Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 330 - 330 CEO Pei is So F*cking Blessed!

330 CEO Pei is So F*cking Blessed!

At noon, Pei Huai took Su Ji to Godear for lunch.

He ordered Su Ji’s favorite dishes.

Su Ji was not a person with a fixed personality. Some time ago, she liked to eat boiled meat, but recently, she wanted something sweet and sour.

Xu Mingzhi often couldn’t grasp her preferences, and neither could Aunt Wu.

However, Pei Huai could.

Every time Pei Huai asked her what she wanted to eat before a meal, she would say “anything”. Pei Huai would then nod and start ordering. However, the dishes were really what Su Ji wanted to eat at that moment.

She didn’t even know what she wanted to eat, but Pei Huai seemed to have read her mind.

At this moment, Su Ji was eating a sweet and sour steak. It was very flavorful. It was soft and boneless, sweet and sour.

Pei Huai was sitting opposite her, drinking coffee and reading something.

Su Ji licked the sesame seeds from the corner of her lips and asked him, “do you want to go to Blue Whale with me in the afternoon?”

Pei Huai didn’t look away, “I’ll send you there and then go back to the company.”

It was the seventh day of the new year, and there was a lot of work.

Su Ji cupped her chin in her hand. She guessed that he didn’t read about the reality show that she sent him the other day. Just as she was about to discuss it with Pei Xi, he suddenly spoke again, “you sent me the details of the reality show. Do you want to participate?

“I think it’s quite interesting. It doesn’t look too tiring.”

Pei Huai took another sip of his coffee. He took photos of some issues in the document and sent them to his subordinates. “Many people will be living together, so things might get complicated.”

However, Su Ji was in a harem for a few years.

From the moment she entered, everyone who saw her wanted to pinch her. Later, she was the one in command.

That was her stage.

It’s not that she liked it, but she wasn’t afraid.

“I heard that it’s not easy to get a spot, like in Noah’s ark” Su Ji didn’t answer directly, but her words were enough to show her attitude.

Pei Huai sighed slightly but did not object, which was rare. “If there is a Noah’s ark, you will be in first class.”

Su Ji raised her eyebrows and looked at him.

Pei Huai placed the coffee cup on the table with a clatter. He raised his eyes and looked at her directly. “Go ahead if you want to.”


At 1 pm, Ke Tou was waiting in the recording studio.

They agreed to meet at 1:30pm. At 1:29, Si Jingchuan and Su Ji came out of different elevators at the same time.

They bumped into each other.


“Chuan Chuan.”

The two of them raised their eyebrows and lifted their chins at the same time, their hands in their pockets.

After being with his boss for a long time, he started to act like her.

Today, they were dubbing the sex scene. Since Su Ji needed to do the dubbing, Si Jingchuan had to come too.

The two of them met in front of the recording studio. Su Ji pushed the door open and suddenly muttered to herself, “I went to Xu Ni’s house in the morning. He seemed so dejected.”

Si Jingchuan blurted out, “he too?”

He waited for Su Ji’s answer.

However, Su Ji did not answer. She laughed mysteriously, pushed the door open, and entered the room. She greeted Ke Tou and then smiled at Si Jingchuan, “you said ‘he too’, which means there’s someone else who feels the same way?”

Si Jingchuan almost revealed his true feelings.

He touched the back of his neck. His flat and wide shoulders gave him a youthful look, “did I say that? I don’t think so.”

There were two staff members beside Ke Tou who were in charge of dubbing for movies and TV series.

In fact, Ke Tou could have chosen not to come today, but he chose to.

He didn’t want to miss any chance to show off in front of the future Mrs. CEO!

They were still editing the scenes from the day before.

Su Ji said that there was no hurry. She sat on the chair with her arms around her legs and looked at Si Jingchuan with her chin in her hands.

Si Jingchuan felt like he had lice all over his body from her stare. When he turned around for the third time, Su Ji was still staring at him with her peach-shaped eyes and a smile.

Si Jingchuan glanced at the staff member beside him and said in a low voice, “boss, stop looking at me…”

Su Ji twirled a strand of hair with her fingertips. It smelled nice. She raised her head and looked at the intimate scene that was playing on the TV screen. Xu Ni looked really good in women’s clothes.

Si Jingchuan followed her gaze, and his ears turned red.

Only then did he realize that his boss was teasing him.

Thinking of the dubbing that she would be doing later, he asked, “do you want us to leave later?”

Su Ji was generous. She crossed her legs and changed her sitting position, “you can stay.”

Last night, she spent 3.90 yuan to buy the audio files of the first 10 chapters of “The Wild History of Concubine Su and the 108 Princes”.

She had done her homework.

Today’s dubbing was child’s play for her.

Si Jingchuan asked, “really? You won’t be embarrassed?”

As long as she wasn’t embarrassed, someone else would be

Su Ji had a professional attitude. That was her job!

The staff members finished the editing and nodded at Su Ji and the others.

Everyone put on their headphones. In a while, the sounds would be recorded and played into everyone’s headphones.

At the start Si Jingchuan thought that his boss was just putting up a strong front. However, when the first sound came out of her mouth, all the staff fell silent.

He closed his legs tightly.

Was this something they should listen to?

Su Ji was very professional. Every breath she took was in sync with Xu Ni’s movements. Her expression was serious, but her voice was just so good!

It was impossible to not let one’s imagination run wild.

Su Ji was steady, sitting in her seat without a trace of embarrassment.

Then, after one minute, Ke Tou left the recording studio silently.

In the third minute, one of the two staff members was carried away by the other after losing too much blood.

After Si Jingchuan was done with his part, he left the recording studio in advance, leaning against the wall.

She told them to stay, but they couldn’t do it!

CEO Pei was so f * cking blessed!


At the same time, in the Pei Corporation, Pei Huai sneezed elegantly.

Pei Xi’s caller ID lit up on his phone. Pei Huai opened a new document and pressed the phone to his ear.

Pei Xi replied, “Pei Huai, that show is really popular. You can’t imagine how many people have used their connections to get a slot.”

Pei Huai didn’t care about this. He only wanted to know one thing, “did you get it?”

Pei Xi replied, “we’ve managed to get one out of the two spots. However, I heard that there will be more guests later on. They will move in later so we can reserve a spot to join in the future.”

Pei Huai’s expression remained the same. “That works too.”

Both ends of the phone fell silent. Pei Xi was the first to ask, “I just realized why you wanted two spots. Other than Su JI, who else wants to join? Does Su Ji want to bring her friend?”

Pei Huai’s fingers that were holding the pen paused for a moment, and his voice suddenly became magnetic and hoarse. “How do you feel today? Do you feel nauseated?”

“Yeah. I can’t even stand the smell of meat…” Pei Xi realized that she was trying to change the topic, “don’t you try to change the topic!!”

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