Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 25

The eleven warriors of the Jong family glared at Gyeongwan and Yoo.

The situation no longer seemed like one that they could avoid.

Just then, one of the Jong warriors came forward.

“Why don’t we change the location.”

“And why should I?”

He smirked.

“We can’t just ignore what we’ve heard and stay as we are. If what the prince said is true, you should be beating us to a pulp, no?” said the Jong warrior civilly, although his body language clearly spoke otherwise as it exuded tension.

“So we should change locations for a simple sparring.”

“If we’re going to engage in such, let’s have it here. After all, we don’t know when the prince will be back.”

The Jong family’s warrior smirked.

“He will probably take a while.”

Gyeongwan looked at him questioningly and asked.

“I heard that the only person I should be cautious of in the Golden wall clan was you, but it seems like that’s not the case.”

The warrior looked at Gyeongwan meaningfully as he replied.

“Don’t you think it’s careless of him to leave his guard all alone. This is unthinkable in our Jong family.”

Gyeongwan replied immediately.

“Really? But isn’t that what just happened here. The Confucius left earlier on and you, his guard is here alone, no?”

The Jong family warrior looked at him dumbfoundedly.

“If that was a joke, I suggest you don’t try that elsewhere. It’ll only further disgrace the Golden Wall clan’s bad reputation.”

Gyeongwan looked at the warrior motionlessly.

Something from what the warrior just said had caught his nerve.

“Further disgrace?”

The Golden Wall Clan’s reputation was not exactly the best. But it had no reason to be referred to as bad.

The recent doings of the Prince may have caused some speculation and rumors about the clan. But it wasn’t sufficient to have a lasting effect on the clan’s reputation.

Rather, it had a positive effect. Afterall not anyone could be called the king of ambition.

“Well, if going to a quieter place scares you, I have no objections with staying where we are. But don’t you find it too narrow here? After all, we might end up causing a disturbance to our surroundings.”

As the Jong warrior suggested the change, he glanced at the room of the Yeon residence where the doctor was seated nearby.

Gyeongwan and Yoo caught his glance and frowned.

“Let’s go.”

Gyeongwan agreed and turned to Gyeong and Gal.

“Both of you should stay here with the doctor and once the prince returns, update him.”

The two seemed stunned at his suggestion.

“You mean it’s only going to be the two of you?”

“You don’t even know where you’re going and yet you’ll follow blindly?”

Gyeongwan nodded nonchalantly and changed his focus to the remaining Jong family warriors.

“It seems like no matter where we go, it won’t be far off from the Yeon residence. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, there is a place nearby. Well…there’s no issue even if all of you were to come.” replied the Jong warrior.

To his reply, Gyeong and Gal insisted on tagging along.

However, Gyeongwan was adamant.

“No, both of you please listen to me. The person you need to protect is not either of us. It is the prince.”

To these words, neither of them could hold out.

“Fine, but please be careful.”

Gyeongwan nodded meaningfully and looked to Yoo.

“Let’s go.”

Yoo smiled brightly and followed gyeongwan and the warriors.

Gyeong and Gal watched in silence as their figures walked away.


Taesan and Woong who had left together had returned.

Gyeong and Gal tilted their heads at the sight of them together.

It was hard to believe that anything had happened when the two of them were so calm.

“It can’t be….”

Taesan ignored the two and walked towards the doctor.

“Where is everyone.”

“They went for a sparring match.” replied the doctor gleefully before turning his gaze toward Woong.

“Aren’t you too okay to be true.”

“What, were you expecting something?”

He suppressed his urge to reply “Obviously” with immense strength.

The repercussions of such a reply seemed detrimental for now.

“So what are you going to do?” asked the doctor.

“We agreed to have dinner together later. It..should be fun.”

Gyeong and Gal looked questioningly at Taesan and Woong.

Woong was too calm, unlike before.

Whereas Taesan was the same as before.

“No way…can’t be. You know what kind of person Woong is.”

Gyeong had a senseless thought and smirked as he shook his head.

Nothing must have happened as they seemed too clean and fine.

Had something happened, there should at least be a sign of a scratch or two.

On the other hand, it also didn’t make sense that Woong came back without doing anything.

He was the worst form of humankind. Logic and reasoning were absent in his dictionary for sure.

“How long has it been since they left? Is it about time for them to be back yet?”

Taesan asked to which the doctor replied.

“It hasn’t even been an hour.”

“It’s already nearly an hour and they’re still not back?”

“Come on, there were eleven of them. Do you seriously expect them to be back so soon?”

Taesan shook his head.

“No, there’s only eleven of them. They should be done and back already.:

Gyeong and Gal stared at them shocked.

What on earth were they saying?

“Once we go back, train them up double.”

The doctor rejoiced and replied.

“I will diligently accept your command, my prince. Hahahaha!”

