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Chapter 229 - The Reincarnation Of An Ancient Almighty Expert?

Chapter 229: The Reincarnation Of An Ancient Almighty Expert?

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Elder Gongsun, a ninth-level unity realm expert, had fallen!

Even though Elder Chen could not be sure if it was Ye Xuan’s doing, it was definitely related to him.

Ye Xuan definitely had an extremely terrifying trump card.

If they wanted to kill Ye Xuan, they would probably need the help of the Blood Moon Temple and the Yunjin Temple. They would not be able to handle this themselves.

Nanzhou Region, middle area.

On top of a huge mountain range that stretched as far as the eye could see, there were huge trees.

The density of spiritual energy here was extremely rich. There were rare spirit herbs everywhere, and countless spirit birds flying in the sky.

At the center of this mountain range, there was a pavilion that was surrounded by a mysterious power.

This place was where the Divine Gate, the most powerful force in the Nanzhou Region, was.

There were two men playing chess in the pavilion.

One was dressed in a black-and-white robe. He was handsome and youthful. The aura around him seemed to exude the power of the natural laws.

This person was the master of the gate of God, Jun Lingtian.

The other person was a middle-aged man who carried a longsword on his back.

He was Zhao Yuzhen, the master of the Myriad Swords Hall.

“Not too long ago, the Moon Demon mystic realm appeared in the Nanzhou Region,” Jun Lingtian took a sip of tea and spoke indifferently.

“Due to spatial turbulence, the location of the Moon Demon mystic realm.”

“Unexpectedly, it has been opening in the Nanzhou Region for thousands of years. Don’t you find this strange?”

“The master of the gate of God didn’t call me here just to talk about the mystic realm, right?” Zhao Yuzhen looked at Jun Lingtian.

Although Jun Lingtian looked to be no older than 20 years old, he had actually been cultivating for over 500 years.

“I’m sure you’ve heard about what happened in the Radiant Sky Empire?”

Jun Lingtian put down the teacup, and then looked at Zhao Yu.

Hearing this, Zhao Yuzhen squinted his eyes, and then nodded.

“I wonder what Brother Zhao thinks of this person?”

Jun Lingtian looked questioningly at Zhao Yuzhen.

“An anomaly,” Zhao Yuzhen replied.

“I also think so,” Jun Lingtian nodded in agreement.

“He’s only 20 years old, yet he managed to kill a sixth-level unity realm expert from the Nether God sect. This indeed defies belief,” Zhao Yu said.

The news had reached them even before it reached the sect master of the Nether God sect.

In the Nanzhou Region, their two forces were supreme existences.

“The Blood Moon Temple and the Yunjin Temple have grudges with him too. They will definitely take action,” Jun Lingtian said.

At this moment, the corners of Jun Lingtian’s mouth suddenly curved into a smile.

“In Brother Zhao’s opinion, will there be any changes to this situation?”

Zhao Yuzhen was silent for a while, before he said, “It’s possible!”

“If that’s the case, then you and I can just wait quietly. The answer will reveal itself very soon!” Jun Lingtian smiled.

After that, the two of them started playing chess again.

Time passed by slowly, and night soon fell.

Suddenly, Jun Lingtian, who was playing chess, narrowed his eyes.

Zhao Yuzhen was the same!

Five more experts from the Nether God sect had fallen!

Furthermore, the law enforcement elder of the Nether God sect was one of them!

Jun Lingtian raised his eyes slightly and looked at Zhao Yuzhen.

“It seems that there will be a shocking battle in the Nanzhou Region!”

“The two old fogeys from the Blood Moon Temple and the Nether God sect will definitely make a move!”

“Do you think it was yY Xuan’s doing?” Zhao Yu looked at Jun Lingtian.

Jun Lingtian shrugged. He had no idea.

Did a 20-year-old cultivator really have the ability to kill a ninth-level unity realm expert? Did he rely on a trump card?

“In any case, if those three forces work together, Ye Xuan won’t be able to survive their onslaught,” Zhao Yuzhen said.

Zhao Yuzhen’s eyes fell on Jun Lingtian, and he continued after a moment of silence, ”

“If that old monster makes his move, only you can stop him!”

“Oh? Could it be that Brother Zhao wants me to stop him?”

Jun Lingtian gave Zhao Yuzhen a meaningful look.

“Wouldn’t you feel regretful if such a brilliant genius were to die?”

Zhao Yuzhen looked at Jun Lingtian, then put two fingers together, and a small transparent sword suddenly appeared.

It seemed unremarkable, but it contained a power that could destroy the world.

Then, Zhao Yuzhen continued, “He is a sword cultivator.”

“Brother Zhao, could it be that you’re thinking of taking him in as your disciple?” Jun Lingtian felt a little surprised.

“Cough cough!”Zhao Yuzhen heard this and coughed, and the transparent sword slowly disappeared.

“No, I’m not. I just feel that it would be a pity if such a monstrous genius were to die like this.”

“Brother Zhao, not only does Ye Xuan’s existence not conform to common sense, but he’s also a unique anomaly even on the entire Tianyuan continent!”

Jun Lingtian looked at Zhao Yuzhen before continuing slowly.

“I once read in an ancient book that if an ancient almighty expert reincarnated and awakened the special constitution from their previous life, their talent would supersede every other genius cultivator!”

“The book also called it an anomaly!”

His words stunned Zhao Yuzhen.

“Don’t tell me you think Ye Xuan is the reincarnation of an ancient almighty expert?”

“Why can’t he be?” Jun Lingtian said.

“Although, there are extremely strict requirements to reincarnate, anyone who succeeds will retain their past life’s cultivation experience.”

“They will easily surpass ordinary cultivators. Furthermore, their cultivation foundations will be extremely stable!”

“The only thing is that to reincarnate, one would have to comprehend the supreme intent of reincarnation!”

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