Makai Hongi

Chapter 353

Chapter 353

Why was I now acting as Melvis’s errand boy?

Surely he had plenty of subordinates working right under him. Why me?

“Golan. That was quite long.”

As I ran down the castle hallway, General Farneze approached me.

“Yes. I had to go to the Under World.”


She looked at me as if to say, ‘what the hell is he talking about?’

Perhaps she thought that I had died again.

But what else could I say? I had gone to the Under World.

“It seems to be some special ability that King Melvis has. I don’t really know anything about it.”

“I-I see…”

She was silent after that.

Now that I thought about it, the majority of Melvis’s abilities made you think of ‘death.’

There was something soul stirring, like they weren’t just attacks that caused damage to the flesh, but there was a more direct connection to death.

No matter how powerful you were, you would not want to have your soul attacked.

And so it was no wonder that so many feared Melvis.

“King Melvis has ordered for all of his Generals to gather here.”


Again, she looked at me as if I was a fool.

The Demon World was in a state of great chaos now. Calling all of the Generals together in one place was a reckless order.

“You could say that it’s due to an important matter regarding Yamato… But then again, I’m not sure if I can say anything.”

“I see… I could call the others, but the border… But if that is his order…”

“Why don’t you just call back the armies entirely? This has to do with Yamato. And so if something happens at the border, King Melvis will surely take care of it.”

It was related to Yamato.

So all we had to do was tell him that someone was trying to hinder us, and he would become furious and annihilate them.

“I suppose that is one way to think of it.”

Even General Farneze could not disagree.

We might be attacked once or twice, but Melvis will definitely retaliate.

If anything, it would be better if our soldiers were not close by when that happened.

Melvis’s magic affected everyone. Hell, it nearly killed me.

Also, at least we knew that Great Demon King Dalm and Demon King Tralzard would not attack us.

If anyone would attack us, it would be the younger kings who did not know how terrible Melvis could be.

But they would change their opinion once they saw their armies destroyed in the blink of an eye.

“Very well. I will call the other Generals then. I’ll send my fastest men to go as messengers.”

She probably meant those bastards who grabbed my arms and legs and carried me off.

I wonder if I’d get in trouble if I punched them. I probably would.

General Farneze was quick to act once she made a decision.

First, she sent messengers to call back just the Generals.

After that, she called tactician Felicia and planned for the withdrawal of the troops.

Felicia was surprised by this sudden decision, but when General Farneze told her to think about what would happen if King Melvis went out, she got to work immediately.

In a way, the name ‘Melvis’ was like a powerful magic curse.

‘Melvis,’ a curse to destroy the world… I could see it spreading.

As I thought of such things, the days went by and the Generals gathered at the castle.

In the meantime, I chased around Jikae and Manny.

They no longer had the advantage of being invisible.

Of course, I still could not see them, but once I knew how to sense their presence, it became easier to detect them.

From what the servants told me, the two were very mischievous, though what they would do could hardly be seen as mere pranks. And so I thought that I should punish them.

And so day after day, I chased them around.

As for why I had been able to see Melvis’s chains or detect the presence of Jikae and Manny, I believed that it was because I had become deeply involved with the ‘soul.’

Just like how someone who has a near death experience may receive a special power, perhaps I had become sensitive to such things as my knowledge of the soul deepened.

“Well, in my past life they might have said I was sensitive to the supernatural.”

Being able to see souls, spirits, ghosts… Perhaps I had awakened to an ability similar to that.

General Farneze walked up to me.

“Golan. King Melvis is calling you.”

“Huh? Me? Isn’t a meeting about to start?”

As the three Generals were finally together, I had heard that a meeting was going to be held.

“And I was told to call you as well. Come with me.”

“I understand. What should I do with this?”

“Hmm? What?”

“I’m holding…Jikae.”

And since I had caught him, I beat him to a pulp.


There it was again, after a few days. General Farneze’s ‘what the hell is he talking about?’ look.

“Leave him.”

And so I threw Jikae to the side and slapped my hands together. The sounds echoed through the room.

“…Let’s go.”


By the way, I had not yet heard news of any idiots invading us.

On the other hand, I had heard all kinds of rumors from merchants.

–The Demon World had quieted down a little now that King Melvis had returned to his position as Great Demon King.

That was what they said.

These stories were brought by non-combatant merchants who flew in the sky.

As they could fly from town to town, information could be spread quickly.

Those who traveled on the ground were much slower, and would take a few more days to arrive.

But if the rumors were true, then we may be able to avoid further invasions after all.

They would have been reminded of the time when Lesser High King Yamato ruled, and ‘Melvis the Immortal’ was one his three most powerful men.

After all, Demon King Tralzard quivered at the mere mention of his name.

How wild was the Melvis of old?

“Well, he’s wild now.”

I had nearly died.

“What is it, Golan? We’ll be late for the meeting.”

“Ah yes. Sorry. I’m going.”

And so I quickened my pace in order to attend this meeting with Melvis and the three Generals.

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