Thrown Into A New World: Let The Punishment Begin!

Chapter 8 - What Are You?


Yvonne held her ears to shield it from the loud noise and shut her eyes.

'Did something explode? Am I dead?' She peeked through one eye to see what the evil entity possessing Butler Powell's body had done to her.

But she quickly opened her other eye and looked around at her surroundings in awe.

'Huh? Is this Heaven?' She looked at the clouds that went through her and she put her hand forward to feel it.


"This isn't Heaven but I can send you there with just a snap of my finger." She paused when she heard Butler Powell's voice and turned back to face him.

'Though I doubt if such a horrible woman would be allowed inside.' He thought and sneered.

He then smiled with a sinister glint in his eyes as he pointed downwards and Yvonne looked down to see what he was pointing at.

The moment she looked down, she felt dizzy and she almost passed out but thanks to the rush of adrenaline that surged through her body, she sprang up and hung onto Butler Powell's neck.

"Get off me! You stinky human!" He tried to shake her off but the more he pushed her away, the more she clung onto him.

"No fucking way!!" She cried out and coiled her feet around his waist.

When Yvonne had looked down earlier, she saw that her bare feet were standing on thin air and she could even see an airplane flying underneath from where they stood.

Only an idiot would let go in such a dangerous situation and so she held on to his neck tighter. 

She looked like a baby koala hugging a branch but the only person seeing that sight was not in the least bit amused.


Butler Powell snapped his fingers and Yvonne's body suddenly moved away.

'What's happening?' Yvonne felt her body being yanked backward and she tried to hold on to the sleeve of his shirt but her hands slipped away.

"Calm down will you! You won't fall, I'm holding onto you." He dusted his jacket and said with a scowl.

Right now, Yvonne was floating mid-air and she tried her best to calm her senses when she heard him. 

Slowly she placed her foot down on a passing cloud and saw that she could stand on it.

When she balanced her body's weight on it, the force safely holding her disappeared and she instantly panicked while trying to see where Butler Powell was.

"I've enchanted it, you can stand on it and it will not disappear." He hurriedly said when he saw that she was thinking of pouncing on him again.

Getting his assurance, she stood firm on it and even jumped a few times when she realized that she wouldn't slip through it.

'If I fall through here, my body will smash to the ground and make a 'KERSPLAT' sound just like in the comics. Thank God, Butler Powell enchanted this cloud.' She stabilized her breathing with her eyes closed.

"Stop calling me Butler Powell. As if I would have such a bland and boring name!" He huffed and she opened her eyes and looked at him.

"So what should I call you? But before that WHAT are you?" Yvonne questioned him.

She was already aware that this was not a dream thanks to that super hard slap that she had given herself. 

So the question was, who exactly is this man because there was no way in hell that Butler Powell could do something so magical and terrifying.

"Wear this." He handed her a classic pair of black aviators and gestured for her to put it on when she was still admiring it.

"This guy is making me itch. Hurry!" He urged her while scratching his neck.

Yvonne put the shades on and immediately closed her eyes when she saw a bright and blinding light flashed before her.

After a few seconds, the blinding light gradually faded out but it was still bright.

"Now take them off and slowly open your eyes." He commanded and she did as she was told.

When she slowly opened her eyes, they started adjusting to the light and after a few seconds she could see who was standing before her or should she say 'what' was standing before her.

Yvonne stared at the magnificent and huge blue bird flying in front of her. It was the size of a limousine and looked regal and mighty.

Its feathers were royal blue with its ends a sparkling golden and it had a long flowy tail with only golden feathers on it.

The bird had mesmerizing steel grey eyes that looked like they could peep into your soul.

Seeing Yvonne lost in his looks, the bird cleared his throat but it came out as a squeaky sound.

"Gorgeous, aren't I?" He flew in a circle around Yvonne and showed off his beautiful body.

"Sure but have you brought me here just to ask that, huh big bird?" Yvonne woke from her daze and directly asked him.

'I brought her to my territory just so that she might see my real form and this is how she reacts? Ungrateful!' He narrowed his grey eyes at her and she took a step away.

'I don't know what shots I'll have to get if those sharp talons scratch me.' She looked at his feet vigilantly.

"Are you saying that I have diseases?" He roared when he heard what she was thinking.

Yvonne had forgotten that this guy could hear her thoughts and wondered what she must do to calm this raging big bird down.

"I was just trying to save myself, what if you unintentionally hurt me with those death blades you have on your feet?" She defended herself and he paused.

"Then your body would just be cut in two and your soul would evaporate without a trace." He said as if it wasn't a big deal at all.

Yvonne widened her eyes and rapidly stepped away from his reach.

"Why have you brought me here?" She carefully asked, fearing for her life and saw his expressions change.

"Finally the human speaks something of value." He gave a low laugh and flew forward.

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