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This Curse Is Just Awesome

This Curse Is Just Awesome





This Curse Is Just Awesome

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After transmigrating, Chen Yu found himself in a highly militarized world. But the “will of the world” had concluded that he was an intruder and put a curse on him.

[Effect of the Curse: State reversal]

[Cultivation in progress: Internal strength -1, -2, -1, -21……]

[Physical training in progress: Obesity +1; Weakness +1; Strength -1; Endurance -1……]

Chen Yu grumbled, “This is really too much! I am not going to practice anymore!”

[Lazing in progress: Internal strength +1, +2, +2, +1……]

[Burning the midnight oil in progress: Health +1; Immunity +1; Lung function +1; Exhaustion -1……]

[Indulgence in progress: Health +4; Energy +3; Strength +3; Internal strength +20; Lifespan +2; Time as a sage -5……]

This curse… is really marvelous!