Terror Infinity

Chapter 9-3

Vol 2: Chapter 9-3.

Jie disliked Xuan’s tone. He said in a cold voice. “So what if we are mortals’ wisdom? So what if I f*cking created a woman? I am still living very well and it will just get better! You…”

Zheng stood in front of Jie and stopped him. “You aren’t ridiculing us out of boredom right? Perhaps you may be right, God gave that gift for us to make a strong bodyguard, but that’s only your speculation. What if the bodyguard can’t follow you into the movies? Even if he can get in, can you guarantee that he can help you survive? When we enter the movies, we have to stand inside a beam of light about one meter in diameter, how many people do you think can fit inside it?”

Xuan snapped his fingers, and replied calmly. “Your reasoning ability is getting more capable, obviously reached Lan’s level. I don’t have any intention of ridiculing you, but have you thought about why the movies have a limitation of twenty people? That’s because a team needs different types of talents. If everyone’s direction of growth is on enhancing their body, they can of course increase their survivability in the movies but at the same time the team’s abilities will lack diversification. If they encounter special situations, it will likely cause the whole team to wipe out!”

Then Xuan took out a bag and opened it. The bag was filled with tools and little gears. He pointed to them and said. “Aside from finished products, you can also exchange these tools and materials from God. In other words, if you have the relevant knowledge and ability, you can create those high cost items with minimal cost. You can even get around the limitation of ranked rewards. But do you have this kind of knowledge and ability? Definitely no!”

“People with these kind of talents are usually physically weak and has no means for combat. Then how are they going to survive the beginning? The only answer is bodyguards. Similarly, that size of the beam that you just mentioned can just about fit two people in. In other words, why did God only offer one free change to create a bodyguard? That’s because you can only bring one into the movies. This is God’s hint! People with special talents also have means to protect their lives, this is probably what God tried to tell us.”

(Amazing! He deduced all these with so little information, this kind of ability… you can only describe him as non-human.)

Zheng and the others’ eyes were filled with astonishment. They continued listening to Xuan. “So these twenty people should include all kinds of talents. I had been pondering how God chooses people. Other than being disappointed at the real world, God can actually also choose people with talents at every field. Yet there are people from young to old, people with real talents to housewives. God actually doesn’t know who’s more suitable for movies. That’s why it selected people of all kinds then let them go through natural selection. Perhaps this is the intention behind having newbies every time. So in order to let those people survive, the first human creation must not go to waste. A special agent bodyguard that’s twice as strong as a normal person, I don’t have to tell you how useful he can be in sci fi movies right?”

Xuan paused then packed up his bag. “This is the first thing I wanted to say. If I die in the next movie, then when newbies join in the future, if they are craftsmen or worked in other non laborious careers, you can tell them the correct usage of the first human creation. And not creating women for sex.”

Jie was about to lose his temper but Zheng stopped him. “Perhaps you are very right, but I don’t agree that creating the woman I love will be useless in horror movies. Mental support tends to be more useful than physical support. And God never stated the usage of the first human creation. In other words, this choice has infinite possibilities, no one can say with certainty that their hypothesis are correct, but I will tell these to newbies in the future… what’s the second thing?”

Xuan actually smiled to everyone’s surprise. He took out five printed documents then handed them out to the other four people. “These are the things you can exchange from God that I categorized. There are four categories. I wrote down the descriptions and functions of some practical items from low levels to high levels. Of course, some functions are just my guesses. This is the second thing, organize the exchange system. So we can know what we can exchange and better prepare for upcoming situations.”

“This is also another speculation that I have, perhaps we don’t need to appear in horror movies. God’s probably wants us to experience dangerous situations, and force us to evolve in danger. It’s only because horror movies are the most dangerous, that’s why we experience a lot of horror movies. Some very dangerous sci fi movies will probably appear also…”

Zheng got interested, then asked curiously. “Like what? What kind of sci fi movies?”

Xuan adjusted his glasses. “Starship Troopers. If God put us in an Arachnid colony and we don’t have any heavy firearms on hand, I don’t think we can survive. Of course God probably won’t put us in a truly hopeless situation. But to prevent this from happening, I suggest that we equip ourselves with three weapons. Close combat weapon, rapid fire weapon, and heavy firearm.”

“For close combat weapons, I suggest magical weapons. To be honest I don’t like to watch supernatural horror movies, because they have no scientific basis. I don’t waste my brain on things that can’t be explained. But the problem now is we are very likely going to face such horror movies. And in order to survive through them, I suggest a magical close combat weapon, that can both deal with normal life forms and also supernatural beings. Zheng did very well on this point, your Na ring included support ability and can attack supernaturals. Given your physical fitness, this is almost a perfect choice.”

“Rapid fire weapons are used against enemies in masses, like zombies. For heavy firearms, I suggest Zero pick the Ionic Gauss sniping rifle. It accelerates bullets with ions, the enormous kinetic energy it generates can almost destroy anything in front of you. This weapon is still in testing stage in the real world, but God already has the finished product… as to everyone else, I don’t suggest you buy any heavy firearms. Because your ability in handling weapons are horrible. You’re better off spending the points on special bullets for the rapid fire weapons. Like the new type of depleted uranium ammunition.”

“Basically that’s it for choosing weapons. I will add one last thing, these weapons can also damage supernatural beings, you just have to use magical bullets, but those will cost more than usual.”

Zheng praised him secretly. This was a real professional. He indeed never thought about any of these last time. Xuan’s words increased their chance of survival by a lot. Even though he didn’t like some of Xuan’s methods, Xuan was really a genius at analysis.

Zheng took a look at the document then said. “But unlimited ammunition version of these guns are all expensive. We don’t have that many points to exchange them. And the unlimited ammunition version of that Gauss rifle needs a rank D reward and 5000 points…”

Xuan laughed. “When did I say anything about unlimited ammunition weapons? Remember the first thing I said? Other than bodyguards, you can also exchange tools and materials from God. Gunpowder is very inexpensive, 1 point can get you one ton of high quality gunpowder. and bronze and other metals are also very inexpensive. I can exchange the materials to assemble a workshop and manufacture bullets in mass. Even though we won’t have unlimited ammunition, but as long as it isn’t the worst possible situation, we should have enough bullets to deal with it. Those magical weapons are expensive, even though we can’t create these items, we can at least exchange some bullets with magical properties to deal with possible situations. This is the second thing I want to say, our standard equipment!”

Zheng and the others exchanged a look, they could see the delight in each others’ eyes. As long as they can live, even if it was just hope, that was enough to make them feel delighted. Zheng said to Xuan with a smile. “Then continue, Xuan, you are really amazing, if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to come up with these… continue to give us surprises, what’s the third thing?”

Xuan bit his finger, then said. “I found the option to go back to the real world… even though it’s only temporary and you have to pay a high price. But this is a way to confirm whether we entered this world with just our conscious or whole body, and also confirm whether we can bring these things out to the real world, and bring our enhanced bodies back… Yes, I fouond the option to go back to the real world!”

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