The Mafia's Crybaby Wife

Chapter 23 - Get Bigger Again

Chapter 23: Get Bigger Again

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Lu An’an could feel her temperature rising. She instantly understood what Yan Yunge was doing, and she could see his manhood getting bigger.

Yan Yunge gently licked Lu An’an’s earlobe softly. “What? Are you actually trying to seduce me?” Yan Yunge whispered into Lu An’an’s ear with a smile. Lu An’an was stunned and at a loss of how to reply. Yan Yunge was clearly the instigator of everything.

“No… Can you stop?” Lu An’an said somewhat impatiently. They were too close together. As their breaths intersected, they could even hear each other’s accelerated heartbeat. Lu An’an even felt something pressing against her leg. She did not dare to move, afraid that the thing below her would start to get even bigger,

Yan Yunge saw Lu An’an’s stressed out look, so he reluctantly let go. The moment Lu An’an felt him let go, she immediately got up and ran away in a hurry. She did not dare to go too far. She just sat on the sofa outside the bathroom to calm herself down. After more than ten minutes, Yan Yunge shouted, “Come in, help me rinse off the bubbles.”

Lu An’an’s legs seemed to be frozen in place. She did not dare to enter the bathroom. After strong hesitation, Lu An’an still chose to compromise. They had signed an agreement. For the sake of her family, she had to give in to him. Seeing Yan Yunge covered in bubbles, Lu An’an began to regret coming in.

No matter how much she didn’t want to, she could only accept her fate and help Yan Yunge clean up. By accident, she glanced down, and immediately raised her head to look at Yan Yunge in horror.

He was clearly a sexual sadist!

How could he look up at her so boldly? Lu An’an felt even more uneasy, and her hands moved faster. However, when she started cleaning his legs, she could not help but glance at his manhood. She quickly closed her eyes and wanted to get it over with.

“How are you so perfunctory?” Yan Yunge’s voice was slightly hoarse, as if he had suppressed his impatience for a long time. Lu An’an had no choice but to open her eyes while helping Yan Yunge clean up. She was afraid that he would do something to her.

Then, Yan Yunge put on his bathrobe and stared at Lu An’an with a serious gaze. Yan Yunge had an undisguised smile on his face. It was really fun to see the little girl panic.

Lu An’an helped Yan Yunge back to bed smoothly and then took a shower. After she was done, she looked at Yan Yunge lying on the bed, and then awkwardly crawled into the bed with some hesitation. She held the quilt tightly with her hands and her watery eyes were staring at Yan Yunge. Yan Yunge slowly moved closer to her, which frightened Lu An’an.

What was Yan Yunge trying to do! Was he trying to force her into having sex with him? She was not ready!

Just as Lu An’an was indulging in her wild thoughts, the originally bright room turned dark. It was now time for them to sleep.

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