Undying Warlord

303 Spreading Love

Dilan got up from the ground with Yvonne in his arms. He removed his arms and the Blazing Serpentine Blade from around her just a moment later when his head moved in the direction where Victoria and Kathrine had been standing.

“So the fight is over? That’s sad…” Dilan voiced his disappointment but he couldn’t really change the situation so he just accepted it.

“W-Why did you do that?” Yvonne asked him all of a sudden. She could barely hear anything in her surroundings because her heart was beating so loudly. It was a weird feeling and something she had never experienced, which confused her.

Yvonne was an adult, but a large part of the 18 years she had lived had been spent battling an illness. Thus, it was not like she had ever grown feelings for someone or had close contact with a man other than her father.

And even her contact with her father was completely different than it was the case with Dilan which was why Yvonne blushed and she felt unsure of what to do next.

“What do you mean ‘why’? Isn’t it obvious…it was not necessary for you to get injured just because I went a little overboard? But I have to say that I’m a little bit sad that the fight already ended. Your sister and Victoria didn’t seem to be pleased with what they saw in the crater our fall created.

Dilan was not stupid and he could make sense of something just by looking at it. Yvonne paled when she thought about her sister and her expression distorted a bit as various intrusive thoughts entered her mind.

“You should have attacked me with all your might instead of bothering about my injuries. Now Kathrine will hate me…” Yvonne suddenly blurted out, feeling distressed.

“Kathrine will hate you? That’s a stupid thought,” Dilan said, lifting his hand to lightly tap her head with his flat hand. Yvonne looked at Dilan in confusion, while he merely smiled at her. Her expression eased upon seeing Dilan’s smile and she began to smile in return as well.

“Furthermore, even if you girls planned to attack me from the beginning, it’s not like I can allow you to get injured, not in times when everyone is required to be at their peak,” Dilan added, feeling great at the thought of the various Vampire clans that were likely to come over before he continued, “…well except Victoria…she will heal, either way,”

After Dilan said this, he walked out of the crater with Yvonne by his side. The spectators were still present but everyone looked at them in confusion.

Dilan was the one, who seemed injured while Yvonne’s only rather abnormal condition was that she was blushing and smiling instead of sulking.

When Dilan saw that the two other women had returned to the others, Dilan noticed something that attracted his interest.

“A common enemy led to a bond of friendship, is that it?” He mumbled all of a sudden when he saw that Kathrine was talking to Victoria without a grimace. Even Kathrine looked quite calm and at ease.

That was, at least, the case until she saw that Dilan returned with a blushing and faintly smiling face.

“I told you that your sister is cute…a cute type of a femme fatale!” Victoria squealed in delight as a crazed smile appeared on her face. Her head was resting in her two hands as she licked her lips seductively.

“I want to squish her cheeks~” She blurted out when her crimson eyes began to glow even brighter than before. Victoria disappeared for a moment just to reappear right behind Yvonne.

Yvonne flinched the moment she sensed that someone had appeared behind her but even before she could react, Victoria’s head was resting on Yvonne’s shoulder while her arms hugged the young woman from behind.

Victoria’s ample breasts pressed against Yvonne’s back and her flowery scent spread through the surrounding. Yvonne was unable to move for several seconds until she noticed what was going on.

Victoria squeezed her right cheek while hugging her tightly with her other arm.

“Looks like someone has lots of love to spread,” Dilan chuckled while looking at the situation that unfolded next to him.

When Victoria heard this, she lifted her head to look at Dilan for a moment before she smiled brightly.

“If you want, I can shower all my love on you~,” Victoria said without shying away, but Dilan could only laugh lightly in response.

“Try to say that to me while your eyes are marine blue and I might take it seriously,” He said while he continued to chuckle. He ruffled her hair for a second before returning to the others.

His expression turned serious all of a sudden and he looked at Sven and the others as he made an announcement.

“Fighting Vampires is not easy if our stats are on par with theirs. That’s why I want us to improve our stats, our equipment and the abilities we can use to obliterate them without any casualties. It doesn’t matter if our base were to be destroyed or if we would have to move after the entire city would reduce to rubble. As long as nobody dies, everything is fine.

That being said, I brought a few things back from the Blue Star camp!”

Dilan spoke slowly but loudly enough for everyone to hear him. Two ancient-looking parchments and one ability crystal appeared in his hand.

One parchment was for Sarah, another one for Old Jeff and the ability crystal was given to Yvonne, who was still occupied with trying to get rid of Victoria.

However, that was harder than Yvonne expected. The young woman looked at her older sister pleadingly but Kathrine responded with a helpless shrug.

“It’s better for you to be her victim than me,” She said with a sly smile on her face; a smile that caused Yvonne to start pouting.

“This…” Sarah suddenly exclaimed, just to turn quiet once again. She read through the parchment several times and her expression changed every now and then. This was quite funny to look at but Dilan was not interested in that.

“I was not sure if we have all of the required ingredients to create the ‘Ordinary Healing reagent’ but I know that we have a few Gates with one or two ingredients we require for that potion. It shouldn’t be a problem to find the remaining ingredients…I guess,” Dilan stated, not feeling fully confident that they could find all the ingredients.

He didn’t know how rare they were because his knowledge about plants was not exactly vast.

“We have all herbs, which are required to create the ‘Ordinary Healing reagent. I will take your leave and go to work immediately!” Sarah said before she disappeared and ran back to her small Room of Alchemy.

The Ordinary Healing reagent was just a potion recipe with trash quality but it was a Tier-1 recipe nonetheless. It was of exceptional use and it could play a major role in the fight against the Vampires.

“We don’t have the necessary ores for the spiked armor though,” Old Jeff suddenly announced, attracting Dilan’s attention.

“I know that but I thought that you could replace the ore with another one that has similar characteristics as the Silver Dawn ore mentioned in the armor blueprint,” Dilan provided a solution though he was fully aware that this was not easy.

Dilan’s opinion of Old Jeff was great and he believed that the old man was able to make everything possible.

“Urgh…well, I can try it. Right now, I don’t really have the motivation to keep tormenting my head with attempts to create weapons out of wands, either way…” Old Jeff sounded frustrated but Dilan could understand where he was coming from. The old blacksmith had made several unsuccessful attempts to create wand weapons which saddened him a bit.

However, then again, nobody ever said that it would be easy to invent something entirely new. That was also why Dilan didn’t think much about it.

“Can you make use of the Thunderbolt Eagle’s body as well? Its talons and beak should make great weapons and I need some new daggers. I broke three CrimsonClaw Daggers while fighting the Thunderbolt Eagle,” Dilan asked hopefully to which Old Jeff could only nod his head.

However, he was still astonished because he didn’t know that the CrimsonClaw Daggers had broken in the fight against the Thunderbolt Eagle.

“Is the defense of Tier-2 monsters really that strong?” Old Jeff asked silently to himself.

But this time it was not Dilan, who answered but everyone else, who had been with him at that time, who answered at the same time.

“It’s much worse than you can expect.”

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