Triplets: Lucky Mommy is a Beautiful Badass

Chapter 305 - Hot Mountain Springs Villa 5

Chapter 305: Hot Mountain Springs Villa 5

Xiao Wuji noticed that he was looking like a fool, and Gu Cheng still had not said anything, his eyes glassy. Xiao Wuji then handed him a cup of tea. Gu Cheng numbly accepted the cup and took a sip. He snapped out of it and looked at Xiao Wuji with a lifeless gaze. “She can’t be the one you were talking about just now, right?”

“It’s her.” Xiao Wuji looked at his best friend’s expression, one as if he had seen a ghost, with a smile.

“Indeed she looks…” Very alike! Too much alike! Gu Cheng felt that his throat was dry, so dry that he could not make a sound.

Xiao Wuji pursed his lips and said with a chuckle, “Say, if Mo Yang was here today, he probably would’ve mistaken her as well.”

Gu Cheng suddenly thought of a possibility. “Maybe they don’t look like siblings, but like a couple! They look like a couple, you know?”

Xiao Wuji, “…” They looked like a couple! Amazing.


“She’s a widow!!” Xiao Wuji reminded Gu Cheng seriously

Gu Cheng was stunned, but he immediately continued, “So what if she’s a widow? Being a widow means that her husband’s dead! If a widow like her was able to come here together with Lu Yan, it means that she’s very awesome.”

Even so… Xiao Wuji murmured the words, “Like a couple…”

Gu Cheng laughed. “If Mo Yang was here, maybe he’d even be shocked by her looks and pursue her.”

Xiao Wuji, “…”

After Jiang Yeqian entered, he first greeted a few acquaintances. He then took a seat and immediately saw Xiao Wuji and Gu Cheng going toward Qi Qingyao. He felt inexplicably angry on the inside but when he heard that she had taken the initiative to say that she was a widow and refused to engage with Xiao Wuji, Jiang Yeqian could not help but feel relieved. However, when he took another glance and saw many people looking subtly toward her, Jiang Yeqian felt his temper rise again!

Qi Qingyao waited a while until Si Jin entered the Furong Waterside Pavilion with the children. She went over in person to bring them over as she complained to them.

“Why did you take so long?”

She held hands with Erniu while Si Jin took Dabao’s and Xiaobao’s. The five of them walked over together. Qi Qingyao did not want to take up another table and took a few futons for the children to sit beside her. Si Jin sat on the other side, the two of them sandwiching the three children in between.

Qi Qingyao pointed to the pile of confectioneries on the table and said to the children who were hungry from playing, “Eat up.”

“The confectioneries here are not bad, I tried them just now.”

Given that those who came to Hualian Hot Mountain Springs Villa today were a few honored guests from Eastern Ling as well as children from noble families who had been invited, these rich families’ sons had at most only brought their wives or beautiful concubines. No one brought their children to the banquet. Therefore, Qi Qingyao’s table instantly received a lot of attention.

After Ye Siheng arrived.

The singers followed suit.

The Furong Waterside Pavilion was shrouded in warmth on a winter’s day. The singers were all wearing tulles, dancing in the hall to the sound of various Chinese instrumentals, which was quite entertaining.

Qi Qingyao watched the singing and dancing with great interest.

She was even letting out approving exclamations from time to time.

Lu Yan whispered to her wordlessly, “You’re a lady. Do you have to be so excited watching those ladies dance?”

Qi Qingyao took a glance at him and said, “Oh Old Lu, you don’t understand, do you? It’s natural for human beings to take a fancy to beauty. Me being a woman doesn’t interfere with my liking of watching pretty girls dance!” She continued looking at the singing and dancing in front of them.

Lu Yan, “…” Old Lu!!!!!!!

The white cat jumped in from the window without warning and pounced into Lu Yan’s lap. Lu Yan glanced at the white cat and thought to himself, ‘So, this fellow still knows how to come back.’

It ran off and disappeared as soon as he entered the hot spring villa!

He stroked its fur and noticed that the fur seemed to be…

Could this fellow have gone to the hot spring as well?

Lu Yan thought to himself wordlessly.

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