Makai Hongi

Chapter 352

Chapter 352

Hera’s soul was mostly purified.

I had no idea why it was connected to Melvis’s soul… Well, I could think of one possible reason.

Hera’s purpose had always been ‘to go to the Human World.’ That was all.

In that case, it would make sense to assume that connecting her soul to Melvis was somehow related to that goal.

In the Human World, there was a barrier that Zeus had given his life in order to create.

In order to break it, she required an Orb of Control that had equal power to Zeus.

Equal to Zeus… The person who had been selected back then was Lesser High King Yamato.

And so Hera had invaded the Demon World and targeted Yamato.

My guess was that Hera had decided that she wanted something else as insurance.

Yamato was strong. It was possible that she wouldn’t be able to beat him.

In that case, there was another way.

She would connect her soul to someone who was equal to herself.

And so it was Great Demon King Melvis who was chosen for this purpose.

He was the right person for her.

But I wasn’t sure what exactly she wished to do after that.

And now that her soul had been purified, I doubted any of her memories of that time remained.

Perhaps she wanted to use the purified soul in order to go down the path to reincarnation.

But Hera was dead now, so none of it really mattered.

“I can use this soul, yes?”


There was nothing else that I could say.

And so he decided to use the soul of his great enemy.

That was Melvis…or was it? I didn’t know.

“Alright, let’s return.”


Return… Did he mean to our bodies?

Melvis returned to the surface of the Under World sea, and then we returned to our bodies as if being pulled.


Even just thinking about my body made me aware that my soul wished to return.

It was anxious about this current state of ‘near death.’

And so as long as you did not resist the flow, your soul would naturally return to your body.

And so I slowly…let go of my consciousness…and allowed my soul…to return…

My consciousness slowly returned.

Ahh, I was back… That’s what I thought as I opened my eyes.


I was shocked. Completely shocked.

There was something about Melvis that was different.

I don’t know how to explain it. But there was something even more overwhelming about his presence than usual.

“Wh-what happened?”

Did he awaken as some kind of super alien race?

“Hmmm… So we’ve returned.”


“I feel like my old self again.”

“Old self…”

Is that what he meant? When he was a Great Demon King?

That didn’t sound like a good thing at all.

Yes, he was different now.

He had always been intimidating, but now, if told that he was a Great Demon King, I would think, ‘Great Demon King? Surely he is more than that?’ That was how much he had changed.

“Ah, the chains have disappeared.”

The invisible chains, though I had been able to see them, were now gone from Melvis’s chest.

Was that why he seemed so much stronger now?

So it must be due to bringing back Hera’s soul. Though, I had no idea how he did it.

What did this mean? I had to think.

By bringing back Hera’s soul, the chains disappeared, and he became stronger.

In other words, up until now, Melvis had been weakened by Hera.

Or was it due to the connection with Hera’s soul?

Perhaps she had used Melvis’s power to cast some kind of curse.

In a way, it was two birds with one stone.

Not only was it part of her preparation to go to the Human World, but she had also weakened her enemy.

But by bringing Hera’s soul back, the chain had disappeared.

In other words, there was no need for their souls to be connected at this point.

Because of this, perhaps Melvis’s power that had been used for something up until now, was no longer needed. And so the curse was broken.

Something like that.

“I’m going to use this soul to go to the Human World. Call for the Generals.”


I left the room immediately.

○ Tralzard’s Castle – Demon King Tralzard


Tralzard’s great voice echoed throughout the castle.

“S-say that again… Wh-what happened?”

“Yes. We received a report from the person who makes records of the Tablet of Control. King Melvis’s name has returned to the column of Great Demon Kings.”

“But why?! What happened?”

“We do not know any details regarding that. But we do know that there was an invasion from the Celestial World in Great Demon King Dalm’s lands, and that King Melvis got involved in it. But we have not heard anything else.”

The messenger who brought the report was sweating from his forehead.

He had never seen his master this distraught before.

Currently, the Demon World had fallen into utter chaos.

You didn’t know who was an enemy or ally.

There were stories of friendly armies attacking each other the day after they had fought as allies.

It was during such a time that the large-scale invasion from the Celestial World thundered in the Demon World.

Everyone was shaken.

But as the invasion prioritized Great Demon King Dalm’s lands, there was a temporary feeling of relief.

However, for those who knew Lesser Demon King Melvis even a little, the very idea of being locked in a holy power barrier with him was enough to make their blood run cold.

He would definitely be angry. And who knew what he would do when angry.

Are we safe? They would all be trembling with fear.

And now, they were saying that Melvis’s name had suddenly been rewritten on the Tablet of Control. He was a Great Demon King.

Something had happened. That was all that she understood.

And something else would happen now. Everyone shuddered at the thought.

There had been a time when Lesser High King Yamato ruled more than half of the Demon World.

And he hadn’t even been very ambitious when it came to his lands.

However, when one became a Lesser High King, others would work under you, and there was no end to people asking for your protection.

His fighting force would just expand naturally.

It was said that Melvis’s presence was incredibly important during that time.

And others did not want to go up against him.

And so that may have been one of the reasons that powerful kings would join the ranks of Yamato’s subordinates.

Tralzard shook.

And large tears welled up in her eyes.

“Could someone explain to me what is happening?”

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