Had Gyeongwan or Yoo heard this conversation they would have had a spasm.

Of course from Gyeong and Gal’s point of view, the whole conversation seemed absurd.


“Phew. Honestly, I was uncertain…but it seems it was true.”

Said Yoo with eyes full of excitement as he looked at Gyeongwan standing next to him.

Unlike Yoo, Gyeongwan seemed composed.

“I believed in the prince.”

This was his genuine belief. And the only reason why he followed the Jong warriors to this place.

Last night Taesan had called Gyeongwan and Yoo and taught them how to deal with the Jong family.

As though he had already observed and analyzed their weaknesses.

He was surprised when he heard this.

It was hard to believe it was true.

That’s how Yoo felt at least.

As for Gyeongwan, he unwaveringly believed Taesan.

Even so, there was a hint of anxiety that still resided in him.

The anxiety disappeared once they met the Jong family warriors.

Their stance, vigor, and every movement reminded him of what Taesan had taught them earlier on.

He was certain. Taesan was a genius.

And just as he had believed, the result was in front of his eyes.

Eleven Jong family warriors lay sprawled on the floor moaning in pain.

They weren’t dead, but they would not be able to move for a while.

In his mind, he wished he could smash them into pieces, but he restrained himself.

Doing so would only give the Jong family an excuse.

“So…what do we do now. There’s no one who would believe us. We should have brought Senior Gyeong and Gal.”

If they did, they would have been their witness.

Yoo looked at Gyeongwan remorsefully. Afterall Gyeongwan was the one who had stopped them from coming along.

Gyeongwan’s reply took Yoo by surprise.

“It was the Prince’s instruction.”


Yoo stared blankly at Gyeongwan.

“Why would he…”

“He told me not to trust those two.”

Yoo’s face turned cold. Taesan would not have said so without reason.

Gyeongwan looked at Yoo as he continued.

“And after all, this kind of happening is nothing.”

Yoo looked at the warriors on the floor as she listened to Gyeongwan.

“You’re right. No one would believe it. After all, they did say they were trained soldiers.”

Who would believe that the two of them had defeated eleven of the Jong family warriors.

Even they themselves would be in denial.

“Let’s go back, the prince must be waiting.”

Yoo looked worried.

“The prince…do you think he will be okay?.”

“He said he won’t kill him so should be fine.”

Although that was not what she was asking about, it seemed foolish to worry for the prince so she let it go.


Nightfall approached and everyone gathered in the dining area of the Yeon residence.

Gyeongwan and Yoo were seated side by side next to the other warriors but were busy sensing out Taesan.

The reason for their behavior was due to Taesan’s words when they returned.

“You lack training.”

They were shocked at his comment. The two looked to the doctor reflexively, whose wide smile was ingrained in their mind.

The two surrendered to their fate and found it difficult to focus on the food.

Opposite the two were the Jon family warriors, they sat and ate in silence.

It was not a pleasant atmosphere.

But the worst atmosphere was where the head of the Yeon residence and Harin was seated.

There sat Taesan, Woong, and the doctor, who were considered honored guests.

Harin never took her eyes off taesan.

Despite the continuous attention, woong seemed unfaded and fully engaged in his meal.

To be honest, Woong who had been staying at the Yeon residence the past few days had been rather unsightly so his current appearance came as a surprise.

Perhaps that was why the people seated near these main guests couldn’t seem to keep their eyes away from them.

“I heard the two of you met separately today……”

Harin was shocked by these words from the head of the Yeon family.

“Is this true? Are you alright?”

Harin asked Taesan with wide eyes.

Taesan looked at her in disbelief and asked whilst pointing towards himself.

“Are you seriously asking me?”

Harin nodded with worried eyes.

“Then who else would I be asking?”

Taesan smirked and looked towards Woong before saying.

“We had a pretty serious chat. Shall I say that we put all our energy into this chat.”

“What? What kind of conversation was that….”

Harin’s face flushed slightly. As she expectantly wondered what Taesan might have said to Woong.

She could somehow guess. With these happy thoughts, she looked at Taesan.

Taesan engaged Woong.

“We discussed what we’re going to do from now on. Didn’t we?”

Woong flinched at Taesan’s question and answered softly.

“Yes, we did.”

“When you talk to someone, isn’t it considered bad manners to not meet their eye?”

Woong flinched again before turning his gaze towards Taesan.

The moment their eyes met, Woong’s face turned pale. And he was revisited by the feeling of his spirit being ripped off.

Then all of a sudden they were surrounded by a horrible stench.

Woong had wet himself.

What a sight it was for everyone to see.

“What…What is this….!”

Harin was appalled and left in a hurry.

She was already in close proximity to Woong, which made the stench even more unbearable.

Everyone looked at Woong appalled.

Everyone but Taesan.

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