Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Peter, Die!

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As expected, all A-Grade mutant creatures had the ability to lock their genes.

However, Peter had the solution to this.

He simply had to fight the A-Grade mutated creatures and cause them to lose their ability to resist.

Then, the genetic lock function would naturally be removed.

This time, it was different from the previous time when he fought against the A-Grade queen insect.

After all, the A-Grade mutated gecko was not as intelligent as the A-Grade queen insect.

With a few punches from Peter, the A-Grade mutated gecko lost its ability to resist.

Furthermore, Peter had avoided its vital parts.

Otherwise, it would not be fun if the mutated gecko died after a few punches.

Meanwhile, Professor Eugene, who was hiding nearby, shouted anxiously.

“Don’t kill it, Peter. I have other uses for it.”

Peter stopped waving his fists. Then, the system prompt sounded in his head again.

[A-Grade mutated gecko genes detected. Extracting…]

[Extraction successful. Congratulations to the host for obtaining a hundredfold increase in regeneration ability.]

A hundredfold increase in regeneration ability!

Peter immediately opened the system interface to check.


[Power]: 12,090kg

[Speed]: 47.2m/s

[Physical Strength]: 1350

[Rage]: 50 times (Instantly increases physical fitness by 50 times for a duration of eight minutes. There is a cooldown of 24 hours before it can be used again.)

[Regeneration]: 100 times (Tissue regeneration time is shortened to ten seconds.)

His regeneration time had been reduced to ten seconds.

This was amazing.

This meant that his body could regenerate within 10 seconds after receiving damage.

Thus, Peter was almost invincible as long as he was not continuously hurt.

This was unless he was attacked by a large group of beasts, in which he could not regenerate within ten seconds.

That could only be attributed to Peter’s bad luck. However, the chances of this happening was very small.

After extracting its genes, Peter directly grabbed the tail of the A-Grade mutated gecko with his hand.

Then, he threw it in front of Professor Eugene.

Although he didn’t know what Professor Eugene was going to use it for, Peter didn’t bother to ask.

After all, they would enter the range of the A-Grade queen insect after walking for a while.

Professor Eugene could only be controlled by the A-Grade queen insect if he entered its control range.

At this moment, Professor Eugene was kneeling beside the A-Grade mutated gecko.

Then, he looked up and observed Peter.

He realized Peter wasn’t paying attention.

Thus, Professor Eugene secretly took out a red gene potion from his bag.

The label that had originally said “Peter’s Genes” had been torn off.

Before Peter found out, Professor Eugene injected the potion containing Peter’s genes into the A-Grade mutated gecko.

A moment later, the dying A-Grade mutated gecko…

… suddenly opened its eyes.

With a ferocious expression on its face, its eyes locked on Peter, who was not far away.

Peter also noticed that something was happening on Professor Eugene’s side.

Then, he found out that the A-Grade mutated gecko that had been crippled by him instantly recovered.

“It was you!”

Peter looked at Professor Eugene in surprise.

Who else could it be? How could mutated creatures recover by themselves so quickly?

Moreover, Peter found that after the A-Grade mutated gecko recovered, its aura was completely different from before.

Professor Eugene stood up and looked at Peter.

“Peter, don’t blame me for being ruthless. After you extracted the special potion, the increase in your strength was too shocking.”

“I’m worried that I can’t control you…”

Peter looked impassively at Professor Eugene.

In an instant, he understood why the Genetic Warriors had never been favored by the Federation.

He remembered the wax statues of the Genetic Warriors he had seen when Professor Eugene had brought him into the basement.

It wasn’t that the Federation that had forgotten them. Instead, it was Professor Eugene who had ended their lives after discovering that he couldn’t control them.

Professor Eugene’s secret was definitely not as simple as it seemed on the surface.

There was only one way to find out his secret.

It was to allow the queen insect to control Professor Eugene.

At that moment, the A-Grade mutated gecko moved.

It pushed its speed to the limit. Then, in the blink of an eye…

The A-Grade mutated gecko had rushed to Peter.

Its unusually sharp claw stabbed at Peter’s throat, where his defense was the weakest.

Peter had yet to activate his rage and barely dodged the fatal blow.

However, its sharp claws still cut Peter’s skin.

Peter reacted quickly and reached for the gecko’s sharp claws.

“Damn it! What did you inject him with?”

“This A-Grade mutated gecko already has your genes. You didn’t expect this, did you?”

He was fighting with an eye for an eye!

What a vicious move.

However, Peter had a new thought when he heard Professor Eugene’s words.

It turned out that his genes could also be extracted by others.

At this moment, the A-Grade mutated gecko erupted with immense power again.

It was too fast. Thus, Peter could only defend himself passively.

Peter was furious!

He had never been bullied by a mutated creature before.

Fifty times more rage!

Peter simply activated 50 times more rage.

In an instant, Peter felt a violent power within him.

“Get lost!”

Peter punched the head of the A-Grade mutated gecko.

Not far away, Professor Eugene turned and ran in fear.

Not too far away was the control range of the queen insect.

Peter didn’t bother to chase after him. Instead, he simply used his brainwave to inform the queen insect.

He told the queen insect to prepare to control Professor Eugene.

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