Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2534 - Constant Dripping Wears the Stone!

Chapter 2534: Constant Dripping Wears the Stone!

Ye Yuan stroked his chin, looking innocent.

He was not very dejected. He was just feeling a little helpless.

Ye Yuan’s starting point was seriously too low.

Who could have thought that a little silkpants who was once from the State of Qin could actually break through to Heavenly Stratum and reach his cultivation realm presently?

However, people could not choose their background but could choose to face it calmly.

The difficulties that Ye Yuan had experienced walking all the way were beyond counting.

He had never feared difficulties before and would not give up on the alchemy path because his affinity was only one point.

In reality, the scene of refining the Dragonbone Grass earlier, already indicated a lot.

At least, his instinct could support him to refine the Dragonbone Grass!

Not being able to refine well was just because his instinct was not strong enough, that was all!

Not that you could not do it, it was just that you did not work hard enough yet!

“Looks like … I have to expend some effort to become a heavenly alchemist,” Ye Yuan said helplessly.

“Become a heavenly alchemist? Huhu, boy, did you not understand what this old man meant? Even if you cultivate until heaven and earth turn old, it’s also impossible to become a heavenly alchemist! With your talent, if your affinity could reach 30 points, you can absolutely become an extremely strong heavenly alchemist! But this old man has never heard before of a guy, that even the pre-natal cloud stone doesn’t react to, can become a heavenly alchemist! This is absolutely impossible!” Gu Mao said with decisiveness that could chop iron.

Even Tang Yu also smiled bitterly and said, “Big Brother, don’t waste your effort anymore. Your affinity doesn’t even reach one point. It’s absolutely impossible to become a heavenly alchemist! You’ve tried it yourself too. You can’t even extract the Dragonbone Grass, let alone talk about heavenly pills.”

It was not that he did not believe Ye Yuan, but it was just that Ye Yuan was too trash.

Ye Yuan did not even reach one point affinity and he actually wanted to become a heavenly alchemist. If this matter spreads, it could probably make people laugh their heads off.

Ye Yuan just smiled and said, “This Dragonbone Grass shouldn’t be very expensive, right? Prepare a closed-seclusion venue for me, then deliver to me 1000 stalks of Dragonbone Grass!”

There were quite a number of Dragonbone Grass casually placed on the tables here. Clearly, it was used for the disciples’ cultivation and naturally would not be too expensive.

Ye Yuan would not be courteous with Tang Yu either, directly ordering.

When Gu Mao saw that Ye Yuan did not give up, he snickered and said, “Brat, you really won’t shed tears without seeing the coffin! If even one point affinity can become a heavenly alchemist, then even a sow can climb a tree! Disregarding other things, this Dragonbone Grass, if you can refine it to this old man’s quality, this old man will acknowledge you as my master in front of the entire city!”

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and said coolly, “Forget it. Your talent is too poor. I won’t take you in! If really want to bet, just teach me the things you know and that will do. If I lose, I’ll help you get rid of the fire poison. As for acknowledging as your master, let’s dispense with it.”

Tang Yu was rendered speechless and Gu Mao was furious.

Some guy whose affinity was one point actually looked down on him!

“Fine! This old man will bet with you! If even with one point affinity you can become a heavenly alchemist, then wouldn’t this entire city’s heavenly alchemists become a joke?” Gu Mao said in a great rage.

Ye Yuan could not be bothered with him, turning right around and leaving.

Tang Yu followed after subserviently and said with a bitter smile, “Big Brother, why did you need to wager out of spite?”

Ye Yuan just smiled and did not say anything.

Out of spite?

He, Ye Yuan, would feel wronged and act rashly, but he would not behave out of spite with Gu Mao.

He looked down on Gu Mao’s bit of ability. The reason why he wanted to learn was just in order to learn the rudiments.

He, Ye Yuan, would not walk other people’s paths.

But he also would not look at others through colored spectacles.

For Gu Mao to be able to be supported avidly by the Tang Family, he must have aspects that surpassed others.

Starting from him here was clearly the most convenient.

… …

Hence, he started a drawn-out retreat.

What Tang Yu prepared for Ye Yuan was naturally the best closed-seclusion venue.

Although the Dao fire was not as good as Gu Mao’s, the quality was very good too.

These Dao fires were just the lowest grade wild fires; the quality was not high and had a lot of impurities.

Therefore, some fire poison would more or less accumulate within the bodies of heavenly alchemists.

It was just that some Dao fires had many impurities, some Dao fires had less impurities.

Gu Mao’s Dao fire was very powerful but very mixed and very difficult to control, the fire poison was also harder to purge.

Heavenly alchemists were doctors to begin with. They naturally had the means to get rid of fire poison.

It was just that when fire poison accumulated to a certain degree and became deeply entrenched within the body, wanting to purge it would be hard.

Gu Mao was currently plagued with fire poison for the sake of pursuing the power of Dao fire, in immense agony.

But Ye Yuan’s fire controlling method was much more brilliant than Gu Mao’s.

This Dao fire was incomparably docile in front of him, how could fire poison possibly hurt him?

It was just that the extraction was not smooth.

One stalk, two stalks …

Ye Yuan spent a month’s time and completely refined all 1000 stalks of Dragonbone Grass.

But, the effect was not obvious.

Ye Yuan also finally knew that affinity could not be improved at all.

No matter how hard he worked, it was a region of chaos in front of him from beginning to end.

He was like a blind man; unable to see anything.

Even if his fire controlling technique was superb, it would not work too!

A month later, Ye Yuan called Tang Yu over and had him prepare another thousand Dragonbone Grass.

Tang Yu swept a glance around the closed-seclusion venue, it was all that kind of dark, paste form of Dragonbone Grass. He knew that Ye Yuan had not improved at all in this one month’s time.

In reality, he did not harbor much hope either.

Being able to extract the Dragonbone Grass into paste form, this in itself was already a miracle.

Wanting to reach Gu Mao’s standard, this miracle in itself was ten thousand times, even 100 thousand times harder than the previous miracle!

This was simply something impossible!

“Big Brother, your martial path talent is also extremely strong. Why waste time on something impossible? In Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven, forget about not reaching one point, even if your affinity reached 29 points, it’s impossible to become a heavenly alchemist too! 30 affinity points, this is a watershed! Moreover, you don’t even reach one point!” Tang Yu urged bitterly.

However, Ye Yuan was not moved at all, he just said indifferently, “In the future, have someone deliver me 1000 stalks of Dragonbone Grass every month.”

Tang Yu shook his head helplessly and left.

He discovered that Ye Yuan was a stubborn donkey; one was unable to drag at all.

In the closed-seclusion venue, Ye Yuan refined the Dragonbone Grass stalk after stalk, as if he would never tire.

The current Ye Yuan seemed to have returned to his previous life.

In order to experience the medicinal properties of spirit medicines, he had once spent a hundred years indulging in Tier 3 and below spirit medicines.

At that time, he extracted over and over again, refining.

Now, he returned to the past again.

It was just that this time, it was a thousand times harder than it was then!

One had to know, at that time, his perception could distinctly feel the medicinal properties.

But now, he could not feel it at all!

That sort of natural rejection made him unable to get close at all.

It was just that he did not care.

This kind of dreary to the extreme refinement, when laid on any heavenly alchemist, they would not be able to bear it.

But Ye Yuan gladly endured the hardship!

Spring, summer, autumn, winter, it cycled endlessly.

Year after year.

In a blink, it was already 18 springs and autumns.

Around Ye Yuan was filled with pastes of Dragonbone Grass.

It was just that these pastes of Dragonbone Grass were crystal clear, seemingly almost transparent!

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