Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Looking For An A-Grade Mutated Gecko

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The next morning…

Peter got out of bed and packed his gear briefly.

This time, his objective was not to look for the A-Grade mutated gecko.

Controlling Professor Eugene was the most important thing.

After having breakfast in the canteen, Peter arrived at the parking lot.

At that moment, Professor Eugene had already arrived.

The two of them did not talk much and simply boarded the aircraft.

An hour and a half later, the aircraft landed at the entrance of the canyon.

Professor Eugene didn’t want to make a scene, so he didn’t apply for assistance from the Mecha Warriors.

Furthermore, with the strength that Peter had shown before, there was no need to arrange for the assistance of the Mecha Warriors.

The two of them got off the aircraft and entered the canyon.

There was still dried blood on the ground of the canyon.

These were the traces left by Peter when he killed the mutated vultures.

Professor Eugene knew about this from the brief report produced by the Federation.

However, when he came to the canyon himself, he saw limbs of mutant creatures everywhere.

He was still shocked.

Then, Professor Eugene looked at Peter with rare apprehension.

He had never expected that Peter would grow so quickly in less than a month.

The two of them walked deeper into the canyon. The life detector Professor Eugene had been carrying was constantly active.

Every time they made a turn, Professor Eugene had to make a mark.

As time passed, it was already noon.

However, they didn’t even find an ordinary mutated gecko.

This was very unusual.

Professor Eugene felt that this was very strange. It was impossible for the Federation’s mecha army to clean up this area so cleanly.

He didn’t even see a single mutated creature.

However, he did not know that the mutated creatures in this area were all controlled by the A-Grade queen insect.

Since the A-Grade queen insect had been controlled by Peter, the mutated creatures in this area sensed Peter’s presence in the distance.

Thus, they simply ran away.

“Peter, don’t you realize that there’s something strange going on here?”

Peter tore open an energy bar and threw it into his mouth to swallow.

“Professor Eugene, I killed most of the mutated vultures I encountered last time.”

Peter’s meaning was very obvious.

He had killed all the mutated creatures. Thus, Professor Eugene definitely could not see any mutated creatures.

“No! The silence here is terrifying. Don’t forget that I was once a Genetic Warrior too.”

At this moment, Professor Eugene’s life detector discovered a mutated creature.

Peter leaned forward curiously.

Before coming here again, Peter had communicated with the A-Grade queen insect.

All the mutated creatures in this area had been summoned underground by the A-Grade queen insect.

Thus, the mutated creatures found by the life detector were not controlled by the A-Grade queen insect.

What grade of mutated creature could it be?

“Peter, let’s go over and take a look. Wouldn’t it be great if it’s an A-Grade mutated gecko?”

Peter couldn’t argue with that. He had to check it out with Professor Eugene.

He also wanted to use forceful methods to tie Professor Eugene to the A-Grade queen insect.

However, Peter found that Professor Eugene was too cunning.

When they were setting off, Peter saw Professor Eugene carrying a miniature recorder.

There was nothing impressive about it.

It only had one function.

It recorded the wearer’s trajectory and sent the information to the terminal in real time.

If Peter forcibly abducted Professor Eugene, Even if Peter used the A-Grade queen insect to control Professor Eugene, Peter would not be able to explain it to the Federation.

Anyway, Peter had plenty of time now, so he wasn’t worried.

Besides, Peter realized that the place where the mutated creature was found was not far from the A-Grade queen insect.

At that moment, Peter received a brainwave from the A-Grade queen insect.

It probably meant that the queen insect discovered an A-Grade mutated creature that had intruded into its territory.

Could it really be an A-Grade mutated gecko?

This was too much of a coincidence.

Forget it. He would know once he went over.

With Peter’s current strength, only a large-scale beast tide could threaten him.

As for individual mutant creatures, Peter was not afraid of them.

Meanwhile, Professor Eugene held the life detector in his hand. The symbol of the mutated creature on the detector became clearer and clearer.

“We’ll see the mutant creature in a few minutes.”

“Don’t worry, Professor Eugene. I’m here.”

Peter and Professor Eugene walked all morning to the area where Peter had previously discovered the A-Grade queen insect.

Previously, Peter had increased his speed because he had activated his rage.

That was why he was able to arrive here from the entrance of the canyon in such a short period of time.

However, with Professor Eugene by his side this time, he couldn’t activate his rage.

After turning a corner, Peter was the first to discover the creature ahead.

A gecko that was several meters long turned its head.

Peter instantly saw that the gecko had three long horns on its head.

[A-Grade mutant gecko genes detected. Extracting…]

[Extraction failed. The A-Grade mutated gecko has the ability to lock its genes.]

“Damn it!”

Peter simply charged forth.

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