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Chapter 1334 - Chapter 1334 Informing Against Distributing Centers of Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Chapter 1334 Informing Against Distributing Centers of Traditional Chinese Medicine!

“A lot of them?”

When he heard what He Xue said, Fang Qiu was overjoyed.

Just now, he was wondering if he should go to the other villages. Perhaps, there would be herb farmers who had been working on planting indigenous medicinal herbs like Shan.


It seemed that he couldn’t find more such farmers.

Since Shan graduated from the University of Chinese Medicine, he was determined to grow indigenous medicinal herbs in his hometown. Unlike him, other growers had never studied Chinese Medicine in college. Thus, they would not dedicate themselves to pursuing higher-quality traditional Chinese medicine. They planted medicinal herbs purely and simply for the money.

Moreover, according to Shan’s parents, no one nearby was willing to grow indigenous medicinal herbs, for it was a losing proposition.

In this situation…

The chances that other farmers were growing indigenous medicinal herbs in the nearby villages were close to zero. After all, if there were any similar farmers, Shan and his family should have heard about them.

After He Xue’s call, Fang Qiu knew he would soon be busy. Obviously, it was impossible for him to investigate them all on his own.

Therefore, he could only quickly arrange for his men to do this job.

“Yes, there are a lot of them.”

He Xue laughed and said, “They were all college students studying Chinese Medicine. They want to start a business and fulfill their dreams. Thus, they all chose to plant indigenous medicinal herbs. But I just heard all of this from them. The real situation is still unknown. We don’t know many things like whether their medicinal herbs are indigenous and whether the quality is good enough.”

“I’m on my way back now. Send some people immediately to make on-the-spot investigations. If their goods meet our requirements, buy them. We need all kinds of Chinese medicinal herbs.”

Fang Qiu ordered.

“Trust me.”

He Xue replied, “I’ve already dispatched some people. I guarantee every one of them is an expert in testing medicinal herbs. In addition, the contracts and other necessities have been prepared. We’ve finished writing the terms for the second visit. Before we officially purchase the medicinal herbs, we will conduct another round of inspections. This way, even if the first batch of investigators makes any mistakes, we can screen growers again before formally buying the medicinal herbs. Through this rigorous selection process, we can confirm we collect qualified indigenous medicinal herbs!

“Well done.”

Fang Qiu smiled and nodded with satisfaction.

“Besides, according to your arrangement, I’ve sent people to the different regions. Next, they will rent mountains and sow the seeds. Indigenous medicinal herbs, wild and farm-grown, can be cultivated at the same time.”

He Xue continued to report.


Fang Qiu nodded and said, “Okay. I’ll leave it to you. As for me, I’ll carry out the next plan: cracking down on counterfeit goods!”

“You can rest assured.”

He Xue replied, “There are many people who sincerely care about Chinese Medicine. They have been quietly helping us. Although I don’t know who they are, I can feel it. My sixth sense is always accurate.”

“Justice may be delayed, but it will not be denied!”

Fang Qiu said.

He hung up the phone.

Fang Qiu left the village where Shan’s family lived. While looking for a vehicle heading for the city, he used his phone to search the nearby cities online and the information about their medical conditions.

In the end, he chose Ningjiang City in Jiangzhe Province.

He found Ningjiang Chinese Medicine Hospital’s phone number and called the hospital directly, saying he wanted to see patients there for a day.

After he thought carefully, Fang Qiu realized that he hadn’t seen any patients in the past two months, but no one noticed this trivial matter because of the Foundation’s crisis.

For him, seeing patients was different from working.

This was a rule set by Fang Qiu himself. Instead of forcing himself to do anything he hated, this rule reminded him to do what he must and liked to do.

After receiving Fang Qiu’s call, the people of the Ningjiang Chinese Medicine Hospital were thrilled. Yet, they did not publicize the news online, according to Fang Qiu’s request.


No one should publicize Fang Qiu’s arrival online when he came to see patients. It seemed to have become an unwritten rule for all the Chinese Medicine Hospitals. After all, releasing the news online would not bring them much benefit. Instead, it would disrupt the medical treatment order of the hospitals.

As long as Fang Qiu’s name was printed in any bulletin, the locals would flood in for the consultation. Fang Qiu would not finish examining them within 24 hours.

In this case, announcing his coming online was asking for trouble. Therefore, no one wanted to do this.

After Fang Qiu confirmed the schedule…

He returned to the county and got on the bus to Ningjiang City. That night, he arrived at the hospital. In the meantime, doctors in the hospital told the patients in advance that they could start making an appointment with Fang Qiu.

These patients certainly would not go online to spread the news. After all, the competition for the consultation with Fang Qiu was exceedingly fierce.

The hospital gave the first 50 slots to the local critically ill patients. Other patients understood the arrangement and queued to make an appointment with Fang Qiu.

Sure enough…

Even without publicity, the number of patients waiting to see Fang Qiu didn’t decrease.

Another day was gone. Fang Qiu worked from 8 o’clock in the morning to 8 o’clock the next morning. After 24 hours, he finally finished seeing all the patients who had made appointments.

Fang Qiu’s task was fulfilled.

He began his following plan.

Lowering the prices of the whole Chinese Medicine market was not Fang Qiu’s real purpose. His most critical goal was to revive Chinese Medicine. He knew that as long as shoddy herbs existed, it would be challenging for Chinese Medicine to develop.

The medicine quality directly affected the treatment outcome of Chinese Medicine doctors.

The inferior drugs might aggravate the patient’s curable illness and ultimately cause his death!

