Tyranny of Steel

Chapter 1125 Returning Home After A Brief Vacation

Chapter 1125 Returning Home After A Brief Vacation

Berengar awoke in Brynhildr's bed to find the mature valkyrie clinging tightly to his body. His head had been stuffed into her substantial mounds, proving that he had once more used them as pillows. Today was the day that Berengar said goodbye to his second family and returned home to the Reich.

Brynhildr wore a warm smile on her pretty face, as she kissed her man passionately on the lips. As he did so, she began to stroke Berengar's erect shaft, giving it a warm welcome in her tight grip, like she did every morning that the man spent here in the village.

Eventually Berengar and Brynhildr finished, where they climbed out of bed, and got dressed. Once they had done so, Siv popped out of her own mattress and greeted the two of them, entirely ignoring what they had just been up to.

Berengar smiled and nodded his head in silence, as he sat down at the kitchen table, and drank from a cup of coffee which Brynhildr had just served him. The mature beauty was already in the act of cooking breakfast, in order to ensure that her man was well fed for his journey back home.

"So you're leaving today, isn't that right?"

"Yes, I'll be back in exactly one month. I know it is quite a long time, but I can't help it. My offer still stands, by the way. I would be more than happy to take you and the little ones back to Kufstein. There is more than enough room on my jet..."

"You know our place is here in the village. Your efforts to convert the local population back to the old faith is a slow and continual progress, and my presence here strengthens the morale of the villagers.

Maybe one day when you are an old man, and our son rules over Iceland, then you can take me away from this place, but for now I must reject your offer..."

As for Berengar himself, he simply wanted to be with one of the women he loved, and the monthly visits were not nearly enough for him. And even though he knew Brynhildr felt the same way, he would not compel the woman to leave her home. Thus he could only eat the rest of his breakfast in silence, as he stared off into space.

"I promise I will be back as soon as I am able. In the mean time take care of little Bj?rn..."

"You know I will..."

"Maybe next time your mother will allow me to take you away from this place, until then continued to help her out. Now that she's looking after an infant without me, your mother will need all the help she can get..."

"I will... I promise!"

"Well... This is it... I will see you all one month from now... Farewell..."

Once out of the whirlwind, Berengar drove to the German Air Base just outside Reykjavรญk. Since the island was officially under the authority of the Reich, German soldiers patrolled its streets. Which he watched as he passed them by. Once entering the airfield, Berengar found his private jet waiting for him on the airstrip, ready for takeoff.

Before long, the plane had hit the runway and taken off into the air, where it began to journey towards the Reich. All the while, Berengar read an interesting headline, which nearly caused him to choke on his coffee.f๐˜ณ๐šŽ๐—ฒ๐˜ธe๐›๐‘›๐จ๐˜ƒ๐˜ฆ๐š•. co๐š–

When Berengar saw this, he could only think of one thing... His little girl had finally succeeded in her efforts to build a functional rocket of her own design. Immediately, all the depression he was feeling about leaving Brynhildr and her children behind had evaporated from his heart. Instead, a warm sense of fatherly approval replaced it. Speaking to no one in particular, Berengar shook his head as he let out his thoughts on the matter.

Immediately Berengar's thoughts shifted towards the near future, where his daughter Zara would become an instrumental part of the German Space Program which he planned to create. He could be no prouder as a parent at this very moment.

"The Empress of Japan, patron of Little Kyoto's Orphans, and helper of the Department of Veterans Affairs."

"It seems she is really trying to prove herself to me... A pity, this is not nearly enough to earn back my favor. But it is a start... We will see how things proceed from here."

Although Linde was absent, probably because she was hard at work on something important. As were Itami and Yasmin. In the latter's case, she was still in Granada. Berengar hugged and kissed those of his wives who were present before chatting with each of his children. He would spend the rest of his day catching up with his family about what they had been doing during his time away from home.


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