The Mafia's Crybaby Wife

Chapter 40 - Are You Looking Forward to My Kiss?

Chapter 40: Are You Looking Forward to My Kiss?

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Yan Yunge lay flat on the yoga mat and Lu An’an pressed on his legs with trembling hands. Yan Yunge’s body was right in front of her. He was only wearing a pair of gray sports shorts. The rest of his body could be seen. Yan Yunge began to do his sit-ups. His muscles bulged, forming beautiful muscle lines. They were very close together. Lu An’an closed her eyes in fear, thinking that he would kiss her. However, the next moment, Yan Yunge was already back down on the yoga mat.

Lu An’an opened her eyes and looked at Yan Yunge. She secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Immediately, Yan Yunge did another sit-up. The sudden close distance made Lu An’an feel a little uneasy. This time, Yan Yunge was not in a hurry to go down. Instead, he looked at Lu An’an with a smile.

“What? Are you looking forward to me kissing you with your eyes closed?” Yan Yunge teased.

Lu An’an’s face turned red. She was speechless. Yan Yunge lay down again. He kept moving closer and closer to her each time he did a sit-up, teasing Lu An’an that he wanted to kiss her. Soon, Yan Yunge’s movements slowed down. His forehead was already soaked in sweat. Lu An’an did not have a spare hand to wipe off Yan Yunge’s sweat.

The sweat trickled down Yan Yunge’s beautiful jaw line and fell into Yan Yunge’s collarbone socket. It was a different kind of sexy. Lu An’an was stunned for a moment.

Yan Yunge finished his sit-ups and sat cross-legged on the yoga mat. He threw his towel to Lu An’an. “Honey, your hands are weak. Wipe my sweat,” Yan Yunge said softly as if he was acting coquettishly.

Lu An’an picked up the towel. The soft towel covered Yan Yunge’s forehead and slowly slid to his collarbone. When it moved to his chest, Lu An’an’s movements stopped. His protruding nipples were really eye-catching. Lu An’an regained her focus and continued wiping his chest, his abdominal muscles, and then his back.

Yan Yunge’s body was carefully traced by Lu An’an’s eyes. A clear imprint was left in her mind. Even after Lu An’an finished showering after they returned home, Yan Yunge’s body was still flashing in her mind.

When Yan Yunge was still in the bathroom taking a bath. Lu An’an subconsciously glanced at the glass door of the bathroom that was covered in water mist. She quickly retracted her gaze. She was no different from a pervert now! After Yan Yunge went to bed, Lu An’an lay beside him. After a while, she could feel Yan Yunge’s warm body beside her.

The lights were still on. Yan Yunge dug her out from the blanket and held her in his arms. Lu An’an’s face instantly turned red. “Are you looking forward to me kissing you?” Yan Yunge asked with a smile. Without waiting for her to answer, he kissed her.

Lu An’an’s kissing skills had not improved. She did not know how to breathe, so she could only give in.

Yan Yunge’s was initially very gentle. He licked Lu An’an’s tender lips, as if he was tasting a honey pot. After Lu An’an gradually got more comfortable, he started kissing her more intensely. Lu An’an felt her tongue go numb. She became dizzy and her lips were also in pain. When Yan Yunge let go of her, she took a long time to calm down.

“Honey, do you want to feel the results of my training?” Yan Yunge’s voice was low and gentle, like a siren trying to bewitch Lu An’an. Yan Yunge’s eyes were very serious, seriously asking for Lu An’an’s opinion.

Lu An’an could feel her own beating heart. She nervously closed his eyes, tacitly agreeing to Yan Yunge’s request.

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