And even worse…

The previous four patients became terminally ill soon after taking substandard drugs.

One after another, similar tragedies were happening all over the country.


Every time such a thing happened, Chinese Medicine would be questioned by a large number of people. Gradually, as more and more people doubted the efficacy of Chinese Medicine, fewer and fewer people were inclined to see Chinese Medicine doctors. As a result, Chinese Medicine would gradually stop developing and end up in a desperate situation.


To solve the development problem of Chinese Medicine, Fang Qiu had to crack down on fake drugs!

But how would he do that?

The most straightforward way was to go to the distributing centers of Chinese medicinal herbs!

After Fang Qiu left the Ningjiang Chinese Medicine Hospital…

He bought some things and disguised himself. Wearing a hat, he went straight to the distributing center of Chinese medicinal herbs in Jiangzhe City, the provincial capital of Jiangzhe Province.

In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, Jiangzhe Province was also a main production area of many indigenous medicinal herbs. Among them, the most famous one was called Zhebawei.

Zhebawei was composed of eight kinds of herbs in Jiangzhe Province: rhizome of large-headed atractylodes, radix paeoniae alba, fritillaria thunbergii, Hangzhou white chrysanthemum, rhizoma corydalis, radix scrophulariae, common turmeric, Hang lilyturf root.

For this reason…

There was a large-scale distributing center of Chinese medicinal herbs in Jiangzhe City. Locals called it the Chinese medicine market!


Fang Qiu arrived at the distributing center.

He walked around and checked out these stores one by one.

As he was walking…

All of a sudden…

“Damn. Fucking asshole. Don’t be so arrogant and aggressive! When Fang Qiu halves the prices of Chinese medicinal herbs, I’ll wait for you to beg me!”

Someone was grumbling and swearing.

Fang Qiu heard the voice and looked over.

A middle-aged man walked out of the medicine store before him. His face was clouded over with anger. It seemed as if he had just quarreled with the store owner.

The man strode over, flung his sleeves, and was about to leave.

“Hello, Sir.”

In a flash, Fang Qiu called out to the man and stopped him. While sizing him up, he approached him.

Upon closer inspection…

He was wearing a nice suit. At first glance, Fang Qiu knew this man must have come here for business. It seemed he was here to buy Chinese medicinal herbs wholesale.

“What’s up?”

Hearing Fang Qiu’s shout, the middle-aged man stopped and turned to look at Fang Qiu.

“Well,” Fang Qiu walked up with a smile and said, “I’m new here. Locals recommended the medicine store you just left, but you looked angry. So, could you please tell me how this store is? Did the locals make a mistake in introducing it to me?”

“I, I’m not angry. I just feel aggrieved!”

The middle-aged man took a long slow breath and said, “Young man, you’re also running a retail pharmacy, aren’t you? It’s hard for us to earn some money in this industry. These wholesalers of medicinal herbs are really evil. They’re all black-hearted businessmen!”

“What do you mean?”

Fang Qiu asked.

“Were you aware that Fang Qiu held a press conference a few days ago?”

The middle-aged man asked.

“Sure, I know.”

Fang Qiu nodded knowingly and said, “He is going to rectify the situation of the Chinese medicinal herbs market!”

“That’s right.”

The middle-aged man nodded and said, “After Fang Qiu’s press conference, the wholesaler agreed to cut prices by about a third for me. Today, I came specially to sign a contract with him, but he refused to honor the agreement when I arrived at his store. He told me I could only purchase the herbs at their original prices!”

“Is that true?”

Fang Qiu pretended to be surprised and said, “But you reached an agreement. How could the store owner do that? You must have misunderstood each other, haven’t you?”

“There was no misunderstanding between us. He made a verbal promise to me. Now, he refused to honor that promise. Only a black-hearted businessman would do this, right?”

The middle-aged man grumbled, “It was because they heard that everyone began to resist Fang Qiu together. They wouldn’t let Fang Qiu bring down prices to damage their interests. Thus, they joined forces to maintain the original prices without giving any discount. If Fang Qiu came to buy the herbs, they would threaten to sell their herbs at higher prices. In this way, Fang Qiu could no longer get low-priced medicinal herbs. Even if Fang Qiu had money to adopt subsidy policies, he couldn’t lower the prices of Chinese medicinal herbs!”

“I see.”

Fang Qiu nodded understandingly.

“Young man, don’t look around here. Let’s come back one month later. I believe Fang Qiu can deal with these black-hearted businessmen.”

The middle-aged man said.


Fang Qiu nodded knowingly and said, “Thank you for the information, Sir.”

Soon after…

He watched the middle-aged man leave.

After he left, Fang Qiu turned his head and glanced at the medicine wholesale shops. He couldn’t help but sneer.

As expected, they made their moves!

“They all united to deal with me in an attempt to stop me from lowering the prices of Chinese medicinal herbs.”


He gave a cold snort inwardly.

Fang Qiu continued to visit the stores one by one.

After going around this place, he found what Mr. Zhao had reported was true. Half of the herbs sold by these wholesalers were shoddy ones. Besides, some of them were really low-quality herbs.

Whenever he found a store selling inferior herbs, he recorded its name.

In the end, after taking a brief tour around this market of traditional Chinese medicine, Fang Qiu called the police, the Food and Drug General Administration, and the Industrial and Commercial Bureau!

These fake drugs had an impact on people’s lives. These officials might turn a blind eye to this issue. But no official department dared to delay whenever anyone reported this situation.

Sure enough…

It didn’t take long for law enforcers from all government departments to arrive!

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