Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 331 - 331 Don't Fall In Love with Me~

331 Don’t Fall In Love with Me~

In the end, Pei Huai did not say who the other spot was for. Pei Xi could never get anything out of him, but her intuition told her that Pei Huai might be up to something.

Five days later, the Spring Festival holiday had ended, but the students had not started school yet.

The last episode of The Billion Stars was released during this time.

Han Junlei, who loved to leave suspense at the end, finally relented. He gave the fans a good time.

The bed scene was sensual and not tacky at all.

Even though Xu Mingzhi did not know that her precious daughter had hired a substitute, she could still accept it.

Pei Huai watched this episode at the Pei family house. Pei Qingshen was the first to stand up and say that he wanted to call the Si family to question that sickly Si Jingchuan.

Fortunately, Pei Huai stopped him in time and told him that Su Ji was not in that scene. Pei Qingshen then asked if the kissing scene was real. Pei Huai said that it was fake. Pei Qingshen replied with an “oh” and sat down obediently.

He said earnestly, “Su Ji can kiss anyone but that kid from the Si family! I can’t accept this!”

Pei Huai was sitting on the sofa. When he heard that, he shifted his gaze from the book “The Cultivation and Breeding of Lychees ” to him and corrected him, “not only those from the Si family.”

No one else, except him.

When he heard that Su Ji wasn’t in the scene, Pei Qingshen stopped watching and went back to his room to play the lute.

Pei Huai was left alone in the living room.

The sound from the television was exceptionally clear.

Pei Huai’s attention was not on the TV at first, but when he heard the sounds coming from the TV, he paused.

As the plot continued, his gaze slowly fell on the screen.

That voice…

He was extremely restless.

That night, everyone was talking about The Billion Stars.

All the audience had endured the ups and downs of one episode a week for several months. Today’s finale made the fans sigh in their hearts.

#The end of The Billion Stars#

#Su Ji’s first on-screen kiss #

#Su Ji takes the initiative #

#Si Jingchuan’s bed scene #

Zhou Xuefang had been successfully forgotten by the netizens, and no one was bothered to mention her again.

[ “Su Ji’s voice…” ]

[ “Sister! I grew a third limb!” ]

[ “Don’t let her act in any more bed scenes. She’s the one shooting the scenes, and we’ll be the ones who die of exhaustion!” ]

Not only were the fans excited, there were also many celebrities who posted their thoughts on the internet.

Regardless of whether it was a sentence or a short essay, the fact that they were willing to take the initiative to express these feelings showed that they really watched the drama.

The fans were amazed. It turned out that their idols were also fans of the drama and had endured it week after week just like them.

And among the many posts, there was one that was trending.

[ Ji Xi: “This show introduced me to a new actress. I really like her. What about you guys?” ]

Below it was a photo of Su Ji tidying her hair in the behind-the-scenes. She looked very beautiful.

The fans in the comments section went crazy.

[ “Since Ms. Ji Xi likes her too, so do I!” ]

[ “The way Su Ji pulls her hair is so charming!” ]

The netizens were very considerate, and they didn’t forget to @bluewhale and @suji in the comments.

[ “I suddenly feel that Ji Xi and Su Ji have the same vibe?” ]

The internet was abuzz with anticipation for Ji Xi and Su Ji’s collaboration.

The original Su Ji had a Weibo account but never took care of it. In the past, Chen Jing was too lazy to care about someone like her. The last time she logged in was two years ago, when Song Heng dumped her.

At around 10 that night, Pei Xi retrieved Su Ji’s account and left a “thank you” comment on Ji Xi’s Weibo.

As expected, the entire internet was in an uproar again!

Pei Huai’s comment on this matter was “boring”.

“How can this be boring? Ji Xi is a senior. If she didn’t respond to Ji Xi afer she praised her, wouldn’t she be criticized by Ji Xi’s fans?”

She showed Pei Huai the trending topic. “Look at how crazy the netizens are now. Su Ji can freeload off her popularity.”

However, no matter how much she said, Pei Huai’s attitude remained cold. “There’s no need to ride on her popularity.”

“Tsk,” Pei Xi changed her sitting position. In her hand, she was fanning herself with the test results that she had got from the hospital during the day. It showed that she was in the early stage of her pregnancy and was four and a half weeks along.

She turned around and looked at Pei Huai, “you can’t be so hostile to all women except for Su Ji. Ji Xi has a good reputation in the entertainment industry. You don’t understand because you’re not part of it.”

Pei Huai’s gaze fell on her, and his thin lips curled into an ambiguous smile.

Without saying anything, he closed the book and went back to his room.

Pei Xi’s hand slowed down and her head tilted slightly.

Why was he smiling?

Why did it feel like he was waiting to watch a show?

Anyway, whether or not they were riding on Ji Xi’s popularity, Pei Xi could say with certainty that Su Ji was on fire.

When Su Ji joined The Billion Stars, she had created a fan group for Su Ji. Now that the show had hit its climax, the fan group had long been full. There were even additional groups made by the fans.

Su Ji’s influence was slowly growing.

Regardless of whether she was a concubine or an artiste, a shining person would become the focus of attention no matter what era they were in.

The next day was the 14th day of the first lunar month, and Xu Jinzhe was discharged from the hospital.

Lu Ailian was a high-profile person who liked to put all the good things together. It just so happened that her grandson’s first drama had just ended and the response on the internet was particularly good. Lu Ailian immediately decided to hold a coming-of-age party for him on the night of the Lantern Festival. On the 14th day, countless prestigious families in A City received invitations from the Xu family.

The Su family was no exception.

However, Lu Ailian was very smart. She sent an invitation to the Su family and another one to Su Ji.

This was to prevent Zhang Guihua from playing tricks behind the scenes.

When Su Ji received the e-invitation letter, she was sitting at Pei Huai’s office and playing mobile games. She finally had two days of free time. Every time Pei Huai came to work, he would bring her along. When he was meeting with guests or in a meeting, he would let her stay in his office.

At this moment, Pei Huai’s usually spotless office desk was filled with Su Ji’s things like snacks and drinks. Official documents were all pushed to the corner of the table.

A senior manager knocked on the door and stuck his head in. “Boss, you…”

In the next second, he saw Su Ji nestled in the CEO’s chair, holding her phone horizontally and quickly tapping on the screen.

“Do you want to watch me dance?”

“Don’t fall in love with me~”

It was the lines of the characters in the game.

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