What The Luck!?

Chapter 20 - 20. Meet My Friends!

"Mom, Dad! Whose bags are these by the door?" Cara's voice echoed through the house just an hour later.

"Lower your volume we have guests!" Their mother responded as usual, Cara was still a bit too loud most of the time. That was to be expected with her powers though.

"And that would be my sister, we should wait until moms got dinner done though. We are almost done with the biggest parts of our homework." Asher was on a roll with his math and wanted to have it done so he could relax. He was currently avoiding the homework that Lin had given him because he thought he might think about it too much.

"What? Why would we keep doing homework. Meeting Cara the deafening sounds so much more fun." Art had been this way the entire hour, he just wanted to procrastinate and have all his home work done magically.

"Maybe you should have prayed for a home work doing ability. Then you wouldn't be so far behind already." Jane had tried to help Art but realized that it was a useless cause. He was just too lazy.

"Nope, I'm not going down there and starting anything with her. She might be my sister but I'm pretty sure if I bother here right when she walks in the door she will kill me." This was part from the other world's Cara but also because his sister's temperament still seemed to be fairly forceful. He would hate to lose his hearing for a few days.

"Fiiiinnneeee, let's get this done." Art gave in and started to actually study the periodic table he was told to fill out as homework. Asher chugged away on his math and Jane was enjoying the philosophy essay she was writing, she had found a fair bit of joy in writing about how she felt.

After another half hour the door could be opening again, however Asher's father would rarely announce his homecoming. He preferred to surprise his wife in the kitchen. "Ah! Honey, your home!" This was the common skit they played every day when he got home. They both knew the other would do it but that was just how love was.

"Asher! Bring your friends down, the table is all set for dinner!" Art nearly ran ahead after that but realized he had forgotten where the kitchen was. It was troublesome being in someone else's home for the first time.

"Mom's meat balls are the best, you guys will love them!" Asher had started to take on the attitude of a foodie since he had started to have consistent meals. He never knew what he had been missing until he was filled with this world's memories of family meals and sweet desserts.

The three came down the stairs at a pretty fast faced, "Wait Art! You're still in your socks be careful on the-" This was the last Asher got out of his mouth before the graceful sight of Art slipping on the l top steps shown before their eyes.

"Ahhhh" Art let out a manly scream as his butt bounced down every single step and landed right on the landing of the first floor. His pained expression was clear to everyone who could see him from the kitchen.

His head looked upwards finding that there were a pair of legs stopped in front of him. He looked up finding the disgusted face of one of the schools top students glaring at him. "Pfft sop you brought a monkey home huh? He's pretty clumsy for a monkey, maybe you should have brought him to the jungle bars at the park if he was going to monkey around here."

Asher wanted to argue with this but he couldn't argue with how true this statement was to a degree. If Art were to be compared to an animal he would definitely be a monkey. "Art, this is Cara. Cara this is Art." Jane came down the stairs behind Asher being much more careful in her socks. "And this is Jane, Jane this is Cara my sister."

"You brought a girl home too? Ha! So this monkey was the third wheel to your date? Classic!" Asher heard this and started to turn red.

"Noo-o we are just friends, Asher and I just met each other." Jane's voice was unsteady but if they could see past her mask they would know just how red faced and embarrassed she was.

"Asher hurry up! You can all chat and hang out later. The food is going to get cold." Their mother had heard every word of this and realized that if they stayed there any longer all they would be left with was more teasing from Cara.

With a slight huff Cara turned around and took a spot at the table. There were two more spots made up for Art and Jane. "Give me your arm." Asher helped lift Art off the floor. He was still rubbing his butt from bouncing down the stairs, but overall he looked fine.

"Mrs. Ronan this all looks very delicious!" Jane was very polite, her parents had taught her proper manners while growing up and she was always ready to put them to good use.

"Thanks for having us, I will drag Asher home one day for dinner too." Art promised to feed Asher too one day, it was only fair in his book.

"Good, I'm glad he was able to find friends in his new class. If i remember right the three of you should have started off your three new elective classes today. Find anything interesting?" Asher's father chimed in wanting all the details on what they wanted to learn.

"We are all taking the same first two classes. The combat class was very inspiring. We have such a supportive coach!" Jane was still convinced that Coach Winters was out for their best interest and not to torture them.

"At least you made it through the class, my luck was terrible today. I swear I thought I would be in the nurse's office all day!" Art was traumatized from his previous blunders. "Asher was the lucky one in Philosophy though, he got the teacher to let him off the hook for a whole month of essays."

" It was an accident. I bit my tongue and didn't say anything. Mr. Richards just decided that it was a response." Asher was a bit sour since he had not actually gotten the chance to respond at all to the question. Not that he was unhappy getting off the hook for essays anyways.

"Wait, you got Mr, Richards' first day question right? Nobody ever gets away with that. Lucky." Cara was obviously jealous of this, she had tried her best to answer the question when she took one of his classes but had failed miserably. Her answer hadn't even been entertained.

"Are you three sticking together for the third class too? How adorable, you're like the three musketeers!" Asher's mother was loving this side of her son and his friends. She almost got up to go get the camera to take a picture to commemorate the occasion but stopped herself. She couldn't scare them away.

"Actually we chose different courses that were more suited to our powers. Since I need to cover my face to keep people safe from accidentally being stuck in place, I took a sewing class. I am going to make my own hero equipment one day!" Jane was still just as motivated as earlier.

Asher's mother looked at Jane's hands seeing the bandages already on them, "Just keep working hard dear, I am sure you will have the best sewing skills out of anyone else in the class by the end of the year." She was supportive but the look on her face was a bit more worried for the future needle pricks.

"I'm taking chemistry. Since I can control lead with my powers then I need to learn as much about what it is made of and what it can do. I need to safely use this power if I want to be a power." Art nodded with each sentence knowing that it was the best course of action.

"Well that's very responsible. All those lead paints from when my parents were kids have caused so much trouble. Just be safe when you are practicing." Asher's father chimed back in recalling the work his father had done with painting houses.

"So, Asher? What are you doing for your third class?" Cara was the one who asked this, surprising both their parents. They did not expect her to be so interested in what her brother was learning about.

Asher held back saying anything. 'How do I explain my new teacher is a fire hazard waiting to happen? What will she say that I am one of two students? I could brag about having an easy class that doesn't assign homework...but my own classmate gave me homework' He was caught up in his own head trying to decide on how to say what happened.

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