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Chapter 41 – A Simple Leave

Chapter 41 – A Simple Leave

When Blue River and the others left the dungeon, Bound Boat and Flower Lantern were still waiting outside. Before the party went up on TV, the two had already prostrated before Lord Grim in admiration. They were the original party members and they clearly knew the party’s strength. Lord Grim was 100% the reason that they were able to break the clear record by five minutes.

Flower Lantern, who had previously doubted Lord Grim, also felt extremely embarrassed.

Finally, he mumbled: “You really are a God. I bow down, I bow down. I was lacking in manners before.”

On the other side, Bound Boat asked Thundering Light how they cleared the dungeon. Thundering Light spoke, splattering spittle everywhere. Returning Cloud and Lunar Grace repeatedly raised their eyebrows: could you be anymore ridiculous? If you say it like this, then it seemed like we cleared the dungeon in ten minutes.

“Okay, the clear record has been broken.” Ye Xiu said to Blue River.

“Right, right. Strong, strong.” Blue River immediately agreed.

“Brother……” Ye Xiu greedily said.

“Here, here!”

“The items!” Ye Xiu said.

“What items? Oh, oh! Look at me. I was so happy I forgot.” Blue River finally realized that the other side was talking about the promised items, “Bound Boat, the items?”

Blue River hadn’t carried the items on him. Only after Blue River confirmed that they would break the record did Bound Boat go and retrieve the items. In Glory, the character’s movement, jumping, and speed were all affected by how much weight they carried. As a result, when going for clear records or engaging in PK, times when they needed to be at their strongest point, players did their best to lighten up their inventory.

Bound Boat took the items and asked Lord Grim to trade. Ye Xiu accepted and the items were put into the trade box. Astonishingly, there were 72 Strong Spider Silk, 2 Mithril Pendants, and 8 White Wolf Sharp Fangs.

“What?” Ye Xiu didn’t understand. This was his initial proposal and wasn’t the deal he had haggled for.

“Brother, directly beating the clear record by 5 minutes, you don’t know how much effort you’ve saved us.” Blue River said.

“Oh, so it’s like this!” Ye Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He didn’t need these materials to sell. They were all for upgrading the Thousand Chance Umbrella. He only needed 24 Strong Spider Silk. Proposing 72 at the start was just to leave some space for haggling. But in the end, the other side was more than happy to give him 72. Who didn’t want free stuff? Ye Xiu certainly did, so he bluntly accepted it. Then again, what Blue River said also made a lot of sense. Beating the clear record by 5 minutes, it really did save them a lot of time. Otherwise, if they hadn’t, who knew how many times they’d have to contest with the other guilds!

“Thanks!” Ye Xiu said.

“You’re welcome. Brother, look……” Right when he spoke half a sentence, he suddenly grew frantic.

Left! Why did he leave already? After accepting the items, he actually just directly left the guild. Blue River was just about to ask him to stay in their guild. He gave him more items for two reasons. One was to reward him for clearing the dungeon. And the other was because he recognized that he was a super expert and deserved to be bribed.

If only I knew! Blue River thought in grief and indignation. This price had become a business deal when it should have been a way to make friends with him!

“What should I look at?” Ye Xiu, who already left, asked Blue River who had only spoken half a sentence just a moment ago.

“Do you have any space on your friends list. Let’s work together later.” Blue River said without spirit.

“Okay.” Ye Xiu said.

“Brother, do you need to run a dungeon? Are you missing anyone? If you are, just ask me and I’ll call people for you.” Blue River said.

“Oh, I don’t need it. I have other things to do. I’ll be going first then!” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, oh, bye bye.” Blue River’s cheeks streamed with tears as he sent Lord Grim off. Thundering Light, Bound Boat, and the others had already seen the “Lord Grim has left the guild” message in the guild channel. They were all astonished. When they saw him leave, they immediately recovered.

“Why did he leave?” Returning Cloud asked.

“Work’s done, so of course he’s going to leave.” Blue River said unhappily.

“Why didn’t we keep him?” Bound Boat asked.

“With his APM. Him leaving was faster than me speaking.” Blue River said.

This had to do with APM? Everyone was dumbstruck. This Blue River had turned stupid from anger!

“Roping in this type of expert just relying on benefits won’t work. With his skill, coming over to help us would be the same as the benefits we can give. So he didn’t have to think twice. It’s more important to establish a relationship.” Bound Boat said.

“Right! I originally thought like that, but……” Blue River gloomily concluded. What had originally been a way to establish a revolutionary friend in the dungeon had become a business transaction.

“Ai ai, let’s use a honey trap. Hurry up and notify the leader to bring some beauties over.” Thundering Light said.

“Cough cough.” Someone coughed.

“Then let’s match him with Lunar Grace.” Thundering Light added.

“…….” Lunar Grace remained silent and only looked at Lord Grim, who hadn’t completely disappeared out of sight yet.

“Lunar, you’ve been looking in that direction huh? Could it be you……” Flower Lantern circled around Lunar Grace twice.

“You’ve already been itching to go at it?” Thundering Light said.

Lunar Grace didn’t notice what he said and calmly said: “Don’t you guys feel that he’s too strong?”

Everyone was startled and immediately went silent.

“We’re already considered top-tier experts in Glory, right? Even if we weren’t, Blue River definitely is, right? But it looks to me that this guy’s still better by a level. Then what level of an expert would he be at?” Lunar Grace said.

“Cough cough, I haven’t played on a low-leveled account in awhile……” Blue River said.

“We’re all low-leveled.” Lunar reminded.

“His weapon was better than mine. I think it’s an Orange weapon.” Blue River said.

“He still hasn’t changed classes.” Lunar reminded again. In short, everyone all had their good and bad points.

“Fine, I concede. I’m afraid this person’s skill is higher than mine.” Blue River discovered that he couldn’t struggle for his face back, “But Glory has so many players, how can there not be some hidden experts? It’s not like we haven’t seen one. For example, Poplar Beach.”

Once this name was mentioned, everyone suddenly went silent. They all knew that his was a name that Blue River didn’t like.

This person was Blue Brook guild’s recent focus of attention. He didn’t have much of a name before. But in a short period of time, in the Heavenly Domain, he showed his strength in all sorts of battles. As the guild placed more and more value on him, his equipment grew better and better. A lot of people in the Blue Brook Guild had already discussed whether the Five Great Experts should be updated. Of the Five Great Experts, the one who had been compared the most with Poplar Beach was Blue Bridge Spring Snow, Blue River’s main account, because the two player’s classes were the same; they were both Blade Masters.

Blade Masters, due to their WuXia-like playstyle, were Glory’s most popular class.

And after Poplar Beach was discussed about, he wasn’t modest at all. He would often show off his damage records, kill records, what expert he beat in the last arena battle, how he single-handedly dueled how many people in a wild area, and so on, in the guild channel. He clearly wanted to show his superiority over Blue Bridge Spring Snow, who almost went and directly challenged him to a duel a round.

Before that happened, Blue River was ordered to be the leader in the tenth server. In the guild, there were already many rumors saying that this was the guild intentionally giving Poplar Beach a spot by deliberately moving Blue River away.

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