A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 10 - He Had Investigated Her

Chapter 10: He Had Investigated Her

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A Land Rover stopped in front of the campus entrance. He pulled open the door and tossed her onto the seat.

Shen Chengjing was about to yell in anger, then she saw him getting into the car and opening a first-aid box. He took out some ointment and rubbed it onto the back of her hand before wrapping it with gauze.

“Thanks.” She was stunned, then warmth surged into her heart. She looked at the gauze on her hand and thanked him after a long while of silence.

No one but Liu Sijie had been so kind to her. It was a little gesture, but she was so touched that she felt like crying. Comparing Moh Yongqiang to the people in the Shen Family, she got a lump in her throat.

“What are you going to do to that guy?” She was afraid that he would cause trouble for her.

This handsome but cold man didn’t look like a gangster. But alas, he was a gangster! If he got her into trouble, she might not be able to graduate from school.

“Are you afraid?”

“Yeah. I’m afraid that you’ll get yourself in trouble. Besides, I don’t want this incident to affect my graduation,” she said honestly and stole a glance at him.

At this moment, his cell phone rang. Moh Yanchen answered it, and Shen Chengjing heard Lin Hong’s screams from it.

“Yes. Someone gave me money to f*ck her today. But I don’t know who this person is.”

“How much?”

“100,000 yuan.” Lin Hong knelt and begged for mercy; his face was swollen with beating, looking like that of a pig.

“Put this on! Run ten laps around the campus,” Wu Hao kicked him and ordered in a deep voice.

“What?” Lin Hong looked at the clothes on the ground in astonishment. Those were the clothes that he had given Shen Chengjing to wear.

Wu Hao kicked and beat him until he put them on. With his name pasted on his back, he began to run around the sports field. When the video turned off, Shen Chengjing was still staring at his cell phone in a daze.

She didn’t know that Lin Hong’s video was live-streamed online from the roof of a building, and his reputation was totally ruined.

“Are we technically married?” she asked solemnly.


Wringing her small hands, she turned her head and looked at him. The sunlight shone on him through the window, coating his cold face in a mysterious golden color, which made him look like an unworldly god.

“I’ll take full responsibility. Of course, I don’t mind you seeing other women. We’re independent individuals. When the time is right, we’ll get a divorce. I’ll compensate you for your loss during this period,” she cleared her throat and explained, not wanting to cause a misunderstanding between them.

The air in the car dropped by several degrees after she finished talking. Feeling cold, she rubbed her arms and looked at him in puzzlement. His handsome face looked angry as he reached out and caught her small hands.

“I won’t divorce you.”

“Uhm. Mister, you misunderstood me. I must get married because of something important to me. Believe me; I’ll make it up to you.”

She quickly explained. Listening to her words quietly, Moh Yanchen took out a cigar, lit it, and took a puff.

“Loveless marriages are not happy. I don’t want to trap you in it,” she continued to babble, feeling a bit breathless and panicky before his dominating presence.

“Are you afraid of falling in love with me?” He blew out smoke with squinted eyes; his handsome face turned cold suddenly, and his thin lips pressed tightly together into a beautiful curve.

“I need a woman and you need help. We’re helping each other,” he continued as he flicked the ash off the cigar.

“Did you investigate me?” She looked at him in disbelief as her fingers tightened around the door handle.

He had investigated her! No wonder he could find her in this school so easily.

“As your husband, I have the duty to know things about you,” he said in a deep voice. Then, he grabbed her chin, leaned closer to her, and breathed a hot breath on her face.

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