger I've gotten. My height stopped here at about 190cm a while ago, but every increase gives me a better physique. My Golems do damage based on my strength, so I've been focusing it."

"No complaints here." Mythryll giggles making Misha smile. "It's much more relaxing to shop with a big strong man around."

Cixelcid bursts into laughter. "What brings you to this side of town? Looking for an adventuring guild?"

"Actually, no. I got a Tailoring skill quest and some amazing clothing plans that I would like Lickity to try on. Free epic wardrobe items if she puts on a fashion show." Misha jokes.

"You think you're kidding, but I'll make her do it. I swear I will. She's still wearing that bath robe everywhere." Cixelcid insists.

The unfortunate Lickity has sold out her days goods and is quickly captured by her guild mate near a bubble tea stand. "Don't argue, we've got good things for you, for just a small price."

She giggles as he slings her over his shoulder before moving to cover her modesty in the very short bath robe.

"Where are you staying? Our rooms are both quite small." Cid comments.

"No worries, we've got the Silver suite at the Golden Loon." Mythryll cheers, happy that for once the chance of wardrobe malfunctions isn't going to be because of her. Everything looks normal on Misha, but when the Elf tries, many of the demonic named items are positively scandalous.

"The Golden Loon? That's not an easy place to get into. Who referred you?" Cid whistles.

"The guard captain. We brought in a bunch of bandits right at gates closed and he sent us over there. The silver suite is the only room left they said, and we've booked it for the month."

Cixelcid laughs at their enthusiastic response to spending a huge sum of money on comfort. Most transfers save every cent they can for better gear and advanced potions, these three spent it on the biggest in suite magical hot tub in town.

"Not at all worried about gear?" Lickity asks.

"How much grinding have you done since getting the Iron Man quest completed?" Cain asks and the Succubus shakes her head.

"Well the drop rate is insane. Multiple epic items daily, Tailoring recipes, we've even gotten multiple skill books this past month." Mythryll sighs. "And that's with just the two of them increasing the drop rate."

"Now about that fashion show.." Misha smiles, looking at the entrance to their hotel.

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