Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Professor Eugene Has Taken the Bait

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Peter discovered that the person who had issued the mission two years ago was actually Professor Eugene.

Why was Professor Eugene looking for an A-Grade mutated gecko?

No one had accepted this mission. As a result, it had remained in the Mission Hall all along.

Alternatively, someone had accepted the mission, but failed to find an A-Grade mutated gecko.

It seemed that this A-Grade mutated gecko was very hard to find.

After casually accepting the mission, Peter was in no rush to see Professor Eugene.

That was because he knew that after accepting the mission, the person who issued the mission would receive a notification.

As expected!

Peter received a notification from Professor Eugene after leaving the Mission Hall.

Professor Eugene told him to wait at the Mission Hall as Professor Eugene would immediately come to find him.

Peter had no choice but to go back to the Mission Hall and wait for Professor Eugene to find him.

Over ten minutes later, Professor Eugene arrived at the Mission Hall, panting.

Peter saw Professor Eugene’s anxious expression and was puzzled.

Peter had simply accepted the mission that Professor Eugene had issued. Why was Professor Eugene in such a hurry?

Could it be that Professor Eugene had discovered his plan?

After accepting the mission, Peter planned to trick Professor Eugene into looking for the A-Grade mutated gecko together.

Then, he would bring Professor Eugene near the A-Grade queen insect.

He would let the A-Grade mutant queen insect control Professor Eugene.

Only by controlling Professor Eugene could Peter enter the place where the Thunder God was stored at will.

He still had many questions about the Thunder God.

However, it was impossible to unlock the Thunder God’s secrets without coming into contact with the Thunder God.

Furthermore, Peter felt that Professor Eugene was hiding a shocking secret.

How could a human obtain the body of the Thunder God?

This was simply impossible.

It was possible that Professor Eugene felt that the time was not yet right and wanted to tell Peter about this later.

However, Peter couldn’t wait.

He had already started to extract the Thunder God’s genes. However, he did not know the origins of the Thunder God.

Thus, he felt uneasy throughout.

At this time, Professor Eugene calmed down and asked Peter.

“Peter, how did you discover my mission?”

It was easy for Peter to answer Professor Eugene’s doubts.

“Professor Eugene, I wanted to switch to a single room, but as you know, a single room requires a little too many points.”

“So you went to the Mission Hall to accept missions in order to earn points?”

Peter nodded quickly.

“Professor Eugene, when I participated in the combat test, I saw a mutated creature that was similar to a gecko.”

“Oh? How many horns did it have on its head?”

Peter knew that Professor Eugene was trying to tell what grade the mutant creature was based on the number of horns on its head.

“I didn’t notice it at the time, but the gecko seemed to be afraid of vultures.”

Professor Eugene didn’t doubt Peter. He knew that Peter had encountered a group of mutated vultures in the canyon.

Moreover, vultures were indeed among the natural enemies of geckos.

Professor Eugene did not doubt Peter and looked at Peter.

“When do you plan on doing the mission?”

Peter felt that the time was right and did not appear anxious.

Since the fish had already taken the bait, there was no hurry to reel it in.

Furthermore, Professor Eugene was cooped up in his laboratory every day. He couldn’t run away.

“Peter, I’m going with you on this mission.”

“We’ll leave in the morning.”

He was waiting for the old fellow to say it himself.

Peter pretended to be surprised, which thoroughly dispelled Professor Eugene’s suspicions.

However, Peter did not know that…

Professor Eugene did not return to the laboratory after leaving.

Instead, he went to the place where the Thunder God was kept.

After confirming that no one was following him, Professor Eugene opened the metal door and entered the room.

The Thunder God remained where he was, as if he was a lifeless specimen.

However, there was a small wound at the back of the Thunder God’s calf.

Compared to Thunder God’s tall body, this wound was simply negligible.

However, surprisingly…

The blood flowing out of the wound was golden.

Professor Eugene used his tools to extract only a very small amount of the golden blood.

Then, he poured the golden blood into a container.

This was a job he had to do once a day.

After more than an hour of refinement, a special gene potion was produced.

Then, Professor Eugene went to the safe and opened the door.

Inside the safe were all the gene potions that he had synthesized.

There were more than 1,000 potions.

Every gene potion was numbered by Professor Eugene.

He wanted to create a powerful army that was made up entirely of Genetic Warriors.

And Peter was just one of his test subjects.

Originally, Professor Eugene had planned to allow Peter to extract the gene potions several more times.

Then, he would simply interrupt the supply of gene potions.

This was because extracting genes would become more difficult as time went on.

Also, if he kept letting Peter extract the gene potions, it would become harder and harder to control him.

This was the last thing Professor Eugene wanted.

In his heart, individual power could never replace collective power.

Professor Eugene put the gene potion in the safe.

However, he hesitated before closing the safe.

Then, he took out a different gene potion bottle.

Unlike other gene potions, this bottle of gene potion was red.

There were also a few words written on it.

It was labelled “Peter’s Genes”!

Professor Eugene closed the safe and took the bottle of gene potion back to the laboratory.

Then, he took out a special-looking pistol from his drawer.

This pistol did not fire ordinary bullets, but a gene potion instead.

Professor Eugene filled the pistol with the red gene potion.

Then, he looked out of the window with a deep gaze.

“I hope that I won’t need this pistol tomorrow…”

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