Transmigrated As A Delicate Bundle Of Luck For A Farming Family

Chapter 542 - 542 Taking in a Disciple

542 Taking in a Disciple

“It’s just a small matter. Go back. If I can’t handle it, I’ll look for him. I’ve already taken so many good things for him to eat. It’s only right for me to ask for some.”

Su Xiaolu waved her hand. It was naturally better to have Zhou Zhi’s help. It was more convenient, but she still wanted to do her own things herself.

If there was a need, she would not feel embarrassed to ask. She had saved Zhou Zhi so many times, so it was only right for her to take advantage of him.

Jin Qi touched his nose and nodded.

If Su Xiaolu didn’t want him to follow, he wouldn’t. He would listen to her instructions.

Su Xiaolu came to An Lie’s house.

She knocked on the door and a soft female voice came from inside. “Who is it?”

“Su Lu, I’m here for An Lie and An Cheng.”

Su Xiaolu guessed that this should be An Lie’s sister, An Xiaoou.

Soon, the door opened. Su Xiaolu saw a woman who looked a little like An Lie. Her face was paler and she looked like she rarely saw sunlight.

“Hello, my brother and uncle have gone to pack up the boat. They’ll be back soon. Come in and sit for a while.”

An Xiaoou invited Su Xiaolu into the house.

An Lie’s house was relatively simple and crude. There was not much furniture and supplies. Some places that looked like they should have furniture were empty.

“I’m a doctor. Do you mind if I take your pulse?”

An Lie had said that his sister and mother were both seriously ill. How much better were they after eating the arowana?

An Xiaoou nodded. “Sure.”

“Sit down for a while. I’ll get you some water.”

Regarding Su Xiaolu, An Lie and An Cheng had already told them that she was a trustworthy collaborator. An Xiaoou had a good impression of Su Xiaolu.

Mother An looked at Su Xiaolu and asked gently, “Young man, how old are you?”

“Auntie, I’m 13 this year.”

Su Xiaolu smiled.

“Then you’re my daughter’s age.”

Mother An smiled gently. Her eyes could now see clearly. She felt as if she had been reborn. She also knew about the fishing plan. She supported this matter.

Arowana meat was comparable to divine pills. If An Cheng’s leg could grow back, he would be able to live a normal life, get married, and have children.

Su Xiaolu was their partner, and Mother An returned the greatest kindness to him. She only hoped that everyone would be satisfied with this cooperation.

Su Xiaolu smiled and checked Mother An’s pulse.

Mother An’s pulse was stable and her body was a little weak, but there was a force that kept nourishing her. This must be the effect of the arowana.

Su Xiaolu took back her hand and said, “You’re recovering very well.”

Su Xiaolu took An Xiaoou’s pulse again. An Xiaoou had a heart disease. After eating the arowana meat, her heart disease had also healed. She also had a weak foundation and was the kind of woman who could not do heavy work.

An Xiaoou said softly, “Young Master, thank you for helping my brother and giving me a healthy body. I don’t feel stuffy when I walk now, nor will I wake up from suffocation in the middle of the night. I feel very comfortable.”

This miracle could not be explained clearly with words.

Only she knew how comfortable it was to have a healthy heart.

“Yes, you’re recovering well.”

Su Xiaolu retracted her hand. She thought that she would know when she looked at An Cheng’s leg again when he came back.

The effect of the arowana meat was really shocking.

Su Xiaolu did not have to wait long before An Lie and An Cheng returned.

When he saw Su Xiaolu, An Cheng couldn’t wait to say to her, “Young Master, are you ready? We can go out to sea now. Last night, my leg grew another half an inch. You’ll never guess that under this flesh, bones grow together.”

An Cheng was very excited. This meant that as long as he continued to eat arowana meat, his leg would really be no different from before in time.

An Lie’s face was a little red. He said to Su Xiaolu, “Su Lu, I don’t know what’s going on. I feel like my blood is surging today. My nose bled a few times.”

Su Xiaolu looked at An Lie and said, “Give me your hand. Let me see.”

An Lie reached out and Su Xiaolu took his pulse.

She looked at An Lie. “Have you never practiced martial arts before?”

An Lie shook his head. “No, but I’m quite skilled. Everyone says so.”

Su Xiaolu looked at An Lie, not knowing if she should call him lucky or unlucky.

An Lie was very suitable for learning martial arts and had good potential. However, he had already missed the best age. His bones were long dead and some of his meridians were sealed. However, after eating the arowana meat for the past few days, a trace of Internal force had grown in his body.

He did not know any mental cultivation techniques. He could not find a place to place his Internal force, so the energy could only barge around in his body. His blood was surging, and it was normal for his nose to bleed. He was bleeding to relieve the pressure. In such a dangerous situation, he only had nosebleeds.

An Lie was a little uneasy. “Su Lu, am I alright?”

Su Lu’s expression was very complicated. He couldn’t understand it, but he knew that this wasn’t good, so An Lie was very nervous.

Su Xiaolu said, “Sit down. I’ll guide you how to cultivate. In the future, you can often cultivate your internal energy. My mental cultivation techniques were taught to me by my Master. If you learn my mental cultivation techniques, you have to call me Master.”

She suddenly had to take in a disciple. Su Xiaolu decided to accept An Lie. This was fate.

An Lie was in a daze and did not know if he should agree.

“Think about it. If you don’t agree and let this energy surge through your body, it might not be as easy as a nosebleed next time.”

If An Lie was unwilling, she would not do anything. Otherwise, she would be injured by the Internal force.

“I-I agree. It’s fine as long as you don’t think I’m too old…”

An Lie said shyly.

Usually, the older one would take in a disciple. Su Lu was much younger than him, so it felt a little strange. After all, he was an adult and wasn’t as smart as a child, but as long as he didn’t mind, he was willing.

“Alright, relax now. I’ll transfer my Internal force into your body. Don’t resist and listen to my instructions.”

Su Xiaolu had a serious expression as she injected her Internal force into An Lie’s body. She had practiced martial arts more and her Internal force had already taken shape. It was pure and thick energy. She led An Lie and calmed his chaotic Internal Breath.

Finally, it stabilized in his dantian.

“Seal the internal force in your dantian. In the future, when you use Qinggong, it will also be drawn out from there. When you have nothing to do, circulate your Internal Breath frequently.”

Su Xiaolu retracted her Internal force. An Lie’s chaotic Internal Breath had already calmed down, and his complexion had returned to normal.

An Lie was very suitable to practice martial arts. His meridians were very large, which meant that his internal functions would be very powerful in the future.

However, he also had his flaws. He was an adult and his foundation in martial arts was unstable. Even if he had Internal force, he would not be able to achieve a powerful level. If he did not train hard, he would just be slightly stronger than ordinary people.

“After this, I’ll formulate a method for you to practice martial arts. Don’t be afraid of hard work. Practice well. Only when your foundation is stable can you learn martial arts in the future,” Su Xiaolu said seriously.

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