Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 40: Negotiating With Han Ruoxue

Chapter 40: Negotiating With Han Ruoxue

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Han Ruoxue turned around and looked at the entrance to the meeting room. At the same time, Han Yufan and Mo Yurou also stared angrily at the door. Who was it this time that was ruining everything for them?

Mo Yurou felt like her heart was about to explode from anger. It wasn't easy to get rid of Tangning, yet who would have thought, 'the mantis stalks the cicada, but behind them lurks the oriole*'. She was surprised there was someone else trying to challenge them.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was extremely intense. At this moment, the meeting room's door flew open and in walked a beautiful figure who caught everyone's attention.


It's actually Tangning!

It's Tangning again!

Han Ruoxue clenched her fist; she never thought Tangning would be able to convince Mina to go back on her words. Mo Yurou and Han Yufan stood up in shock simultaneously.

This was impossible, Tangning was already eliminated. How did she make Secret change their minds?

"After careful consideration, everyone at Secret has decided to use Tangning as our model," Mina announced in front of the people in the room. She then gave a trivial look at the trio, "As I'm aware, she is also a model from Tianyi, but why do I feel like you aren't happy at all. Is it possible that Tangning isn't actually a model of yours?"

"Tangning, what schemes did you use? Why did you have to steal the front cover that belonged to me?" Mo Yurou couldn't hold back her anger as she questioned Tangning.

"The front cover that belonged to you?" Tangning maintained her smile, not allowing anyone to see through her emotions, "You used my popularity to go overseas, under the guise of sharing the stage; you used me to created a topic of discussion to distract the public from your scandal; as soon as we arrived in the US, you got rid of me after I no longer had any use; you defamed me in front of the client and faked my portfolio. So, tell me, how does this front cover belong to you?"

"I only retrieved what belonged to me and recovered the fairness I deserved."

"You used your background to step all over me for your benefit, while I used my own capabilities to retrieve my front cover. I don't steal from anyone...but, I'm not going to let others step all over me - it's that simple."

Each word that came out of Tangning's mouth was clear and precise - full of power. Making Mina, who originally misunderstood her, look at her in admiration.

What a strong character!

"Tangning, I've said it before, this is the most important time for Mo Yurou. Everyone in Tianyi should be helping her get through this obstacle." Han Yufan verbally attacked Tangning angrily, "Can you not be so selfish?"

"The reason she's faced with an obstacle is because of you. I've said it before, no matter how much you want to support her, I have no opinion and don't care, but...if she wants to advance by stepping on me, I will only make her fall pitifully."

"Tangning, Mina long as you say it, Yurou can still participate in the Secret photo shoot. She doesn't have much time left, she will be partaking in the Top Ten Model Awards soon."

"Why must I agree? If she is having difficulties, it is her problem, why is it my obligation to help her? Is there a law for it?" Tangning asked in an amused tone. "Isn't Ruoxue Jie really capable? Get her to secure a job with another magazine..."

"Tangning, don't go too far," Han Ruoxue stomped her feet in anger.

Mina couldn't be bothered to continue watching Tianyi's people fight amongst each other. She gently patted Tangning's shoulder and said, "Tangning, I'll wait outside. Tell me your decision after half an hour. Whether it will be a solo shoot or a shoot with you and Mo Yurou, you decide."

"Thank you, Mina," Tangning nodded. It was good timing, as she had much more to say that wasn't convenient to say in front of outsiders.

"I've asked for a few bodyguards to stand guard at the door, if anyone wants to do anything to you, just scream."

Tangning smiled again and looked at Lin Wei and Long Jie, hinting that in this situation, she may not necessarily be at a disadvantage. As soon as Mina left the room, Han Ruoxue slammed her hand on the table and questioned Tangning, "What is it that you want?"

"This is not how you treat someone you are asking a favor from..." Tangning said firmly to Han Ruoxue. "What your brother has done, I am sure you already know. In this industry, it is clear that the strong get all the support, while the weak get stepped all over. I know it doesn't matter what I say to you. Since we both hate the look of each other, what's the point of working together? You should go plead to someone else."

Han Ruoxue's eyes were red, but at this moment, there was nothing she could do.

After all, she was the manager of a different company. The fact that she was helping Tianyi was already a breach of her contract; she couldn't help Mo Yurou out in the open.

Plus, chances didn't come around easily.

So, she had no choice but to soften her tone, "Tell me what you want Tangning, if you go too far, both of us won't benefit from it."

"Mo Yurou said I stole something that belonged to her."

"No, Mo Yurou needs your guidance," Han Ruoxue clenched her teeth as she responded to Tangning. In reality, she wanted so desperately for Tangning to immediately disappear.

Tangning also felt the same towards her. However, the provocation from these people in front of her, made her understand, if she couldn't reason with them, she should make a choice to benefit herself. So, after taking a quick glance at Mo Yurou's defiant expression, she raised her eyebrows and said, "I'll give Mo Yurou a chance...under one condition."

"Speak," Han Ruoxue said as she held back her anger.

"I want Tianyi to promise from now on, who I work with, will be decided by me personally. In other words, I will take on whatever job I want, Tianyi has no right to step in. They also have no right to arrange for jobs I do not agree to," Tangning said straightforwardly.

"That's impossible," Han Ruoxue was firm, "What difference would this be to canceling your contract or opening a personal studio?"

"You can turn it down, after all, in the end, I will still make it happen. But, are you sure, Mo Yurou can continue to wait?"

Han Ruoxue glanced at Han Yufan. They both looked down and contemplated for a moment. In the end, Han Ruoxue told Tangning: "At most, I can only allow you to voice your opinion. In other words, we won't arrange jobs for you without you knowing. In regards to your choice of clients, the company definitely needs to be in control, otherwise, if you randomly choose to work with cheap no-name companies, what would happen to our company's reputation?"

"Tangning, no artist can tread on top of their company's head."

"The company can be in control, but...I need all the higher-ups to be present whenever a decision is made because I no longer have trust in Han Yufan."

"Other companies provide their artists with the best resources. I don't expect you to do that for me, I just don't want you to interfere. One more not tie Mo Yurou into everything."

Han Ruoxue sneered. She didn't believe Tangning was capable of much, all this was just a rash decision. Once Mo Yurou's status was elevated, Tianyi wouldn't have any difficulty defaming Tangning again. When the time comes, she would create a problem for Tangning that she was sure Tangning wouldn't be able to get herself out of.

So she agreed - right now, this was the best decision she could make.

Since she couldn't directly step all over Tangning, all she could do was...make her share a stage with Mo Yurou. She couldn't wait to see, with a top manager like herself, whether Tangning could manage to be better than Mo Yurou.

"I agree," Han Ruoxue responded as she nodded her head.

Translator's notes:

* the mantis stalks the cicada, but behind them lurks the oriole (螳螂捕蝉黄雀在后) - an idiom used to explain someone who is short-sighted and only focuses on the gains before them without seeing the bigger picture; unaware of other dangers.

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