Star Odyssey

Chapter 1982

Chapter 1982

That was clearly Hidden Needle! There was no chance that Lu Yin had been mistaken. The body that Lu Yin had Possessed trembled as he stared at the man who had used the Lu family technique. Just who was that man?

The Possession ended in an instant, and Lu Yin's consciousness returned to his own body.

He was not at all optimistic about the outcome of his actions in Sky Creation Academy as his attempt had clearly failed. Instead, Lu Yin thought back to the man who had just used Hidden Needle.

Lu Yin had actually seen that man before, and while Lu Yin had no idea what the man’s name was, his face was very familiar. The first time that Lu Yin had seen the man had not been in person, but rather in Astral-10’s Stargazing Deck. At that time, Lu Yin had seen a dilapidated courtyard that had not been cleaned in a long time. There had also been a Champions’ Stage, which Lu Yin had recognized, as well as a man kneeling on the ground. That kneeling man was the same person that Lu Yin had just seen use Hidden Needle.

Both in the vision and during his Possession, this man had felt very familiar to Lu Yin, but he seemed unable to remember anything at all.

That man clearly had some sort of connection to both the Lu family and Lu Yin himself, as there was no other reason for the man to seem so familiar.

This man was definitely connected to Lu Xiaoxuan, and yet he was also a member of the Celestial Frost Sect. Thus, the man must either be a Celestial Frost Sect disciple who had left a deep impression on Lu Xiaoxuan, or the man could have been a follower of the Lu family who had turned to the Celestial Frost Sect. It was very possible that the man was a traitor.

Lu Yin had always believed that there was a group of people who had to have betrayed the Lu family, as how else could they have been banished? The Lu family had previously suppressed all four of the current ruling powers on its own.

However, it was also clear that, even if there had been traitors, the man whom Lu Yin had just seen did not qualify to be one.

In that case, who was that man?

After mulling the matter over for a while, Lu Yin just stopped thinking about it. It did not matter who the man was. He had entered the Fifth Mainland, so Lu Yin just needed to meet the man in person and get the truth then.

Seeing the man had also reminded Lu Yin of Kui Luo.

Lu Yin created an image of the man that he had just seen and sent the picture to Kui Luo to see if the old man might know who the man was.

Kui Luo did not reply, and Lu Yin had no idea where the Semi-Progenitor might be or what he was doing.

Lu Yin then nervously checked his cosmic ring. He had Possessed White Sage’s body for quite a bit of time.

30 billion. He had consumed a full 30 billion star essence with this Possession.

While it sounded like an exorbitant sum, Lu Yin actually felt relieved, as he had feared that it had bankrupted him again. He was lucky to still have more than 40 billion star essence remaining, which was enough for him.

This relatively small expenditure was all thanks to the close proximity of those whom Lu Yin had Possessed. Despite Possessing Long Quan for a short time, it had burned through 20 billion star essence, so Lu Yin felt that trading 30 billion for that much time was perfectly acceptable.

Lu Yin had consumed nearly 100 billion star essence in the blink of an eye. Even if one looked through the entire universe’s history, had there ever been someone who could spend money as quickly as Lu Yin? Still, he was not too bothered, as no one else knew of his lavish expenditures.

However, if Lu Yin continued to act like this for too long, it was possible that he might create economic problems for the Fifth Mainland. He really was using up far too much star essence.

There was a beep from his gadget.

Lu Yin quickly checked, and he saw that Kui Luo was sending him a response.

‘I don't know who that is. He looks like some weakling, so how should I have any idea who he is?’ Kui Luo replied.

Lu Yin immediately called the old man, and after a short while, Kui Luo answered.

"You once promised me that you’d tell me everything about my Lu family after I became an Envoy," Lu Yin stated.

Kui Luo answered with a chuckle, "Did you really believe me? I’ll be honest with you—I don’t actually know much about the Lu family. They saved me and my brother, and they were the only reason why we managed to survive for so long. However, given the tasks that we were entrusted with, we couldn’t be seen with the Lu family. So, we really never learned that much about them. We only had some sparse interactions with some of the top people in the family, such as the bastard who’s your father. Your grandfather died long ago on the rear battlefield, and I have no idea about anyone from older generations. I can’t even tell you how many direct descendants the Lu family had, as I only ever spoke to a few people."

