The Great Demon System

Chapter 404 - Pick-up Artist

"Hey, are you gonna talk to someone or not? We're running out of time! Are your standards that high?"

It had been several minutes of just aimless walking, and Rupert had begun getting restless. 

"Stop rushing me! It's not as easy as it looks!" Regrit scratched his head. 

"Is it really though? Let me show you then!" He smiled, looking over towards two girls in the distance that caught his eyes, lined up behind one of the roller coaster rides that were not as cramped.

"Hey! Wait up!" Regrit followed suit.

The two girls were gorgeous indeed, both talking to each other with clear excitement upon their faces.

One was a girl of average height, her deep blue hair like the night sky and her matching eyes almost sparkled, surrounded by her clean, pale skin and thick, arching brows. Her attire was rather casual, a cropped black tee shirt and jeans that fell down slightly above her knees, perfectly matching her low socks and blue sneakers. 

The other seemed to be just as outgoing, yet slightly more glamorous.. Her pink hair was tied into short pigtails, and her green eyes radiated fierceness within their sockets. Her white shirt fit rather tightly under her jeans jacket, and beneath that was a red skirt and black stockings that went up from her shoes and past her knees.

And before the slightly red-faced Regrit could even speak a single word, he found himself in the line behind them with Rupert taking the lead.

"Hello ladies, can I have a moment of your time if you don't mind?"

"Ummmm… Who are you guys? Do I know you? What do you want?" The pink-haired girl turned around and raised an eyebrow, her friend doing the same only her gaze was far wider.

"Apologies ladies, me and my brother are going around interviewing people to get an insight on what they think of the tournament." He smiled.

"Elise!" The blue-haired girl nudged her friend. "That's the student uniform for elite school! I think they're both in the tournament!" 

"Oh-oh! Is that true!" Her eyes immediately went open.

"Well, yes… But I didn't want to make it a big deal—" He laughed slightly nervously. 

"I— I see… But why us of all people? There are so many others... "

"Oh! Well, you two caught our eyes! I'm not gonna stand here and start lying to you! Right Regrit?" He laughed and nudged his brother to his side. 

"Uhhhh... Y-yeah…" 

"Oooohhh! I see…" The pink-haired girl smiled."What you're names? I should at least know the people interviewing me right?"

"Oh, of course! My name is Kai Fatebringer! And this is my little brother Regrit!"

"Fatebringer!" The girl with blue hair blurted. "You mean the fire family!? You guys are experts at mana manipulation right! Can you show us something please!" She asked with star-like eyes. 

"Ummm— well, that's getting a little off topic but—"


"Okay, Regrit! Why don't you show em something!" 

Regrit was suddenly put on the spot, and his mind went blank before he remembered that Rupert could not exactly do these complex mana tricks.

"Fine, I guess I'll do it…" He sighed, lifting his hands and expelling orbs of mana from every colour of the rainbow popping upon his fingers. And by simply flexing his wrists, he controlled them up in the air like fireworks that exploded and formed a rainbow of mana up above.

The two girls were absolutely stunned, looking up towards the magnificent light-show displayed towards them in awe.

"Wow! That's really amazing! I can only get three colours myself! No wonder you're elites and members of the Fatebringer household!" The pink-haired girl spoke slowly approaching Regrit with hands clasped, maybe slightly too close as the rose on Regrit's cheeks became slightly more apparent as he instinctively took a few steps back and spoke. 

"Uhhh… Glad you liked it. It was really no big deal…"

"Anyways!" Rupert clapped. "I wanted to ask you a few questions! Are you two okay with that!"

"Yeah! Of course!"

"Great!" He cheered. "First, what're your names?"

"Oh yeah! How could we not have introduced ourselves! I'm Elise Leona! It's a pleasure to meet you!" Elise, the pink-haired girl slightly bowed her head before looking them both in the eye and standing up straight. 

"And I'm Jasmine Kale! We're both from country H! It's nice to meet you both!" She followed her friend's lead. "So, what did you wanna ask us exactly?"

"I'm getting to that!" Rupert waved his fingers. "First off, in your opinion, who do you think is most likely to win the tournament this year! And who're you gonna be cheering for?"

"Oooo! Now that's a tough question!" Elise pondered. "But, if I had to choose, it'd have to be Adam Walker!"

"Mmhm" Her friend nodded. "I'd have to agree with that."

"The Supreme General's son? Not me? Ahhgg! You wound my heart with your harsh words, mademoiselle! counting me out so quickly!"

"Oh, I'm sorry," She laughed. "I'm just being realistic. I don't really know what you're capable off… I don't know, maybe surprise me in your first few matches and I'll change my opinion…" She narrowed her eyes and leaned in closer. 

"Oh! So you're gonna spectate our matches!"

"Well, now we are!" She laughed. 

"Ah! I guess that's even more motivation to impress!" He reciprocated her laughter that quickly spread amongst their peers, although Regrit was rather stiff doing so. "Well, other than us, who're you cheering for? What were you looking forward to most when coming here?"

"Ha! Well, that's easy!" Jasmine chuckled. "We're both definitely cheering for Moby Kane! If anyone has a chance to take down Adam Walker it's definitely him!"

"Yeah!" Elise agreed. "He nearly defeated a shalker leader last year! I wonder how strong he's gotten since then! Ooooh I can't wait!"

"That's a great answer! Very understandable! I bet you won't be disappointed. I'm more than certain he' 'll win." Rupert smirked and nodded. 

"It sounds like you know him! Please tell us! Or no no! Never mind! I wanna be surprised! No spoilers!"

