Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 26

The Jong family head Jong Ri Chun slammed the table in fury.


The table broke into pieces.

“How sloppy are you at dealing with things!”

The middle-aged man seated in front of him was sweating profusely.

“How am I supposed to trust you with anything!”

A violet rage and tension could be felt being emitted from Jong Ri Chun’s body.

Joong and Won bowed their heads.

It was best to keep silent right now.

“Are you still not done finding out what happened?”

“Only partially.”

“Report that first”

“Firstly the Warriors of Se household were injured, and according to what they said they were beaten up by Gyeongwan and Yoo one-sidedly.”

“One-sided? Do you think that makes sense?”

“Apparently the two are much more professional than known.”

“Professional to the extent that just the two of them defeated eleven?”

“Yes. These were direct testaments of those who were there.”

“Were there any other possible strategies? Like the usage of poison at the Yeon residence?”

“I’ve already checked, and so far nothing is suspicious.”

“There must be something. Keep investigating. It’s unsatisfactory that the youngest was defeated.”

“Yes. I found that odd as well and am investigating.”

To the two of them, it did not make sense that Woong was defeated by Taesan.

But Woong would not give an answer no matter how much they asked so they had to look into his surroundings.

The problem was that the two had met in private.

It was impossible to know what they had discussed privately.

“How is the youngest?”

Jong asked Won who answered awkwardly.

“He is low spirited. Doesn’t talk much and barely goes outside”

“Have you tried giving him what he likes?”

Woong loved women. Jong was not largely concerned with his son’s love for women.

He did not care for misdeeds as long as he did his job.

Woong was a seeker of carnal pleasures and often did bad stuff, but he had never been negligent in his training or studies.

We took him to the brothel…but he just drank a lot and returned.”

Jong looked ridiculed.

“He went to the brothel to drink? And came back without a woman?”

Half of Woong’s issues were his harsh treatment towards the women in the brothel.

Although these matters were never disclosed as Jong’s power suppressed it.

Jong at one stage had to step in to stop rumors from spreading.

“Did he say anything when he was drunk?”

Won shook his head.

“Rather he became more silent. Then…”

“Was there a problem?”

“It seems there is a problem in his fighting skills.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“I assisted with his training since I was there…His basics flow of energy seemed off.”

Jong’s face turned ice cold.

“Is there a problem with his body?”

“It seems…to be a psychological issue. It’s not something you can see unless you completely lost your basics.”

“Ha! Not only did he soil himself he is not able to overcome this and has become a loser?”

Jong ground his teeth and glared at Won.

“Someone interfered. Find him. No matter what.”

“Yes. I will.”

Won answered definitively. But inside he knew he wouldn’t be able to solve this problem.

How do you find the culprit with so little evidence?

‘I have no choice. I will spy the Yeon residence for clues.”

He was going to assume that the Yeons were fully involved and investigate from that lead.

‘Well that is that…how is the golden wall situation coming along?”

“Geumryoem is performing better than expected.”

“And you are sure there is no one behind”

“Yes, I checked multiple times.”

“Good. Cooperate and let’s use this as a chance to relax and take it easy. After all, we can’t live in suffocation forever. Don’t you agree?”

“It will go well. Do not worry.”

Jong let out a sigh and shook his head.

“Phew. That crazy Chenoma what a wrack because of him….”

Won smiled bitterly.

”But recently I heard from the Ma district that something must have happened to Cheonma. I guess this must be his karma”

Jong shook his head firmly.

“I say this from experience. Cheonma is not so simple. He is beyond logic. It’s best to avoid him. Sigh. What a wreck because of my father.”

In the past, Jong had watched Cheonma from a distance when he attacked Jong’s residence.

At that time, the head of the household was his father, and also his father’s idea to ambush Cheonma.

Jong still resented his father for that decision.

And it was still vividly ingrained in his memory of what Cheonma did.

It was an unimaginable terror.

“Anyways, keep a lookout. We must make this a success. Only then we can reclaim our power.”

Only then will they regain the peace of the past and show those who had looked down on the Jong family in the past.

Jong’s eyes glowed with murderous rage.


“My prince, the new folks form the Jong family are here.”

Taesan nodded to Gyeongwan’s report.

“It’s common for children’s fight to evolve into adult’s fight, did they say they want revenge?”

Of course, the ones who got beaten were the Jong warriors.

Woong was still unaware of the situation.

‘I am not sure. But there were professionals involved.”


“Yes. There were two professionals we did not dare to fight.”

“Wow, you know how to distinguish professionals.”

“It was not hard to identify as they made it known.”