"That’s it?" Lu Yin could not believe what he was hearing.

Kui Luo shrugged. “Me and my brother were always kept hidden, as not even the Lu family would have been able to protect us if those people from the Celestial Frost Sect had ever found out about our connection to your family."

"Have you ever heard of Lu Tianyi?" Lu Yin asked.

Kui Luo's voice suddenly grew solemn. "He was one of your family’s most powerful Progenitors, and he controlled one of the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas. He should be one of your direct ancestors."

"One of my family’s Progenitors?" Lu Yin's eyes lit up. "Did we have more than one Progenitor?"

Kui Luo’s voice dropped low. "Of course. How else could your family have suppressed monstrous powers like the Celestial Frost Sect, the Wang family, and the Xia family? Even when compared to those monsters, your Lu family towered over them. There was always more than just one or two Progenitors at a time. On top of that, the members of the direct family line have the Champions’ Stage innate gift. It’s said that any Progenitor from the Lu family is exceptional even among Progenitors, so you can just imagine how terrifying your family was.”

"If not for their trickery, even the united might of the four ruling powers would not have been able to defeat your Lu family, and that’s not even mentioning that legendary figure in your family."

Lu Yin was getting more and more excited. The more powerhouses that there were in his family, the more likely it was that they had managed to survive being banished. After all, they had been banished, not killed.

Lu Yin had once believed that his entire family was dead, and he had constantly been on edge and worried about them. However, he had since calmed down considerably. "What legendary figure?"

Kui Luo let out a long breath. "I don't really know how to explain that one to you, as no one knows if they ever really lived or are just a myth. You know what, I’m not even gonna bother telling you for now."

Lu Yin got quite worked up at this. "Old man, you could choke to death if you leave things half-said! Hurry up and tell me!"

Kui Luo just responded by rolling his eyes. "If they never even existed, then telling you will only be toying with you. Leave an old man in peace. Not even your Lu family has ever been able to prove that that person ever existed due to how long ago they were supposed to have lived. It’s just a legend that your family used to defend their authority over others. Actually, now that I think about it, the four ruling powers probably exiled the Lu family in order to stop being taken advantage of by you guys.

"Alright, enough with the questions. I’ve already told you everything I should. When your family was around, me and my brother kept ourselves hidden, so I never really got to know your Lu family at all."

Kui Luo then abruptly hung up.

Lu Yin continued to stare at his gadget, feeling helpless. He had a rather decent understanding of Kui Luo, and Lu Yin was clear that the old man would not say anything more on this subject no matter how Lu Yin begged or pleaded.

Still, Lu Yin had been greatly inspired by the little bit that he had managed to get from the old man. Lu Yin looked up towards the surface of the sea; his Lu family had more than a single Progenitor! Lu Tianyi had been a Progenitor with a Champions’ Stage, and he had even been able to summon Progenitor champions! Just how powerful had the Lu family been at their peak?

Lu Yin’s hands tightened into fists. He did not believe that a family as powerful as his Lu family would be wiped out so easily. The day would come when Lu Yin would lead his family back to rule over the Fifth Mainland and all of humanity. He would lead the human race in their war against Aeternus and suppress all of the traitors.

The day was inevitable.

Excitement filled Lu Yin's eyes.

Far away, at the Technocracy’s Sky Creation Academy, Wang Shang had a terrible expression on his face as he silently stared at Wang Yun's body.

A short distance away, White Sage was frantically screaming, "I didn't do it! I didn't do it! I didn't!"

Wang Shang was beyond furious, and he looked over at White Sage. A single hand lashed out, and half of White Sage’s face was instantly pulverized. The man spat out blood. His eyes were bloodshot, and his normally casual and laid back demeanor was nowhere to be seen. "I- I really didn’t! I didn’t do that."

A very common looking android suddenly appeared, but all of the mechanical lifeforms from Sky Creation Academy in the area instantly bowed to them. “Headmaster."

This android was Headmaster Senn, the leader of Sky Creation Academy.

Headmaster Senn approached White Sage and stared into the man’s eyes that were brimming with pure fear. "Head- Headmaster! I didn't do it! It really wasn’t me!"

