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Chapter 228 - They All Died?!

Chapter 228: They All Died?!

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After the sect master learned of what had happened, he only told Elder Chen one thing.

Three days later, he would leave secluded cultivation and kill Ye Xuan!

Therefore, even though Elder Chen was anxious, he had no way of influencing the sect master’s decision.

Elder Chen had no choice but to wait outside the bronze temple. At the same time, he informed the Blood Moon Temple and Yunjin Templeof everything that had happened in the Radiant Sky Empire.

The sect master of the Nether God sect had his own considerations.

He had been in secluded cultivation this entire time, during which the Nether God sect had been developing smoothly. However, at the critical moment of his secluded cultivation, the Nether God sect was suddenly facing a crisis that threatened their existence.

After Elder Chen’s explanation, he finally understood.

It turned out that the Nether God sect had provoked an extremely monstrous existence.

A 20-year-old seventh-level unity realm expert!

When he learned of this news, his Dao heart fluctuated.

Even he had never heard of such a monstrous feat.

If he had not reached a critical moment in his cultivation, he would have left immediately to kill Ye Xuan himself without hesitation to avoid future troubles.

However, he had been cultivating in the bronze temple for 20 years. Now that he was about to break through, he was unwilling to give up this opportunity.

No matter how monstrous Ye Xuan was, he was only a seventh-level unity realm expert.

As long as all the inner sect elders were dispatched, was there a reason to worry?

If they could not even handle a seventh-level unity realm expert, then they were a waste of cultivation resources.

Most importantly, even Elder Gongsun had been dispatched, so Ye Xuan’s death was certain.

Therefore, although he was extremely shocked by Ye Xuan’s cultivation talent, the sect master did not think that this was a crisis that would threaten the existence of the Nether God sect.

‘I hope there won’t be any accidents this time,’ Elder Chen prayed inwardly.

That being said, he also personally felt that this matter had been overblown.

It was four versus one, perhaps even five if they teamed up with Elder Gongsun. In addition, they had the Nether God sect’s formation. Even if Ye Xuan turned out to be an eighth-level unity realm expert, the result would still be the same.

“Elder Chen! It’s an emergency!”

At this moment, a Nether God sect cultivator ran over in a panic.

“What’s the matter?”

Elder Chen frowned as an ominous feeling arose in his heart.

This cultivator was in charge of the soul jade tokens of the personal disciples and inner sect elders.

“Elder Zhuge and the others’ soul jade tokens have all shattered! They’re dead!”


Elder Chen’s expression changed drastically when he heard this. He then turned into a streak of light and flew toward the soul temple where the soul jade tokens were kept.

As soon as he arrived at the soul temple, Elder Chen searched for the soul jade tokens of the four inner sect elders.

It was true!

They were all dead!

“How is this possible?”

Elder Chen was dumbfounded as he stared at the shattered jade tokens.

It had only been one day since they split up, and they were already all dead?

Who did this?

Was it Ye Xuan?

Or some other terrifying existence?

If it was Ye Xuan, then how strong was this guy?

With the formation activated, they should have been able to hold their own even against a ninth-level unity realm expert!

Who did it?

A terrifying being who could kill those four had to be at least as strong as Elder Gongsun.


Thinking this, Elder Chen could not help but take a deep breath.

However, at this moment, another soul jade token shattered!

It was Elder Gongsun’s!

A ninth-level unity realm expert had fallen!


Elder Chen felt his head buzzing. It was as if a thunderclap had gone off in his head.

What was going on?

Did they all die at the hands of the same person, or?

Could it really be Ye Xuan’s doing?

Had they died together, or?

However, no matter what the cause was, this was an enormous loss for the Nether God sect.

“We’re finished this time!”

Elder Chen’s face turned extremely pale, and he hurried over to the bronze temple.

However, he did not choose to disturb the clan leader. When that disciple had arrived to report, the sect master would have definitely heard the news.

Even so, the sect master had not done anything, which meant that the sect master had reached a critical moment in his cultivation and would not allow anyone or anything to disturb him.

In other words, he had to wait two more days before the sect master would leave secluded cultivation.

Although the sect master’s breakthrough was a good thing, Elder Chen was still troubled. This loss had been too great.

Five inner sect elders, and the law enforcement elder, had fallen!

The Nether God sect had lost six top-notch experts!


Elder Chen took a deep breath and slowly calmed himself down. Then, he turned around and left resolutely.

He knew in his heart that things had changed.

He had to pass on the latest information to the Blood Moon Temple and Yunjin Temple.

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