Taesan smiled at that.

In the past, amongst Cheonma’s followers, there were often guys like them. Those who visibly displayed their strength so that people will voluntarily submit.

Of course, such folk were beaten half to death when found by Cheonma.

Skills should only be displayed in battle and not all the time or you were bound to be stabbed in the back.

These sorts were ambushed from behind and beaten up until they understood what they had done wrong.

“That’s good. Now wrap up and let’s go. I have something I want to try.”

Taesan recalled the method he used to control Woong.

He had pulled out half of his soul and burned it slowly and could only absorb part s of it.

Woong’s soul was not entirely pure, but it was much better than the one he had burned before.

Anyways it was impossible to use, not that it was mixed. He had to purify it or store it to use later on.

That’s why he intended to do more research when he returned.

There were things he needed to know better from the soul mastery.

Only then he would be able to treat heart rates more efficiently.

“Anyways, where is the doctor?”

Gyeongwan hesitated before answering.

“He said he was off to start a rumor”

Taesan smiled.

The doctor was a man of medicine, but prior to this, he had a hidden identity where he leads a small organization to collect information.

So for him, it was easy to collect or distribute a rumor or gain information.

In this case, he seemed more eager to make the rumor.

How juicy was the news that the Prince of the Jong tribe had soiled his pants while eating?

“We’re going back today.”

Gyeonwagn looked at Taesan surprised.

“You mean today? But then the people from the Jong tribe.”

“What about them? They are here to visit the Yeong residence, not me.”

“That is true but…”

Even though he outwardly agreed, he was sure they’d come to see Taesan and Gyeongwan.

So was it okay to ignore this fact and return?

“They inconvenienced me so I should return the favor”


“Haha, there’s something like that. Anyways where is Yoo? Are you bringing her with you?”

“She’s not someone I can just take along with me because I wish it. Her decisions are important. I too respect her decision.”

Taesan laughed.

“I think she’ll come if I asked though.”

Gyeongwan pressed his lips and did not reply.

Taesan waved his hand.

“Go get ready and let me know once it’s decided whether we’re bringing Yoo or not.”

Gyeongwan sighed in relief and bowed.


“Oh, and refrain from talking to the two we came with.”


He was referring to Gyeong and Gal.

“It’s only us going back. I’ve already gotten the money so it doesn’t matter.”

Gyeongwan looked uncomfortable but nodded.

“Duly noted.”

Even so, it seemed like basic manners to talk to them, but for Taesan to be insistent there must be a reason.

Afterall the two were suspicious, to begin with.

Ever since the two had wiped the Jong warriors out they had acted differently.

If the two were associated with the Jong’s in any way, our movements will be reported and known.

Just as Gyeongwan was about to leave, Taesan being reminded of something spoke.

“Oh and keep it a secret from the doctor as well.”


Gyeongwan looked dumbfounded.

Taesan repeated what he said.

“I said it’s a secret.”


“It’s going to be just you and me.”

“Then what about Yoo?”

“We’ll move separately. Tell her to keep her lips sealed. She just needs to buy time before returning to the golden wall city with the doctor.”

Gyeongwan asked again.

“Is it really just the two of us? Are you not going to greet the head of the family before you go?”

“Greet him? I already did.”


“And he agreed to keep it a secret.”

Gyeongwan looked blankly at Taesan.

He wanted to ask him what he was planning. But he swallowed the question.

After all, he would find out soon enough.

But it felt like they wouldn’t be returning to the golden wall city so soon.


“My prince, where are you going? If we go this way it’s further from the golden wall city.”

Gyeongwan could no longer keep his question and asked.

He wanted to follow unquestioningly but it was impossible to ask when they were going the wrong way.

“Think. Where do you think we are going.”

“Are you going to the Jong residence?”

Taesan smiled.

“I guess you aren’t so dumb after all.”

“Are we really going to the jong tribe with no preparation it is dangerous.”

“I have you.”


Gyeongan was unable to hide his disbelief.

He believed in him as they headed to the Jong residence? Even if he knew of their weakness, what could he do alone?

And it was different from using their weakness on simple warriors, there were other professionals and this may not work.

Although they might flinch a few times.

“My prince, this is a bad idea. We are outnumbered.”

“I never said we’re going there to fight did I? Just come along.”

Taesan started walking ahead briskly.

Gyeongwan followed anxiously and worriedly.

“I will trust you when you say you won’t fight.”

“To be more accurate I am not fighting and we are not going to the Jong residence but near there.”

Gyeongwan grew more anxious.

Before he knew it the two had reached Dong wing where the Jong residence was.

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