Uprising In The Plot! After Transmigrating, The Bigshots Pampered Me

Chapter 49 - Cat and Mouse

Chapter 49: Cat and Mouse

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Qiao Lian had been standing by the floor-to-ceiling window in his office for a long time. For once, he wasn’t thinking about work. Instead, he was thinking about what Yu Yao had said at the press conference.

The Maine Coon, who was named King, walked silently to Qiao Lian’s feet and sat down to look at the city skyline with him.

As he flicked his long tail, it brushed against Qiao Lian’s ankles. Qiao Lian looked down at the Maine Coon sitting by his feet and chuckled softly.

“King, shouldn’t cats be very cautious? Why is the stray kitten we met so daring?”

“Meow…” The Maine Coon meowed as if he was answering his owner’s question.

Qiao Lian bent down and scratched the Maine Coon’s chin gently with his fingers. The Maine Coon purred in satisfaction.

Qiao Liang chuckled again. “Well, little kittens are always willful, there’s nothing you can do about it. Fortunately, she has a considerate master. We can’t leave the little troublemaking stray kitten behind, right, King?”

For some reason, King became displeased. He slapped Qiao Lian’s finger away and then began licking his own paw.

Qiao Lian didn’t mind being disdained by his own cat. He turned to look out of the sunny window, and his tone gradually became cold.

“The mice hiding in the dark will probably be deceived by the weak appearance of the stray kitten. Perhaps it’s time for us to carry out our mouse-hunting plan…”

At the same time, the mice mentioned by Qiao Lian naturally noticed Yu Yao as well.

When Yu Yao showcased her face-swapping app at the press conference, Yu Wan realized that she had lost this game completely.

Furious, Yu Wan opened the mysterious chat window and sent out a barrage of questions to the contact codenamed A3.

“Didn’t you promise that those photos and videos would definitely destroy Yu Yao? How did it end up like this?”

“Why does Yu Yao have that face swap app? Did your technology get leaked?”

“Yu Yao is threatening me. Think of something quickly! If the Yu family finds out that I posted those photos and videos, they will definitely drive me away!”

When the messages she sent failed to receive a response, Yu Wan became even more irritated. She sent another string of messages, asking if they were online.

After a long time, the dark chat window flashed. Yu Wan was about to lean closer to read the message on the screen, but jumped in fright when a voice suddenly sounded from the computer.

The reply wasn’t in the form of a typed text message, it was spoken in a low, mechanical male voice.

“Stay calm. You’re disturbing my train of thought.”

“How can I be calm? Didn’t you watch the press conference just now? All the arrangements we made previously have failed!”

Yu Wan paced back and forth in her room in frustration. “Not only did Yu Yao easily resolve the crisis of the photos and videos, but she also used the same technology as you guys. Look at what the netizens call her now. They call her ‘Goddess’, ‘Big Boss’…Not only did we not destroy Yu Yao, we even helped her increase her fame and influence…”

“Shut up!” The mechanical voice suddenly became extremely cold, as if it contained killing intent. “Yu Wan, are you aware of your identity? What right do you have to question me?”

Yu Wan felt as if someone had grabbed her throat, and all her complaints were suddenly choked back. After a long while, she suppressed her fear and replied, “S-Sorry. I just temporarily lost control of my emotions…”

A3 snorted coldly and said, “I’ve already removed all traces of you on the Internet. The Yu family won’t find out that you were the one who uploaded the photos and videos.”

Yu Wan’s heart, which had been hanging high, finally relaxed a little. “That’s good…”

But before she could finish heaving a sigh of relief, she heard A3 say coldly, “Because you didn’t provide the organization with detailed information on Yu Yao, a technology that the organization has just developed can only be invalidated. The losses are incalculable.”

These words were spoken lightly and without harshness, but Yu Wan broke out in a cold sweat when she heard them.

“Don’t take the initiative to contact us for now. Keep an eye on Yu Yao and the Yu brothers and think of a way to get detailed information about them and their recent movements. I hope you won’t disappoint the organization again. Otherwise, I’m sure you know what will happen to you.”

Yu Wan’s entire face turned pale in an instant. Her lips trembled, and her voice shook. “Please don’t worry. I’ll do my best to find out where Yu Yao and the Yu family got the technology that belongs to the organization.”

The mechanical voice let out a deep chuckle that sounded extremely ear-piercing. “Yu Wan, I’m looking forward to your performance..”

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