Real Rich Daughter's Path Of Counterattack

Chapter 37 - The Most Delicious Meal

Chapter 37: The Most Delicious Meal

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When the two of them arrived at the cave, Xie Chaochao helped him onto the withered grass. This was the resting place she had laid for the mother tiger.

“Brother Gu Pei, take off your clothes. I’ll treat your wound!”

Gu Pei turned around and slowly removed his shirt. As he moved, more blood flowed out.

Xie Chaochao looked at the long wounds on his back and her eyes turned red.

This must hurt!

Gu Pei noticed the expression on the little girl’s face, and his heart was filled with warmth. He smiled and comforted her, “It’s alright. After you bandage my wound, it won’t hurt anymore!”

Xie Chaochao poured the alcohol on the wound according to Gu Pei’s instructions.

Gu Pei’s upper body instantly froze. He clenched his hands tightly as he trembled instinctively.

Xie Chaochao was at a loss. “Brother Gu Pei, did I hurt you?”

Gu Pei’s face was pale. He turned his face and smiled at her. “No, it doesn’t hurt. Chaochao, continue. After pouring the alcohol, just wrap the wound with a bandage!”

Xie Chaochao followed his instructions and started pouring more alcohol. Throughout the entire process, Gu Pei didn’t make a single sound.

He was afraid of frightening the little girl.

After bandaging Gu Pei’s wounds, Xie Chaochao looked at the wound on his face.

Gu Pei said, “There’s no need to bandage this. Let it heal on its own!”

This wound was nothing to him.

Unexpectedly, the little girl said sternly, “No, you must bandage it. Otherwise, it will leave a scar. Brother Gu Pei is so good-looking, it mustn’t leave a scar!”

Gu Pei was stunned for a moment before he broke into laughter.

Previously, someone had indeed said that he was good-looking, but he had never cared.

Why was he so happy when he heard the little girl praising his good looks?

“You don’t need a bandage for your face. Use this. My father bought this for me! It’s very nice!”

The little girl took out several band-aids from her pocket. There were little animal designs on them.

The wound was too long. She had to stick four of them together before she could cover the wound.


Xie Chaochao clapped as if she had accomplished something. She looked at her masterpiece and was very satisfied.

“Brother Gu Pei looks good even with this on!”

Gu Pei laughed.

“It’s almost noon. Shouldn’t you go back? Won’t your family ask you to go back?”

Xie Chaochao heard Gu Pei’s words and said, “I’m going back. Otherwise, Daddy will come back to look for me. Brother Gu Pei, wait for me. I’ll bring you food!”

After saying that, the little girl ran out. From afar, he could still hear her telling Xiao Hu to run faster.

Gu Pei couldn’t help but laugh again.

If his teammates saw this, their eyes would probably pop out.

Xie Chaochao got home just in time for dinner.

The family of three sat at the table. Xie Chaochao took a few bites and said that she was full.

Xie Zhou and the old man were confused. This didn’t seem like the little girl’s appetite!

“Did you eat anything this morning?”

“No, I’m just not hungry yet!”

Xie Chaochao shook her head and looked at the old man. “Grandpa, pack the food for me. I still have to go up the mountain to play. I’ll continue eating when I’m hungry!”

The two of them didn’t suspect anything. Xie Chaochao had done this before.

Xie Chaochao carried the lunch box and happily went up the mountain with the tiger.

“Brother Gu Pei, I brought you food!”

Before she entered the cave and before he saw her, he had already heard the little girl’s voice.

After Xie Chaochao left, Gu Pei rested for a while.

With the mother tiger around, he wasn’t worried about any danger.

Hearing the little girl’s voice, he opened his eyes and looked at the cave entrance.

He saw Xie Chaochao carrying a small lunch box and running in with a smile.

She was accompanied by a tiger, a fox, and a little flower snake.

“Look, it’s still warm. Hurry up and eat!”

The little girl opened the lunch box. There was a big bowl of noodles inside.

Xie Chaochao took out a cloth bag from her small bag. There were two steamed buns inside, and she stuffed one of them to Gu Pei.

“This lunch box is too small. I was afraid that you wouldn’t be full, so I brought two steamed buns!”

Xie Chaochao smiled and said, “Hurry up and eat. It won’t taste good if it’s cold! My grandpa cooks really well!”

Gu Pei looked at the little girl’s cheerful smile, and felt warmth in his heart.

Perhaps it was the good culinary skills of the person who cooked it, or perhaps it was a psychological effect. Gu Pei felt that this was really the most delicious bowl of noodles and steamed bun he had ever eaten.

Halfway through the meal, the little girl’s stomach growled. It could be heard very clearly in the quiet cave.

Gu Pei looked at Xie Chaochao. “You haven’t eaten?”

The little girl was a little embarrassed. She covered her stomach and said in a low voice, “I’ve eaten. I wanted to bring food for Brother Gu Pei, so I ate less!”

Gu Pei’s eyes darkened. He picked up some noodles and fed it to Xie Chaochao. “Let’s eat together. I can’t finish it!”

Xie Chaochao smiled and ate the noodles.

“Isn’t my grandpa’s food delicious?”

The little girl was very proud, as if she had cooked it herself.

Gu Pei smiled and nodded. “Yes, it’s delicious! This is the best meal I’ve ever had!”

The little girl was even happier.

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