A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 11 - Her Provocation

Chapter 11: Her Provocation

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She slanted a glance at him as she recalled that night when Liu Sijie’s friend couldn’t find any information about this man.

“Since you’ve investigated me, you should know that…I don’t like to be manipulated.” She lifted his chin instead and leaned closer to him. “You’ve helped me a lot. Should I repay you with my body?”

As she spoke, her fingertips moved slowly down his throat and stopped at his chest, drawing circles on it lightly. “Well, what do you think?”

Moh Yanchen’s eyes turned darker as he watched her seductive appearance.

“I don’t mind sleeping with you.” He gritted his teeth.

Frightened, Shen Chengjing pushed him away forcefully and said with faked indifference, “Nor do I…”

With a charming smile, she punched toward his face and was prepared to turn around, open the door, and jump out of the car.

“Hey! Let me go.” An arm suddenly wrapped around her waist and dragged her back.

She cursedly in a low voice as she was dragged into the car. Watching her struggle, Moh Yanchen suddenly found that it was fun to tease this woman.

“Brother Chen.” At this moment, Wu Hao returned and pulled open the door.

He looked at the scene in the car in disbelief! OMG! He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Wu Hao thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. After all, his master never liked close contact with women. Once, a woman jumped on him and was thrown out.

“Huh. Handsome, thank you.” Shen Chengjing quickly pushed Moh Yanchen away and straightened up before smiling at Wu Hao sweetly.

With a dark face, Mo Yancheng casually lit a cigar and took a sharp puff in the car. His deep dark eyes looked bottomless, and the chill emitting from him was frightening enough to make others take three steps back.

“Sister-In-Law, please don’t thank me. I did what Brother Chen told me!” Wu Hao immediately waved his hand and told her that he couldn’t take the credit.

He would be stupid to steal the thunder from his boss!

“Return to Moh Park,” Moh Yanchen’s magnetic voice sounded. Before Shen Chengjing knew what was happening, Wu Hao had started the car and slowly drove away from the school.

“No! I can’t go back with you. I want out. I’ve got classes.” She struggled, and Moh Yanchen released her.

She thought he was going to tell her to go away, but he spoke instead.

“You’re at the internship stage. You have no classes.”

“…” She looked at him in surprise. He even knows this?

“Uncle, I know that I offended you, but you’re trafficking an underaged girl; it’s a felony,” she continued after taking a deep breath.

[TL Note: It is normal for people in China to address men older than them as “Uncle” out of courtesy. Also, the mentioning of an underaged girl is a joke as she was old enough to get married.]

He stayed silent and looked down at his exquisite laptop, ignoring her existence.

Shen Chengjing turned her head and was curious about what he was doing. She saw that he was checking his emails, and her expression gradually turned from boredom to astonishment and then to shock.

“Uncle, how many languages do you speak?”

“Seven,” he said gravely and then added, “Not including Chinese.”

Shen Chengjing turned from wanting to flee to extreme curiosity. She leaned closer to him cautiously and asked, “Seven plus one! Are you fluent in all of them?”

“Yep.” No one had dared to ask him this question; it would be stupid.

The luxurious Land Rover slowly entered Moh Park, the wealthiest neighborhood in A City!

The bar at the entrance of the parking lot lifted, and the Land Rover drove in and came to the top floor where a glass door opened to let in the car. Moh Yanchen got out of the car and opened the door for her. She got out and followed him.

“Put your handprint here,” he turned around and said with his deep voice.

Shen Chengjing did what he said, but she still felt uneasy.

Wu Hao looked at them with his eyes wide open, but he kept his mouth shut and didn’t say anything.

Few people could enter this place freely. In fact, only Moh Yanchen and Wu Hao could come and go freely here. But Shen Chengjing was now an exception. He hoped that she wouldn’t bring trouble to Moh Yanchen. Otherwise, it would be a disaster.

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