The eyes of Headmaster Senn's android body were red, and they swept over White Sage. "There is nothing wrong with your body."

White Sage fell into despair. "But I really don't remember doing anything at all! Some master must have been controlling my body! I really didn’t do it."

Headmaster Senn looked to the side where Green Sage had been captured and subdued as well. The man was glaring resentfully at White Sage. Why did that bastard attack someone from that place?! You asshole!

When he saw Headmaster Senn looking over, Green Sage instantly panicked. "Headmaster, I was completely ignorant of his intentions, and I have no idea why he attacked those people. He never said a thing to me."

"Green Sage, I didn't do it!" White Sage roared.

Green Sage snapped back, "You did do it! Everyone saw you! Do you still want to argue about it, White Sage? What’s wrong with you? Why did you do that? Do you even have anything against those people?"

White Sage vomited blood from his mounting rage. He could not even breathe properly.

Wang Shang's expression was terrible as he looked at both Green Sage and White Sage. He actually was not concerned about White Sage’s sneak attack, as it was not a big deal if a few people died.

More importantly, Wang Yun had died. She had been Elder Wang Si’s favorite grandchild, and she was not supposed to pass through the New Corridor in the first batch, but she had been to the Fifth Mainland before, which was the only reason why she had been sent at all. Before the excursion had set out, Wang Shang had been entrusted with ensuring Wang Yun’s safety. He had not expected the girl to die before they even truly arrived.

What was Wang Shang supposed to say to Wang Si when he returned?

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The problems were only increasing. First, Long Quan had committed suicide after killing Sky Creation Academy’s ambassador, and Wang Shang had been standing right next to the man. At this moment, some bastard had killed Wang Yun while she was with Wang Shang. The man really wanted to cough up blood. Why was he suffering such terrible luck?

"Elder Wang Shang, none of us wished to see this happen. Please rest assured that I will thoroughly investigate this incident, and we will provide you with an appropriate explanation," Headmaster Senn said.

Wang Shang's expression was truly ugly, and he was unwilling to even look at Headmaster Senn. It was clear that Sky Creation Academy did not actually care about the deaths of those from the Perennial World, but Wang Shang was in a position where he had to work with Sky Creation Academy in order for the Perennial World’s invasion force to pass through the New Corridor.

They had already lost an Envoy.

The four ruling powers had had to pay a steep price to reach an agreement so quickly, and Wang Shang was well aware of it. Given the price paid, he did not have the confidence to pursue the matter of the sneak attack, as if he stirred up trouble, how would the invasion force be able to cross the New Corridor? They really could not demand anything from Sky Creation Academy at this moment.

"I will inform the Great Elder of this matter, and I hope to hear an explanation from Sky Creation Academy as soon as possible." This was all that Wang Shang could say, as he did not dare to show any anger towards Headmaster Senn.

The android just nodded and looked back at White Sage.

This was a very strange incident, especially since White Sage did not seem to be lying. Even if the man had a terrible grudge against the Perennial World, no one would be stupid enough to launch an attack at this place. And where did his hatred towards the primeval surnames stem from? It didn’t make any sense. Regardless, Headmaster Senn was determined to not get involved in any way.

However, if White Sage had not been the one to attack, then what had happened? Had the man been controlled? Who could covertly control an Envoy while so close to so many powerhouses? After all, they were in the Technocracy, which was a place that even Semi-Progenitors feared.

Unless, a Progenitor had taken action.

This possibility instantly left Headmaster Senn feeling wary. He remembered why the Green and White Sages had sought refuge from the Sixth Mainland, but was it possible that the whole thing was a conspiracy? Could the two men have been deliberately sent to the Technocracy? Could a Progenitor have been controlling White Sage just now? Could there be an even bigger conspiracy behind everything?

Numerous thoughts and vague suspicions flitted through Headmaster Senn’s mind. In the end, he concluded that this incident was a Progenitor giving a warning to his Sky Creation Academy that the people from the Perennial World were not welcome in the Fifth Mainland. If this was true, then there were going to be problems.

Headmaster Senn suddenly hesitated. The threat of a Progenitor was not something that could be ignored.

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