Martial Transcendence

Chapter 45 - Heavenly Tribulation

Du Chan's body suddenly disappeared and appeared in the middle of the forest. A man was sleeping in front of Du Chan's body, he was no other than Shen!

"What's wrong with him?" Shen opened his eyes and looked at Du Chan and wondered.

"What are heavens thinking? Do they fall this below to kill a Qi Condensation realm guy?" Shen noticed the Yin Energy inside Du Chan's body

Shen placed his right hand on Du Chan's white light covered his hand and entered Du Chan's body but it was blasted away by the Black Energy.

Shen tried again but this time the white light was sucked by it.

Shen tried again but this time he increased his power.


A big hole appeared in Du Chan's abdomen blood started to flow from the hole, his inner organs were damaged beyond recognition. But Du Chan's expression didn't change a single bit as he didn't feel anything.

"That's why I don't want to use my power," Shen said calmly and noticed the black ball was still between the hole in his abdomen but its size was reduced and the clouds started to change and gather on top of them.

Shen's expression turned serious he disappeared from there leaving Du Chan's unmovable body.

Du Chan opened his eyes.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH" Du Chan couldn't bear the pain that came abruptly anymore he screamed very hard as he was going to lose his voice.

Du Chan went unconscious, the clouds didn't stop, they gather non-stop.

After some time he gained his conscious and he felt nothing, absolutely nothing.

'Where I'm i' he thought, at looked at the sky and saw the black clouds covered the sky, and the thunders are swimming in the clouds. Du Chan noticed that his body was lying on the grass out somewhere he doesn't know.


The thunderbolts of lightning roared, they divided into three Bolts and started to come towards the Du Chan, it gives off very an unstoppable aura that broken Du Chan hope.

"Hmm, I'm going die," he said calmly, the pain and desire in his heart increased but he can't do anything, he can't even move a single finger so how he defends the 3 Thunderbolts coming towards him to take his life.

Du Chan smiled but his mouth didn't move. He closed his eyes and tried to forget everything and sleep.

"Dying while sleeping is best!" Du Chan laughed inside and tried to sleep but the 3 bolts already came on top of his body.

3 bolts landed at the same time. One landed on his forehead, one landed on his abdomen, one landed on his heart. There is no way to dodge it for Du Chan, even he was in his peak condition it would be hard.

Du Chan received them and he doesn't know anything. He forget everything.

One bolt destroyed the Black energy in his abdomen and destroyed the Qi around the area. One bold which landed on his heart started to burn him alive the bolt landed on his forehead disappeared.

Inside the Du Chan ^Soul Sea Consciousness^

Du Chan's soul was sitting on top of the lotus opened his eyes. Blue light covered him and in the next monument, the bolt attacked him!

"My body might be weak, but my soul is the strongest! You can't do anything to me" Du Chan's huge soul said. The bolt attacked him but it can't even break through the blue light surrounding the Du Chan. after some time the clouds disappeared leaving half-roasted Du Chan. Du Chan's soul noticed the bolt disappeared he closed his eyes. Outside his body was already burned to the point it cant recover. The hole in his abdomen increased in size and turned black. Leaving his legs, hands, and head everything was ruined.



Inu barked loudly and began to search, it stood up on the top of the discipline hall, the tallest building. And noticed the Black Clouds in the north direction. It was extremely far away. He sensed Du Chan's very weak aura from there.

"WOOF" inu disappeared from the building and began to run towards the Clouds at sound speed. the outer sect was still lively as ever even its midnight. While he was running he saw 2 girls were walking on the road to their dorm, And Inu recognized them and slowed his speed and ran towards them.

One girl grabbed her sword after noticing something was coming towards them.

"WOOF" inu barked and stopped in front of them.

"Dog?" the girl recognized him. The dog she want to make her pet! But it runway now it came back.

Xie Mengyu put the sword away after seeing it's the dog but wondered how the dog is so fast in running?


Inu barked and made some signs with his head and paws.

Xie Mengyu somehow understand what inu was trying to say.

"Where?" Xie Mengyu asked

Inu pointed North with his paw.

"You go back to the dorm I will come back in some time" Xie Mengyu said to her.

"Where are you going, I will come too," she said

"You can't run fast as us so its best you go back to dorm" Xie Mengyu said

"No, I will come too" she said

Xie Mengyu didn't say anything more she looked at inu and nodded. Inu started to run and Xie Mengyu followed and that girl followed him after running some time that girl was tired but inu and Xie Mengyu ran nonstop

That girl stopped running, she can't keep up with them.

"I guess, I should go back to the dorm" she learned her lesson and she slowly walk towards her dorm, she wasted her energy in vain.

Inu and Xie Mengyu have already reached the north gate of the outer sect. Two guards were standing there and saw Xie Mengyu.

"No One is allowed to go out without permission," one guard said

"There is a rule that disciples have a chance to leave the sect and come back in a half-hour," Xie Mengyu said to the guard

The two guards looked at each other.

"Fine, Please tell your name," he asked her

"Xie Mengyu" she said and that guard noted her name and opened the gate. Inu and Xie Mengyu left ran and vanished from the guards' site in no time.


Inu barked while looking at the black clouds, which could be seen clearly in the night.

Xie Mengyu saw the black clouds and stopped her run.

"That's Heavenly Tribulation!!….." she said in terrified tune.

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