Demon Queen Rebirth: I Reincarnated as a Living Armor?!

Chapter 573 - Hello Mother


Aleksandra glanced at the scene in front of her, a large medieval town erected over a large wasteland made off mostly black and gray rock, the sky was cloudy, and the environment was dry and cold. There was a swamp to the east and a large forest of dried black trees covered in white mist to the west.

The immense town was filled with all sorts of Demons and Beast-kin, there was even intelligent monster such as High Goblins, High Orcs, and so on, who were usually accepted as temporal visitors of towns in the demon continent.

She still remembered when she was chased because of her heritage, as someone that had been discovered to not be the pure-blooded royal family, she was going to get killed by one of her siblings so there wouldn't be any competitor to the throne of the Demon Empire that was to be a half-blood such as her. Even though she was an excellent magician and also an extremely rare, almost unique summoner. She could summon otherworldly monsters to aid her in battle.

"Remind me why are we back in the place where my older brother almost killed me?" sighed Aleksandra, as she spoke to a being that wasn't at her side, yet it was with her.

The entity was a being only she could see without it revealing its grotesque appearance to the outside, it resembled a "grown-up" version of Ervas Cthulhu, but it was a titanic creature, humanoid in appearance, and having enormous bat-like wings, a gigantic octopus head and gleaming crimson eyes glaring over Aleksandra, this was her protector and her first summon, who had been growing ever since she summoned him over 30 years ago.

"Because you've been wandering around the entire continent for three years now, as you are now, there shouldn't be any problem in hiding your identity, and you can safely live in the outskirts of the Empire… You should settle down for once," sighed the entity.. He sounded more like her father…

"So you're telling me to sit down like an old woman and wait for death to come to take me? I still gotta grow even stronger if I am going to go back to the continent of the humans and bring my child and my husband with me… I have only changed Jobs 9 times, that's not even enough to fight against the bastards of the church…" sighed Aleksandra.

"You're already comparable to an S-Rank Adventurer in that continent, what more power do you want? Settle down for some time, reassess your mind, and then plan something out, so we can go back there," said the entity.

"Sigh… I am concerned about my kid, you know?! He must be around… Three? Or almost four years of age… There's not a single day I don't think about him, sitting here like a duck and doing nothing is not my style either. I am back here for resources, I need more potions, food, and to upgrade my equipment… After that, we are diving into the high-level dungeons again," said Aleksandra.

"…Fine. I was just concerned about your mental state, it is not good to stress yourself to this point," sighed the entity.

"Agh, what do you know? You're a giant alien… Do you ever get tired?" sighed Aleksandra.

"It is very offensive to call me a "giant alien" you know? And yes, I do get tired. I am not a machine," sighed the entity.

"Why do you take everything seriously? It was a joke! To lighten the mood, as they say," said Aleksandra.

"You know that no one else can see me, right? Stop talking out loud, you're already in the middle of the streets…" sighed the entity.

"(Oh right, my bad…)" said Aleksandra, as she used Telepathy to speak with her summon.

The beautiful demoness walked into the streets while wearing a hoodie and a mask, and got inside a shop.

A young Banshee girl greeted her.

"WELCOME!" she cried.

"Ouch! Girl, don't talk so loud…" cried Aleksandra, the sound waves of a Banshee screaming like that would hurt anyone's eardrums.

"A-Ah…! S-Sorry… I-It is hard to modulate my voice… Do you want anything? We got potions, food, and more…" said the girl.

Aleksandra took away a pile of corpses from monsters she came to sell, surprising the girl.


"Uagh! Girl, what did I told you?" sighed Aleksandra.

"A-Ah… s-sorry… I-I will call mommy… MOOOOOOOOMM!!!"


The sound wave of the girl's scream resonated through the entire building.

"Miriam, I told you to not scream…" sighed her mother, as she walked downstairs.

"Ah… You're the mother?" asked Aleksandra.

"Yes… the little canary is my angel… She screams all day long… Anyways, do you want to sell me these? Eh? That's… are these… Rank 11 monsters corpses?! Are you an S-Rank Explorer?!" asked the Banshee woman.

"I would prefer to not talk about me," said Aleksandra.

"…Alright. This is a lot of stuff… I don't think I can buy everything… It will take longer to calculate the price too…" sighed the Banshee woman.

"You can keep it all, just give me 1000 Gold Coins, and let me take whatever I want from here," said Aleksandra.

"Eh? Really? But this clearly cost thousands of-"

"It's fine, just accept my offer," said Aleksandra, who had realized the single mother was having hardships selling stuff in these times of poverty, their little shop seemed that it was falling apart as well.

"T-Thank you… You don't know how… Please, take anything you need, here, there are 5000 Gold Coins, everything I got… All these monsters will probably cost like 10 times that anyways…" said the woman.

Aleksandra quickly browsed through the shop and grabbed everything she wanted, alongside the coins, and walked away.

"Take care… And your kid is a lovely girl… Teach her to better modulate her voice though," said Aleksandra, leaving the shop.

"Thanks for your business!"

As Aleksandra walked out of the shop, she quickly moved back to the outside of the town, walking directly into the wilderness.

"You talk as if you were selfish, but you did something pretty nice there…" said the entity.

"I did that just because I was in a hurry…" sighed Aleksandra, as a trio composed of a wine-haired vampire-like woman, a boy with golden horns and wolf ears and tail, and a beautiful blue-winged fairy suddenly came across her…

"Hm? That's your mother, Ervas," said Veronica, pointing at the masked woman.

"Oh… Mother, nice to meet you at long last," said the boy, extending his hand to greet his mother.

Aleksandra was left speechless, and so was her summon.

Out of nowhere…

What was this?!

"Eh? W-What? Can you repeat what you said?" asked Aleksandra.

"I'm Ervas Igni… I think I am your son," said Ervas rather shyly.

"Ervas… Igni…?!" cried Aleksandra.

"Sigh… I told you two that we should have done this less direct," sighed the fairy.

"It doesn't really matter," shrugged Veronica.

"Mother?" asked Ervas, feeling as if there was something wrong with his mother…

"(Eh?! What is this?! He's really my son?! He grew so big! But he's… his little face… Ahh… He's really Ervas! But how did he grew so fast?! And why is he here just now?! How did he get here? And who are these two women with him?! What… AAAGH…!)"


Suddenly, Aleksandra fell unconscious…

"I told you…" sighed Aurora.


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