The Crown's Entrapment

Chapter 156

As soon as the couple was properly dressed, Darius promptly asked for Jayra’s presence. Soon enough, the young mage arrived at the king’s bedchamber. Almost as soon as their eyes met, Xenia gulped at her friend’s questioning glance. Seeing as she couldn’t utter a single word, she just blushed at her with an awkward smile.

It was Darius who directly spoke out. “My love is worried that my people will smell her scent on me, so she suggested that you-”

“Cast a spell on him to remove my scent,” Xenia interrupted, her awkward smile still plastered on her face. She was supposed to be the one to talk to Jayra, but Darius probably spoke in her stead upon seeing how flustered she was.

“Alright, that’s easy pretty easy,” Jayra casually shrugged. “Although, I should warn you both that the spell will only last for around twenty-four hours, so…”

“Just do it. We’ll be leaving Cordon later anyway so you don’t need to worry,” Xenia reminded.

Jayra simply nodded at her princess’s reasons. With a chant, she cast the spell on Darius. At the mage’s call, a white globe passed through Darius’s body from head to toe, one that quickly disappeared as fast as it appeared.

“It’s done, Your Majesty. No single trace of milady’s scent on you,” Jayra said with a reassuring smile.

“Thank you, Lady Jayra,” Darius thanked with a wide smile. “I’ll be going now. I let you two ladies do your thing.”

He then lovingly looked at Xenia, shortly walking the distance between them before placing a warm kiss on her forehead.

“This will do for now, right? I might change my mind and just simply stay here if my lips landed on yours,” he playfully whispered into her ear before quickly stepping back. He winked at her then he made a slight bow to Jayra before he quickly left his own bedchamber.

Left alone to their own thoughts, the look that Jayra was giving Xenia was so intimidating that she felt as if her friend would cast a spell on her if she didn’t give her an explanation. “My love? Did I just hear it right? He called you ‘my love’? Hmm… Did you-”

“We did it, okay? We made love,” Xenia admitted with a pout. “Although, we haven’t completed the bond yet since I didn’t let him mark me just yet.”

It was kind of embarrassing, but it had to be done. Her friend Jayra was simply someone who was always curious about these things, and she was sure that she wouldn’t stop asking her even if she explicitly told her she won’t give her a word or two.

At Xenia’s own admittance, Jayra squealed so hard that she had to cover her friend’s mouth just to make sure she wouldn’t make too much of a noise.

“Keep your voice down, please…” Xenia pleaded and scolded at the same time. Jayra had this tendency to react on impulse without much care about her surroundings, unfortunately. Well, there wasn’t anybody around the bedchamber right now, but what if her loud screaming was heard outside the walls by some random servant?

Taking the hint, Jayra nodded. As such, she let go of her mouth as she let her talk. “Apologies… I got carried away, milady,” Jayra scoffed with a grin. She had an ear-to-ear smile, and the look in her eyes practically screamed that she wanted more details.

“Let’s talk about it later, okay? For now, let’s wrap things up here and make sure there’s no trace of me left,” Xenia pleadingly murmured as she picked up Darius and her torn clothes and gave them to Jayra, including the stained bedsheets.

It was then that Xenia raised an eyebrow as she saw her friend spreading out those clothes as if to inspect the damage.

“What are you doing?”

“Seriously?!” Jayra burst out as she stared at Xenia’s ripped nightgown. “Do either of you have any restraint?”

Xenia’s face burned at the teasing gaze of her friend. “Savage then… Ooh… My imagination’s running wild~” her friend excitedly murmured as she practically shook in anticipation. “Then again, a werewolf should be savage indeed… Especially in bed,” Jayra mumbled with a smirk as she fell into her own deep thoughts.

She then added, “Hmm… How come Bartos is so polite around me then? He should’ve been pouncing all over me the moment I asked him to give me a tour of his bedchamber. I wouldn’t mind him ripping my clothes off like this…”

Xenia frowned as she justified, “It’s not like Darius just pounced on me, Jayra. He’s always considerate, making sure not to force me.” She then meekly added, “Last night, it was me who decided to come here and give him the signal that I’m ready for it. Maybe Bartos is also just waiting for you to give him the signal. Why not initiate it yourself?.”

“Wow… And now you’re the one giving me advice?” Jayra burst out in faux disbelief. “I can’t believe this… The dense Princess is no longer dense! Hurray! Truly, experiencing things firsthand is always the best. I’m so proud of you, milady! You finally got out of the box!”

“Stop it already,” Xenia mumbled with a pout “Let’s just finish this.” It was starting to get too much. Her friend just won’t stop teasing her.

Seeing to her princess’s request, Jayra quickly did her thing. Casting a spell on Darius’s room, she did away with the clothes and the sheets as they quickly turned into ash to be swept away by the thin air in the room.

“Okay, done,” Jayra confirmed.

Satisfied with the job, Xenia then quickly pulled her friend outside as she quickly led the way towards Jayra’s personal great chamber. They were practically zooming through the hallways, the mage pouting all the way until they finally reached her great chamber.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Jayra scoffed with a pout as soon as they entered her chamber.

“This is my first time in this chamber, and wow this is huge!” Xenia burst out. “What did you call this?”

It was kind of awe-inspiring. Jayra’s private chambers was where Darius allowed her to practice her spells and magic, including alchemy which was kind of temperamental enough to warrant a sign of warning all on its own.

“None yet,” her friend jokingly threw. “Maybe Jayra’s Great Chamber?”

Xenia chuckled, “How about the Greatest Mage’s Chamber?”

Jayra’s face lit up and teasingly replied, “Hmm… You do know how to state facts plainly, milady. I guess being showered with love is really a good thing.” She teased further, “Look at you. You’re like a plant in full bloom. Not just on the outside, but I can also feel the radiance from within you~”

Xenia timidly smiled at Jayra’s words, her cheeks blushing hard at the praise.

Seeing her princess stand still in obvious embarrassment, Jayra then pulled her friend to sit beside her and curiously inquired, “So, how was it? I’ve heard that it’s good, but I suddenly had my doubts once I saw your blood on the bedsheets. Although, I’ve also heard that women bleed during their first time. But not all, apparently.”

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