The Lucky Bride Is Pretty And Delicate

Chapter 518 - 518 Not necessarily

518 Not necessarily

Mu Cong looked at Su Yanyu seriously. “Lord Su, I want to enter the army.”

He believed that Su Yanyu was sincere in offering help. Therefore, he did not beat around the bush and said it bluntly.

Su Yanyu nodded. “No problem. Which army camp do you want to go to?”

Mu Cong replied instantly. “I want to go to the general’s army camp.”


Su Yanyu thought for a moment. “General Fu, Fu Gui?”

Mu Cong nodded. Fu Gui had been through hundreds of battles. Although he had lost an arm, it was always a good idea to follow an experienced general.

If the general was not chosen properly, one might be killed easily on the battlefield because of a wrong tactic.

Su Yanyu said, “No problem. I’ll help you talk to the person in charge later.”

Mu Cong was sincerely grateful to Su Yanyu. “Thank you, Lord Su. I will never forget your kindness.”

Su Yanyu waved his hand. “There’s no need to be so polite. If I’m in trouble one day, I hope you can also offer me help.”

Li Wei and Cheng Yan looked at Su Yanyu and knew that instead of hesitating, it was better to be straightforward.

Li Wei spoke up. “Your Lordship, I want to join the army too.”

Cheng Yan also chimed in. “I want to join the army too.”

Su Yanyu couldn’t help but ask. “Why do you all want to join the army? You can be civil servants too.”

Li Wei smiled self-mockingly and answered. “Lord Su, we weren’t born in a good family like you. Joining the army is the best way to make a name for ourselves.”

Initially, they followed Su Yanyu because they wanted to lead a comfortable life. However, Su Yanyu had long changed and shed his bad habits. The path he took was completely different from theirs. Su Yanyu was already being very kind to help them at the last moment.

Su Yanyu looked at them. “Alright.”

For the first time, Li Wei and the others clinked glasses with Su Yanyu without going out of their way to flatter and praise him.

As they ate the beef, Su Yanyu looked at the noisy hall below and asked. “Who is that again?”

Mu Cong glanced down and said, “That’s Li Yuntian, the third son of the Right Censor-in-chief. He eats, sleeps, gambles, and goes to the brothel.”

Su Yanyu looked at Li Yuntian, whose face was red from wine, and shook his head. “He looks like a resentful woman. Did something happen?”

Li Wei gave him a thumbs up. “That’s right. Do you know about the engagement between the children of the Left Censor-in-chief and the Right Censor-in-chief? The Right Censor-in-chief, Li Jing, wants to break off the engagement with Zhang Shuangshuang. But Second Miss Zhang doesn’t seem to agree, so this engagement can’t be broken. The Li family has decided to let Li Yuntian marry Zhang Shuangshuang instead, to prevent people from gossiping about the Li family.”

After all, if Zhang Shuangshuang’s engagement was broken off, it would be difficult for her to get married in the future. The Li family did not want to earn a bad reputation. Li Yuntian’s reputation was extremely bad to begin with. Even if he was the legitimate son, he was not capable at all. Which official was willing to marry their daughter to him?

After all, Zhang Shuangshuang was the daughter of the Left Censor-in-chief. If Li Yuntian married Zhang Shuangshuang, he could gain a good reputation in the outside world. The Li family couldn’t care less about Li Yuntian as long as he would marry Zhang Shuangshuang for Li Jing.

Although they said that it was for Zhang Shuangshuang’s own good, in fact, the Li family was doing it for their own good.

Cheng Yan added. “That’s right. Madam Li asked Li Yuntian to marry Zhang Shuangshuang to gain a good reputation. This way, Li JIng and Zhang Yufei can legitimately be together. However, Li Yuntian is dissatisfied. He is the third son and has two elder brothers who are far more outstanding than him. Now that he was asked to marry someone his brother doesn’t want, of course, he is not happy about it.”

Therefore, Li Yuntian was fooling around to vent his anger.

Su Yanyu said disdainfully, “I don’t think he is worthy of Zhang Shuangshuang.”

Which woman would like such a bad person? If other women didn’t like him, would Zhang Shuangshuang like him?

Mu Cong responded calmly. “They are both people who have no choice.”

Zhang Shuangshuang couldn’t change her marriage, and so couldn’t Li Yuntian. Whether they liked each other or not was not something important for the parties concerned.

Su Yanyu couldn’t help but react. “Not necessarily.”

Li Yuntian definitely had no choice, but Zhang Shuangshuang might have.

Su Yanyu recalled that in the palace, Liu Sanniang helped Zhang Shuangshuang. What she said seemed to be a sign of something.

Would one eventually see the light after tearing through the darkness?

Mu Cong and the others looked at Su Yanyu in confusion.

He felt that Su Yanyu was going to cause trouble again… Didn’t he just say he had changed?

Su Yanyu looked at Li Yuntian, who had a vicious expression on his face. He clapped his hands and said to Mu Cong and the others, “Let’s go. Follow me and beat him up.”

The corners of Mu Cong’s mouth twitched. He felt that Su Yanyu had become bolder. He couldn’t help but ask. “Lord Su, why?”

Li Yuntian had never offended Su Yanyu. Why did he suddenly want to hit him?

Su Yanyu shrugged and said, “What do you mean why? I just don’t like him. He’s spineless. If he marries Zhang Shuangshuang, he will definitely not treat her well.”

Su Yanyu had already walked downstairs.

Mu Cong and the others looked at each other, really not understanding. Even so, it had nothing to do with Su Yanyu…

Li Wei shrugged. “I don’t understand.”

Cheng Yan was the same.

But Mu Cong suddenly realized something. “I think I understand a little. Perhaps it has something to do with Miss Liu.”

After hearing Mu Cong’s words, Li Wei and Cheng Yan were enlightened.

They went downstairs.

Su Yanyu rushed up and grabbed Li Yuntian’s clothes from behind, pulling him off the chair.

Li Yuntian was already filled with anger. Now that he was treated like this, he immediately exploded. “Who is it? Do you want to die? How dare you provoke me!”

Su Yanyu punched him. “Who the f*ck do you think you are?”

Li Yuntian staggered and fell to the ground. The surrounding people immediately retreated to watch the show.

Li Yuntian was punched. When he saw Su Yanyu, he recognized him.

He covered his face and suppressed his anger. “So it’s Lord Su. I didn’t mean what I said just now. Please don’t take it to heart, but what did I do to offend you?”

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No one would feel good about being beaten up for no reason.


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