Uprising In The Plot! After Transmigrating, The Bigshots Pampered Me

Chapter 27 - Annoying Third Brother

Chapter 27: Annoying Third Brother

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Although she did not stay on campus, Yu Yao had already gotten to know some of her classmates from her major. Because the young and handsome Yu Heng had a refined temperament and was a special guest professor at the university, Yu Yao was welcomed by many female students!

A large section of these female students wanted to become Yu Yao’s sister-in-law, but she didn’t care about their real purpose and never refused to help them send love letters or gifts.

This was, of course, a little due to Yu Yao’s evil intentions. After all, she did not intend to be a considerate younger sister who would help her brother ward off rotten admirers. This kind of thing could easily cause trouble for him, so she thought, Why not?

Yu Heng also knew that Yu Yao was deliberately tormenting him, but he was not angry at all. He only felt that Yu Yao, who was secretly scheming against him, was really too cute!

It was so cute that every time he received a love letter or gift that she deliberately gave him, he couldn’t help but post it on his WeChat Moments! Of course, this kind of post could only be seen by Yu Lang and Yu Jue.

Every time Yu Jue saw Yu Heng posting on WeChat, he was so angry that he wanted to smash his phone! Bah, he also wanted to stay by Yaoyao’s side. He also wanted to take Yaoyao to and from university every day. He also wanted to be glared at by Yaoyao with that soft and harmless gaze!

That detestable Yu Heng. So what if he was good at studying? So what if he was a professor at Yaoyao’s university? Did he have to show off like this every day?!

Yu Jue silently decided that he needed to join hands with Yu Lang to teach this fellow a lesson!

During class, Yu Yao heard the girl at the back talking about Yu Jue’s return to B City, and many fans were going to the airport to welcome him home.

A girl with a round, apple-shaped face appeared very depressed. “Many people in the fan group went to welcome him at the airport, but we happen to have Advanced Mathematics. That maniac, Professor Hu, stopped me from seeing my love!”

Yu Yao was speechless. She knew that Yu Jue was quite popular, but she hadn’t expected that all her classmates would be his fans. Besides Yu Lang, Yu Heng and Yu Jue’s presence was so intense that Yu Yao felt uncomfortable.

People probably shouldn’t be talked about behind their backs. Just as Yu Yao was complaining about Yu Jue in her heart, many messages from him popped up on her phone.

Yu Yao quickly lifted her phone and checked the WeChat voice message Yu Jue had sent.

In the eyes of the fans, Yu Jue was an arrogant, cold, straightforward, but very sincere idol. He was worlds apart from Yu Yao’s Yu Jue.

This Yu Jue, who sent dozens of WeChat messages every day, was completely different from the cold and reticent guy in the hearts of the fans, alright? Unless… it was his alter ego!

At first, she was too lazy to reply to Yu Jue when he sent her WeChat messages.

However, if she didn’t reply, he would send even more messages, as if he had some form of persecutory delusional disorder. He would be worried that she had lost her phone or that she had gotten into a car accident on the way to university. The most ridiculous thing was that he was actually worried that she had a gas leak in her apartment…

During the time she did not reply to Yu Jue’s messages, Yu Yao learned of at least a dozen different ways to die!

She didn’t want to experience an even more ridiculous death, so she could only remember this lesson. Every time Yu Jue sent a WeChat message, she would simply reply with a few words in exchange for him to stay quiet on her contact list.

It was almost time for class. Yu Yao didn’t listen to Yu Jue’s voice messages one by one. She simply replied that she was in class and put down her phone.

After receiving that reply, Yu Jue indignantly stopped sending messages. He said to the driver of the minivan, “Don’t go home yet. Take me to Big Brother’s place.”

The manager, Sister Xu, said, “If you want to look for CEO Yu, find a place to drop me off. I’ll take a taxi back home.”

Yu Jue tapped his phone unhappily. “No need. Sister Xu, come with me to meet Big Brother. Introduce that variety show to him. We must persuade him to invest in this variety show.”

Yu Jue had already secretly put together a plan. As long as Big Brother supported him bringing Yaoyao onto the variety show, they would definitely be able to spend more time together. In that case, he would definitely be able to surpass Yu Heng in terms of winning over Yaoyao!

Of course, Sister Xu didn’t know what Yu Jue was thinking. She asked a little worriedly, “Don’t you excuse yourself from the company’s affairs in the past? Isn’t it bad to interfere with CEO Yu’s investments?”

To be honest, Sister Xu was quite worried about the silly and sweet artiste under her. She didn’t believe that there were any true brothers in wealthy families. What if Yu Jue interfered with the company’s affairs and made CEO Yu unhappy?

Yu Jue was a magical existence that could easily anger others. Sister Xu realized that when he confidently said that he wanted to participate in the variety show with his sister, CEO Yu’s expression had indeed turned gloomy!

Yu Jue, on the other hand, didn’t seem to notice Yu Lang’s unfriendly gaze at all. He continued to chatter non-stop.

Sister Xu, who was beside him, felt a cold sweat forming on her forehead.

However, even though CEO Yu didn’t look happy, he didn’t reject the request to invest in the variety show. This made Sister Xu unable to clearly understand the relationship between the two brothers..

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