"Well, I can tell you that he and we are kinda close…"

"Wow! That's amazing! I know Kane gets a lot of hate from all the jealous people since he was just an orphan who rose up after getting an ability, but I really admire his determination and how he is genuinely trying to help the world! I know there's many people who would try and take revenge after gaining such power… I was just worried since we hadn't heard anything about him at all for an entire year... Anyways, I'm really happy to hear that he's made allies and wasn't antagonized in that pretentious elite school!" Elise smiled, holding her hands strongly. 

"Well, he's too powerful for anyone to actually antagonize him! Trust me, some people tried..." Rupert laughed heartily. 

"Oh! Is that so! You're getting me so excited to see his fight now! I'm getting all giddy!"

"Do you consider yourself fans?"

"Well, I guess so!" Jasmine giggled. "But, we're not part of that extreme part. I know there's many people that can get wild!"

She spoke, and suddenly an announcement came from ahead. 

"The next round on the roller coaster is about to begin! All aboard!"

"Oh! Elise! The line is moving again!" 

They all followed the line, and just as they were about to enter together, both Regrit and Rupert were cut off, and the two ladies entered without them, of course not before giving them a goodbye. 

"It's been really nice talking to you both! Good luck with both of your matches! We'll make sure to be there! Byyyyeeeee!!"

"Thanks for that ladies! It's been a pleasure to meet you two as well!" He waved back towards them before they faded out of view in the distance. 

There was no longer reason for Rupert and Regrit to stay in line, so they simply walked away, one certainly feeling much better than the other as they found themselves once again sat down on that all too familiar bench. 

"Hey, Regrit! You were so quiet! You're normally quite the talker! You were like a little kid out there! Ha ha! I knew it! You really are shy around women!"

"Shut up! That's not it!" He shook his head. "I would have spoke more if you didn't just talk all the time…"

"Hey, are you jealous of M-m-Moby or something?"

"J-jelous!? Why would I be?"

"Well, it does seem like he's popular with everyone and all…"

"Arrrghhh!" Regrit scratched his head. "I'll just have to prove myself in this tournament then! Everyone knows about you but not me seeing you're the face of the Fatebringer family! It's time to make a name for myself! I have my own goals too! I'm not jealous at all!"

"Uhhh huh…" Rupert slyly nodded before suddenly, a loud sound emerged from his watch, in fact, it emerged from the watches all around him as well. 

And immediately, as though they all had the same thoughts, they looked down towards their wrists with excitement and eagerness as they read… 

"The match-ups are here!" Regrit expressed. "Uhhh— My match is in 40 minutes! Against… Brian Lue… Never heard of him before… Seems like an easy match."

"I'm in 35 minutes against Ubric Vendry… I don't know him as well… Artorias is also in 35 minutes against Niome Bray… Hikari is in 20 minutes against Zoe Yimfah… Elizabeth's is in 8 minutes against Jaylen Morgan… And M-mo-Moby's is in… FIVE MINUTES! Against Raymond Scott!"

"Damn… I didn't expect him to be going this soon… But, at least we have time to spectate. And from what I've heard, his first match-up's gonna be pretty tough…" Regrit acknowledged. 

"Tough?" Rupert snorted. "That must be some sort of joke!"

"Well, he's still gonna win of course,"

"Anyways, how exactly are we gonna get to his Arena… It's uhhhh… AB0301… That's the code."

"I've read up on it while you were staring at the sky earlier daydreaming." I can show you how, Rupert spoke, when abruptly, their figures were covered in an abnormally thick, human-shaped shadow, like someone peering over them from above.

And to their surprise, it was two girls, yet not the same two girls that they had spoken to prior… No, these two were far more beautiful to the point that even Rupert himself had to blush in their presence. It was a beauty that could not even be considered on the level of human. If the last two they had spoken to were eights or even nines out of tens, these two would have most certainly broken the scales...

Their faces bore an abnormally elegant polish and elegance found nowhere else, and a deep, thick stare peering down towards them.

The one that carried a denser presence was slightly shorter than the other. 

Her eyes shined brighter than sapphires, and her long, vibrant, dark blue hair reached her bosom with slight bangs above her elegant yet thick brows. She wore a pure black sundress connecting around her neck and falling down slightly above her knees, revealing her clearly well-endowed physique along with her tender legs and her feet wrapped in strappy sandal heels. Around her, she wore a thin gray coat with her sleeves rolled up, exposing her thin, smooth arms and the golden bracelet upon her right hand.

Her friend not standing too far from her was slightly taller, her expression more sombre… Or perhaps it was nervousness and excitement, it was almost impossible to tell. 

Her long, fiery crimson hair looked silky smooth especially under the bright sky, tied slightly towards its ends. Her eyes perfectly harmonized with her hair, glimmering like encrusted rubies that sat upon her pale, attractive visage. Unlike her friend, her attire was far from muted. Upon her neck was a black choker with an aura of fire flowing furiously through it, and beneath that was her bright, velvety button-up shirt drew that much attention even beyond her hourglass figure, her sleeves rolled which displayed her arms that were beautiful in their own way, and far less than elegant, revealing signs of what they could only assume as work or rigorously hard training. 

The black skirt that seamlessly connected under her shirt and wrapped around her hips was tight and made of high-quality material, a button connected onto it from hip to hip to keep it from falling and was aesthetically pleasing even alongside her toned, yet beautiful legs that ended with black summer heels that matched that of her friend. 

"Hey, are you two part of the tournament?" The blue-haired girl casually asked, peering down towards them from above. 

"Uhhhh— Y-Yeah… Yeah, we are… You need something?"

"Yeah, actually we do…" She sighed, shaking her head. "The website doesn't seem to load properly from our watches. Can you tell us where we can find the fight for Moby Kane?"

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