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Stacking My Abilities

Stacking My Abilities







Stacking My Abilities

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Jeff Norman cut down a mist monster.

[Your physique has increased!]
[You gained a new ability: Blessing of Wind!]
[You gained Passive Ability: Aura Vision!]
Before knowing it, Jeff had already accumulated pages of abilities.
Turned out, these abilities could stack on top of each other, without limit.
Detection range. Damage reduction. Maximum health. Regeneration speed. Movement speed. Reaction speed. Physical strength...
Jeff: "Guys. I know I'm a bit invincible. But this is totally normal interaction. Please don't report."
Story Type: You've read about reincarnation, transmigration, world hopping...
But have you ever read a story about parallel transmigration? Imagine transmigrating into multiple worlds... at the same time!
I haven't seen any story of this type on this site. This might be a fresh experience for you.
Other names for this story: [Stacking My Abilities (Censored)], [Stacking My Passives Starting From Today], [My Isekai Clones], [Me, Human, From Earth], [I Have Unlimited Passive Abilities!], [Regarding that time when I got transmigrated into many otherworlds at once], [Me and myselves in my Chat Space]

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