Shrewd wife of Lin brothers

Chapter 17 - They Brought A House!

While The Lin brothers were busy setting up there new house , the old Lin family had already sent their guests packing . Earlier , the Lin brothers were the one who paid for the wedding reception after much efforts but when Su Wan brought the matter of seperation and The Lin brothers resolutely seperated from the old Lin house hold .

Grandma Lin lost her face as well as her temper , since she lost her money earning golden laying chickens . She thought that she needed to save whatever she could , thus she sent all the guests who were invited to the Lin brothers wedding reception without even letting them eat a single piece of meat much less drink wedding wine . ​​

" Those good for nothings !" snarled Grandma Lin as she shooed the cooks that The Lin brothers hired " Just a single word from that slut and they went running behind her like hungry dogs ! So what if Their mother's illness deteriorated , she is already so old and sickly , so what if she dies today or tomorrow ? !"

" You are right mother in law " sneered Aunt Lin as she placed the cooked pork and chicken inside their kitchen " Sister in law has been sick for so many years , how can her sickness be pointed at our heads ? Don't we have Lin Che and Lin Yunxi to feed ? if we waste all our income on their mother's medicine , what are we going to feed our children ?"

As Aunt Lin said that she pointed at her already round waist and pouted " its all because of those lazy bums , that we can't even eat much .. even I have to eat a bowl less of rice much less my precious Lin Che ! Mother You don't know but I also dropped two sizes!"

" That's right grandmother " said Lin Che swallowing mouthful of pork meat and rice " At first I used to eat seven or eight bowl of rice and meat but then elder brothers started saving money for buying a wife and because of our familial relation as brothers , I started eating a bowl less and skipped eating meat everyday , yet look how did they repaid my kindness !"

" All of their kindness has been eaten by that vixen !" slapping the dining table Grandma Lin scolded the Lin brothers for being unfilial " If I knew they will revolt like such , I would have never let either of them get married ! I treated them so nicely , even let them save those ten taels behind my back and marry that jinx and they rebelled against me ! There grandmother "

Even though Grandma Lin said that she knew in her heart that she never wanted to let either of the Lin brothers marry a wife, after all they were not her descendants. She was Old Lin 's second wife while Lin Jing and his brothers were born of the son from the first wife , in her heart she thought herself as rather kind as she let the Lin brothers have a roof over their heads in her house . She never wished for them to get married or settle down because if they did then her precious Grandson Lin Che and his children have to share there inheritance with the children of the five Lin brothers .

How can Grandma Lin allow that ? The first son gave birth to five sons while her son gave birth to only one .

If they were to seperate the property wouldn't her grandson suffer a great disadvantage?

Though Grandma Lin was miffed by the sudden seperation her heart wasn't as stifled infact she could actually feel the taste of honey on her tongue after all she was able to kick those five baggages off her grandson's property without even giving them a single copper coin.

The more Grandma Lin thought about it the more happier she became especially when she saw the huge piece of pork belly and fatty meat hanging inside the kitchen .

For this month , this much will suffice and as for next month - hehe , won't she receive two hundred copper coins from those five idiots ?

Her life won't be that bad .

Grandma Lin was still lost in day dreaming when the door to the living room flew open and her son Lin Ze stormed in looking extremely furious .

" Ah Ze what's wrong with you ?" when Grandma Lin was startled awake off her beautiful dream where she only need to eat and sleep , she was very angry but seeing that it was her son , she didn't scold him severely " What's with this ruckus ?"

" Mother that's what I want to ask you , what in the world is wrong with you ? How can you simply agree to My nephews separating from the family ? " Earlier Lin Ze sneaked out of the house to gamble with his friends because he didn't want others to point fingers at him saying how he didn't fulfilled his responsiblity and let the Lin brothers marry in such a shameful way .

He thought that once the wedding reception got over , he will return to his house that might be filled with warm food and wine . And if he was lucky maybe a tael or two will be brought by His new niece in law but the moment he entered the village he heard that the Lin brothers seperated from his family !

Lin Ze who has always kept a filial image in front of Grandma Lin could no longer stop his face from twisting in anger . Was his mother's brain eaten by dogs ? Does she not know that in their family only his nephews were capable of earning money ? Without them how will they eat ? How will Lin Che continue his studies ? how will Lin Yunxi get married and most importantly how will he pay his gambling debts back !

" You worry too much " Grandma Lin waved a hand dismissively as she ladled some more rice in Lin Che 's bowl " Those brothers didn't even had a single tael when they left , with no money what do you think they can do ? Just see once they spend a few days in hunger they all will return and grovel at my feet ! "

" Not a single tael ? " Lin Ze sneered as he stared at his stupid mother " Not only did they had more than a silver taels , they had enough to buy a house and four farming fields !"

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