The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]

Chapter 2: WHO IS THIS FAIRY??

Chapter 2: WHO IS THIS FAIRY??

LUO YAN slowly opened his eyes. It felt like there's an elephant stepping on his eyelids. It was so heavy, he could barely open it. Then the first thing he saw was a white ceiling. The smell of strong disinfectants invaded his nostrils. In the silence, the only thing he could hear was the beeping sound of the machine beside his bed. It didn't take long for him to realize where he was.

A hospital room.

Why was he in a hospital? Then as if answering his question, memories just came crashing down inside his mind.

The first thing he remembered was happily going out of his college dormitory. It was his first day at his new job so he was pretty excited. He left early because he wanted to give a good impression to his superiors. But just as he was about to leave, a potted plant fell straight to his face.

Luo Yan really thought that that was his end. But seeing as he was able to wake up again, looked like he didn't die after all. Then how about his job? Did someone inform them of what happened to him? They wouldn't just fire him because of this, right? It was totally an accident. It was not even his fault. It was the fault of whoever stupid guy that dropped that potted plant. Luo Yan swore if he found out who that was, punching them was not even enough.

How long had he been here anyway?

Luo Yan tried to move but found that he couldn't. He started to panic. What if that potted plant actually hurt his brain and he somehow ended up paralyzed? No, wait. His hands and feet could still feel sensations. In fact, his whole body was actually quite in a lot of pain. Aside from that, he also felt very weak. Well, at least this meant that he wasn't paralyzed. But even so, Luo Yan didn't like this weakened state.

Then he heard the door opening. When he slowly turned his head, he saw a nurse coming in. The nurse's eyes turned as big as a saucer when she saw him. She immediately walked towards the phone attached to the wall. "Hello, yes, please call Dr. Han. The patient in the VIP room just woke up. No, I'm serious. Why would I even joke about that?"

VIP room? Why would he be put in the VIP room? Was the one who caused this accident actually a rich young master? He felt guilty, paid for Luo Yan's hopitalization, and put him into a VIP room? How generous. But come to think of it, that's definitely something he should do. He's the reason why he's in the hospital after all.

The nurse walked up to the side of his bed. "Do you feel any discomfort?" she asked kindly.

"J-just a--"

Luo Yan stopped. What's this? Why couldn't he speak properly? He wanted to try again but every vibration in his throat hurt like hell. It's like he hadn't use his vocal chords for quite a long time.

"It's okay. You don't have to force yourself. I'm sorry if big sister suddenly asked you a question. I'm sure you're pretty confused right now. But don't worry, your doctor will soon come and he will do a thorough check on you. Everything will be alright."

Okay. That's kind of creepy. Why was this nurse talking to him as if he's a child?

"But this is really a miracle. Your family will be very happy once they know you're awake."

His family? No, that's impossible. Those greedy bastards probably didn't even know that he's in the hospital.

"H-ho...w l-long... sl-slee... ping?"

"Oh, how long have you been asleep?" Luo Yan nodded. The nurse suddenly gazed at him pitifully. "It's been seven years, second young master Luo."

If Luo Yan could speak, he would have probably already shouted. Seven years? Seven freaking years?! He's been in a coma for that long? No wonder he felt so weak. No wonder he couldn't even speak. Then how about his job? He's probably been already fired long ago. What would happen now to his golden future?

He wanted to kill someone. Preferably the jerk who pushed that potted plant. Luo Yan didn't care if it was an accident or not. He didn't even care that he didn't shirk from his responsibility and put him in this VIP room. It's not enough. Seven years! He lost seven years of his life! Luo Yan would definitely bleed the bastard dry until he had no money left in his account. He would definitely get what he was owed.

Then Luo Yan suddenly remembered what the nurse called him. Second young master Luo. Why would she call him that? Add that to the other things she said and there's already a vague guess in his heart. But how could that be? This was not some . This was real life. But what if his guess was right?


"You want a mirror?"

Luo Yan nodded once again.

Although the nurse was a bit confused why this young master suddenly asked for a mirror, she still took the compact mirror she always carried from her pocket. She held it in front of the beautiful teenager.

Luo Yan eyes widened when he saw the reflection in the mirror. In the mirror was a teenager who looked about 14, 15 years old. He had long black hair that seemed soft to the touch, big peach blossom eyes surrounded by long eyelashes, a small upturned nose, lips that seemed pale but still had a pink tinge to it, not too mention, the overly white skin that seemed too delicate.

Who the hell was this fairy?!

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